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THE WEEK AHEAD: August 06-12

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By the end of the week, all but Venus and Jupiter will be in retrograde and the Moon will PARTIALLY ECLISPE the LEO SUN at 18°♌42. Perhaps one of the most strenuous weeks in a long time, due to the continued stress and incoherence of many of the subjectified energies, particularly among the fixed signs (Taurus♉, Leo♌, Scorpio♏, Aquarius♒) sees issues with attachment (money, pride, feelings, principles) get super-stupid due to the obvious limitations at such critical times where we just gotta ‘let go’ and move on.

All this retrograde business means that everyone is processing, going over old ground and trying to piece it all together. This is all happening in the difficult mid-eclipse period, so it seems like everyone is severely burnt out, hypersensitive, confronted by deep inner changes, easily triggered bu outer events and in reaction, not willing to bend easily. Breakdowns everywhere continue to be the order of the cosmic flow, and we must learn to gather up our strength and senses, carefully nurture ourselves through every moment of every day, staying mindful of our effect upon others. Whilst this is easier done if we are being mature and tenderly self-loving, yet this can be a hell of a task if we are instead focusing instead on blaming others or fixing the world.

Of course, if you turn your attention out there, just beyond the perimeters of ‘you’ and everything that you come to affect, you will see a planet in severe crisis:

The worrying state of our environment, extreme weather patterns, intense heat & catastrophic fires met by punishing colds in otherwise mild climates are destroying natural habitats and many species (both land and sea) are being wiped out at a phenomenal rate. This is not an over-exaggeration, it’s a known fact (see this 2016 article), including many species of insects (like bees) vital to the survival of our plant life bing near extinction. Similarly, our seas are being literally scraped bare from over harvesting of sea creatures and changing weather is destroying our coral. All this, to support an economy fuelled mostly by an unsustainable and non-renewable demand for foods and climate destroying by-products.

The erosion of our democracies is also another phenomenon that is, every day, awarding greater and greater powers to those who are in ruling positions. Meanwhile the rest of us are narcissistically transfixed into the tiny black screens of our little digital, hand-held mirrors. Our entire economies♉, vanities♌, personal lives♏ and ideologies♒ are absorbed into the on-demand interface of our mobile gadgetry. We are becoming easier to track, monitor, predict and control by the very corporations to which we are surrendering all our basic liberties, mostly for the sake of ease and convenience. This fixation (or addiction) continues, in spite of all the dire warnings since the start of this year that the human race is now being enslaved and farmed by digital marketeers and pedlars of mass-consumerism. The centralised, globalised economy (again) is driving this.

The main concern for the human spirit is the levels of depression which are now teetering on the state of this economy. Many people all over the world are suffering from an inability to construct a future, and though the healthy, meditative human understands the importance of maintaining adequate self-care and tending to real responsibilities, the great proportion of this world is still transfixed into a nearly expired value-system driven by the mighty controllers. Those who manipulate the media, the economy and trade, the power structures and military, the politics and laws are really calling the shots. They have cleverly reduced everything to appear like a bunch of wild ‘conspiracy theories’, which of course masks the true conspiracies for ultimate domination which are evidently occurring right under our noses.

Soon, the mass of humanity could be marching to the beat of the same drum, hypnotised and incapacitated from making any empowered decisions for themselves, mainly because their entire investment of their own, individual, creative spirit has been uploaded onto the ‘cloud’, from which access can be easily denied if one is seen to be exchanging in ideas or values that are threatening or not in alliance to the ruling powers.

These are the terrifying realities of our day, where the subscription into a perceived ‘collectivism’ (Aquarius South Node) has all but vanquished the power of the individual (Leo) and has unwittingly given rise to the oligarch, the aristocrat, the autocrat, despot and the tyrant. In the months ahead we will see the grave consequences of this as the Capricorn South Node strafes backward over PLUTO (total power, death) conjuncting SATURN (fear, control and denial) in early 2020.

