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THE WEEK AHEAD: August 13-19

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I would like to say that after 4-5 tense weeks of eclipse activity, through the countless stressful aspects and the retrograding of no less than seven out of nine planets, that this week might offer some long-earned reprieve to our weary souls. In a way it will do just that, for there is a noticeable lack of short-range planetary tension. However the continuing retrogrades and the post-eclipse energetic fallout means that we are still reeling, all through this week. Internally and there is much unpacking to process. The weeks ahead favour those who can stay ahead of the pack and are merciless to those who lag behind. We must hope to remain on the cutting edge, and the best approach is to keep it light and take no baggage forward.

Here are the main transits for this week…

in Mon Aug 13  2018 02:28 Mars 00°00′ enters Cap
Sat Aug 18  2018 07:50 Moon 25°20′ Square Sun 25°20′
Sat Aug 18  2018 15:35 Mercury 11°33′ Sextile Venus 11°33′
SD Sun Aug 19  2018 04:18 Mercury 11°32′ Stations Direct
Sun Aug 19  2018 07:47 Jupiter 15°36′ Trine Neptune 15°36′

Both Mercury and Mars are ultra slow, coming to station (Mercury this Sunday/Mars the following), so the remainder of this month is spent looking back, retracing our steps and assessing how to do things differently, try a wiser, more sensible approach, minimise on wasted energies, perhaps tie off any loose ends and cut off any unedifying or demeaning connections. Don’t need anything that doesn’t lift us to our clearest, truest selves. Let us stop letting ourselves down by allowing repeated offences upon our beautiful spirit.

Mars slips back into Capricorn this week, and whilst in retrograde we appropriate our activity towards regaining a sense of moral and physical composure, focusing on important responsibilities that now seem pressing. Mars is exalted in this sign, and as he sits at the final degree of Capricorn for the next 4 weeks, we sense the exacting scrutiny and judgement of all three ‘malefics’ (SATURN and PLUTO are also retrograding here) starting to hound us, breathing down our necks. It must be said that there is a lot of positioning and posturing going on.

That’s a lot of ‘goat‘ energy all clamouring for the top spot of the pyramid. Seems now that every lower-vibing survival element of humanity, evident at all levels of every society is recalibrating their social climbing equipment in order to adjust. The confronting new changes within the existing structure, are here to stay – at least for the time being. Whilst many may struggle to change up, those who do best are ones who cleverly anticipate how best to stay in the ‘contest’. The ‘shadow’ nature that is heavily plaguing the planet at the moment will seek to take desperate measures, and this is seen by the rife acts of anger and violence that continues.

[pic: jean yves lemoigne]
Saturn’s near-trine to an also retrograding Uranus is about as tight as you will ever see it over the next two weeks, building on to a beautiful GRAND EARTH TRINE by the time our SUN enters Virgo, near the next Full Moon (Aug 26). The wise and prudent will be reviewing their current economic status. Their ability to adapt their earning potential to shift along with the evolving needs of today’s marketplace will be critical – itself, affecting all kinds of dramatically fluctuating global trends. We best start looking at everything as energy, and come to accept that the days of the old currency (money) are almost incapable of giving us a fair exchange if our spiritual accounting is still dependent on the old 3D model. Best advised to explore (and invest into) this thing called ‘blockchain’.

Anyway, lots of stuff to sit and meditate on. Capricorn, being an especially Karmic sign due to the rulership of Saturn brings us to experience the consequences of all that we cause – more than any other sign. Ultimately, the current social experience teaches us to take responsibility for all our actions, enacting forces that will press us more and more into taking total accountability. Here, we best start taking responsibility for ourselves – leave no untidy or loose ends as we climb cautiously onward and upward towards September. There, on the rocky road ahead, no chance nor fate nor any impending doom awaiting those who slacken off or refuse to unclench might stand to open us up to the mercies of rejection or failure.

Love takes an interesting turn this week, and for those lovers brave enough to meet on the front lines, honour and respect is met with playful romance and galant chivalry. Mercury’s midweek sextile to the Libra Moon/Venus sees those who dare to dance with the divine, the dating experience falls nothing short of the breathtaking and spectacular. Games of oneupmanship will teeter to the point of grandstanding though, should both sides not stay mindful to try to outdo each other with their wits and charms.

Behind the veils of this harsh, three-dimensional world of expectations and exterior pressure to meet existential demands, lies this phenomenal power that some individuals are already masterfully tapping into, harnessing means to enjoy a much more empowered, more spiritually fulfilling life. The final instalment of Jupiter’s water trine to Neptune is nothing less than a ‘certification of completion’ of a course in the universe’s miracles – a kind of graduation ceremony where, we might have come to master how readily we can now access the more creative, artistic, mystical, spiritual blooms that lay at arms reach for us. Those who can levitate beyond the constraints of linear time/space, learn of the wonderment that nature provides when we can meditatively connect our hearts to the abundance of the unified field.

It all builds up to a marvellous exercise in reconnecting to a lifestream which is immediately more meaningful and indeed, truly rewarding. As we slowly regain our personal strength and develop an unflinching pledge to stay true to our integrity, we also prepare for the necessary work that lays just ahead for us.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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