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PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 18°♌42′ – 11 August 2018 at 09:59 UTC (with horoscopes)

What makes you so special?

What is it about you that stands out from the others, identifies you as a unique and exceptional being? Are you capable of expressing that with true, unassuming authenticity, or does your lower egotistical need for attention, your insecurities and petty jealousies partially hinder your capacity to live a meaningful, empowered life and shine in the truest sense?

This Leo lunation puts the spotlight on where your spirit shines its purest, most creative light, in its highest integrity, exudes the warmest, most benevolent loving grace, generosity of heart, the playful and charming you, the creative genius, the courageous authority that stands not only in their sovereignty but over all that you command. Here, it is easy to see what lower needs are prone to interfere, obscure or eclipse this.

How does it all affect your sign?

The Eclipse:

  • Visible from northern and eastern Europe, northern parts of North America, and some northern and western locations in Asia.

Perhaps the most ego-crunching/crushing of all these three eclipses, since it highlights all kinds of conflicting behaviour between our style and attitude and the effects that we are trying to achieve. Inconsistencies emerge as we discover that the results are not satisfying the means. We are either doing too much or not enough to match method with meaning though may feel quite necessary to curb drama and control, may also jeopardise the very essence of the things we most love and bring us joy and laughter too.

The world is changing, and we must make some very tough decisions on which way we’re going to deal with those who come into our lives and who have to go.

Ultimately, this is about personal progress – we have to shift into a higher (heart) gear if we are to properly evolve, learn to tap into our abundant creative source and produce something integral and true, stand strong in our individual sovereignty and not lean upon the back of others.


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