[image: eugenia loli]
This is not in any way meant to be some bleak, sick prediction by this astrologer. It is worth mentioning however, since we are already long past the point where human consciousness has clearly diverged into at least two distinct tiers of awareness. Those of you following this work over the years are already aware of the existential dramas playing out among us. You are also aware that, deep within, you are empowered enough to transcend all these extremely difficult changes and transmutations that our physical planet is undergoing. You understand too, that when you focus your intention on working alongside these divine cosmic forces, you start to align your own energy with that of unconditional, supernatural love and transcendence.

Shifting out of the lower existential struggle, the heaviness of feeling powerless, despondent and unhappy about state of this world, feeling unsupported or frustrated by life or those around you is the greatest sign that you are finally aware and ready to start journey of taking your power back and make changes. These increasingly heavy pressures you may be feeling are shrill alarms that something is not working, something dark and intensely toxic has descended upon the entire planet, and it is here to awaken the desire for many of us humans to take life back into our own hands and take responsibility for it.

We will be continuing our wonderful discussion on the Astrology of this moment early this week: Join us as we discuss the stationing/retrograde effects of Uranus, the potent build-up towards Saturday’s Leo Eclipse, as well as the continuing practice of our new power-tools, accessing true means to make life easier, more peaceful and more secure.

See you Monday/Tuesday on the bus (usual time), have an amazing week xx

….here is a list of the main transits this week (more updates during the week on #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ)

  Mon Aug 06 09:14 Venus 29°24′ Semisquare Jupiter 14°24′
Sqq Mon Aug 06 18:53 Mercury 18°17′ Sesquiquad Saturn 03°17′
in Mon Aug 06 23:28 Venus 00°00′
Mon Aug 06 23:28 Sun 14°26′ Square Jupiter 14°26′
S Tue Aug 07 12:33 Uranus 02°34′ Retrograde
Pa Tue Aug 07 13:00 Sun 14°59′ Conjunction Pallas 14°59′
Wed Aug 08 00:33 Venus 01°04′ Trine Mars 01°04′
Wed Aug 08 11:10 Sun 15°52′ Quincunx Neptune 15°52′
Sqq Ch Wed Aug 08 12:00 Mercury 16°56′ Sesquiquad Chiron 01°56′
  Wed Aug 08 17:00 Mercury 16°46′ Semisquare Venus 01°46′
Ch Wed Aug 08 20:40 Venus 01°55′ Opposition Chiron 01°55′
  Wed Aug 08 22:44 Mars 00°51′ Semisquare Neptune 15°51′
Thu Aug 09 02:06 Mercury 16°28′ Conjunction Sun 16°28′
  Thu Aug 09 11:57 Venus 02°34′ Quincunx Uranus 02°34′
Sqq Ch Thu Aug 09 12:59 Sun 16°54′ Sesquiquad Chiron 01°54′
Pa Thu Aug 09 13:28 Mercury 16°05′ Conjunction Pallas 16°05′
Thu Aug 09 21:29 Mercury 15°50′ Quincunx Neptune 15°50′
Fri Aug 10 01:35 Venus 03°08′ Square Saturn 03°08′
Sqq Fri Aug 10 19:07 Sun 18°06′ Sesquiquad Saturn 03°06′
Sat Aug 11 06:32 Mercury 14°48′ Square Jupiter 14°48′
Sat Aug 11 09:59 Moon 18°42′ Conjunction Sun 18°42′
Sun Aug 12 01:24 Sun 19°19′ Quincunx Pluto 19°19′
Sun Aug 12 19:05 Venus 05°51′ Sextile Node 05°51′
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  1. Oh but you are just a blessing????Endless Love, Light, Joy, Peace and Blessings?Namaste

  2. Wow, this so resonates with me, and has for weeks and weeks. I am so glad I stumbled onto your page to help me navigate these “lower existential struggles”. You are writing my truth. Now, to find new tools to raise my vibes. It starts with a lot less technology. Thanks.

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