PISCES/PISCES RISING: Pisces Full Moon Horoscope

If you have been overly distant and impossible to reach lately, get ready for the scrutiny that’s about to come your way about who you are and how you conduct yourself in personal relationships. How are your dealings with others? Are you being a bit hypercritical or overly discriminative, too picky – too trite? Or are you unwittingly vague and misleading in your ways? Conflicts arise and situations reach ahead unless you’re able to find a happy compromise between the chaos, in which you feel most at home with and the excruciating order that most eludes you.

Sure, it may seem like you are needlessly weighed down by your friends, and feeling so detached from all those around you that the irritation with society can be excruciating. But responsibility calls on you to remain social. Can’t do this alone.

What ever happened to finding true identification of yourself with all of life? In any partnership that you form, it can’t be stressed enough that you cannot treat that as superficial partnership. Nor must you use ridiculously absurd excuses to avoid being present in relationship to another.

Your identification of self in the context to others must be an honest and sincere one. You want to be present to at least someone. You are not a desert island. It is through attracting a partnership with life, on that sees you break away from your habitual escapism and practical ineffectiveness that you can be of the greatest service.

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