THE MONTH AHEAD: SEPTEMBER 2018 – An astrological synopsis

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Seems much like time has frozen still this past month, with all planets beyond Jupiter hardly moving a single degree, and recent stations of fast-movers Mercury and Mars also creating a rare and eerie stillness so one can more carefully observe the absurd theatre of our daily lives against a more steady and consistent starry backdrop. The theme, of course is one where huge, revolutionary tides are seen to be swelling across this entire planet – sea levels rising ominously and people are slowly daring to do the incredulous and the incredible just to make a point. In this, we too are pressed to accept irrevocable changes in our midst, both at the most intimately personal and at the most broadest social level, hopefully by learning to change our attitudes and perceptions towards whatever changes we see going on around us.

The Virgo Sun’s first big moment is around the New Moon (Sep 9) when there is so much nudging us to release the worries and the ties to misconceptions and angst-ridden disappointments with our past and just move on. Yes, we either awaken to the ultimate truth (☉ ☍ ♆), that to change the future we must change our victim stories from the past, learn to forgive and to retrieve our spirit back here, in the present tense. It is here, from a heart/mind coherent space (☽ ☌ ☉) that we can set a new intention to move forward without any hang ups and regrets. Much purging and releasing toxic attitudes is a vital part of the alchemical process (☉ ∗ ♃ |☉ △ ♇), and the backdrop of bigger energies (♃ ∗ ♇, ♄ △ ♅) is working steadily to help enhance our mental and intuitional faculties to make this possible.

An optimistic and positive outlook on life through the exploration of higher ideals, elevated ideas and attitudes is imperative this month, and we are urged to travel towards this direction, both as a form of self-discovery and an outward unfoldment, especially using our daily routines as a medium by which we can eventually express our insights and manifest into the world something that others can use.

The stationing of Saturn to direct (Sep 6) is met early in the month by the final semisquare from Jupiter (Sep 3) and if this is not the ultimate test of how far our faith can carry us, then we may truly struggle to get through this next few week with a positive and healthy disposition. I say this with much caution, since i am aware too of much greater forces are still trying to dour our collective spirits down into dark, depressive feelings, as if a heavy black cloud has descended over our planet without any apparent reason. Here, we learn to get in touch with the silence within and know that everything in this life has a purpose.

In a sustained midpoint picture, which carries over from August, the ♇ – ♄/☊, it feels like humanity is now engulfed in a united state of mourning and bereavement over a world that can no longer be, an expired dream that now has all but perished and decayed before our weeping eyes like the death of a dear loved one – someone who gave our lives meaning and context but whom without, nothing much seems to make much sense let alone worth living for.

Incidents this month will push us out of our lamentful selves; our morbid self-wallowing pity and into plights which force us to rely upon the help of others to improve the current deplorable situation we find ourselves in.

Naturally, with Mars back in Aquarius (Sep 11) clashing with Uranus (Sep 18) around the South Node, the anger and regret over the loss or impairment of something of value could escalate suddenly and erupt into unprecedented levels of panic, strife and discord in what might be one of the most tense Full Moons of the year (Sep 25). By this end of the month, a slowing Venus in the vicious Scorpio offers peace and harmony only her own, absolute terms. This certainly will not sit well against forces fixed only on their own versions of what they insist as maintaining uncompromised freedom (♂ □  ♅).

[art: jeanie tomanek]
Yes, extraordinary pressure is often an imperative lever to activate extraordinary levels of change and transformation, both within and around us. As many of you following this work are aware, we are fast-departing from the lower levels of unawareness and unconsciously selfish, often toxic behaviour. We are far less likely to entertain, to humour, associate and support those who refuse to resonate with us on the highest frequencies of self-responsibility and respect for the freedoms of others. The depression many are currently feeling is due to the reality of waking up to just how untenable that mode of conduct is any more. We are almost exhausted in our hope to see how many who are stuck in their obstinacy can ever change. Yet, by refusing to indulge others in their willful inability to see,  we also create a critical tipping point and if triggered will somehow wage war against ignorance, greed and the pestilence of abuse towards the earth and all its fair inhabitants.

The individual ‘self-help’ drive, seen at the beginning of this month therefore escalates into a full blown revolution by the end of September. Any notion of individuals unwilling to take serious ownership of their part in helping restore balance and order here (in this dire situation) is met with anger, protest, condemnation. Even violent force of dissidence may be exacted against those (including governments and institutions) who are unwilling to accept their inherent complicity in the messy state of current affairs. Of course, with Mars on the South, we have a likely situation where factions and groups will band together to pass the blame and try to shame one another rather than accept certain truths and try to collaborate or come together under unified plans towards sustainable solutions. As said before – fixed attitudes would rather break/snap than show any flexibility.

We never said this would be easy. A point of crisis can produce all kinds of reactions and our awareness to these can either bring acceptance or denial of certain truths. With Saturn/Chiron involved however, there are all kinds of patriarchal wounds that are being stirred up here, aching to be resolved. Humans being humans – still affectionately enshrouded by their fragile egos, we must come to expect that anything taken as a personal affront could suddenly stir up an uncontrollable anger. In many cases this will be vented, so whether privately, or en masse through revolutionary movements, it sets the scene for some “interesting” (albeit chaotic) months/years ahead.

Advise to maintain your utmost wits and travel safely through these weeks.

Many blessings, and please do take care in the month ahead xx

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  1. Your wise insights have helped me walk a tightrope these last few months, as well as show me what changes I need to make. Thanks.

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