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Horoscopes for VENUS square PLUTO – Sunday, Aug 26 2018

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VENUS (19°♎03′) square PLUTO (19°♑03’℞) 

Any conflict that you may encounter in your affairs now (either current, longstanding or historical) is entirely of your choosing, know this. Much as it may seem convenient, can’t project the blame onto anyone else.You may need to step back, spend some time & space actually trying to work out whether what you lust so passionately after is only your unenlightened attempt to feed the monkey on your back. Material or financial security, advancing your position or status in the world are not healthy motives to be in or stay in any relationship. Sooner or later they lead to some form of boundary violation/toxic corrosion of your inner balance and well-being.

Any dramas eventually build into emotional crises, which in turn will force you to review and transform your entire value system. It’s all about gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics of love, emotion and sex within yourself.

Somewhere there is a self-preoccupation, a nascent egotism, a chthonic narcissism that must be brought up to the surface to be broken down and sublimated. Only then can you truly become able to feel with your heart, to give openly of yourself and compromise fully with another.

Look at any tensions you are sensing this week as an opportunity to resolve the dangers of negative, self-oriented relationship and assume more conscious control over your powerful, self-serving, impulsive drives and desires.

Creative, not destructive outcomes are needed now…….. now, here’s your scopes:

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