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FULL MOON at 03°12′ PISCES: Sunday Aug 26 2018, 11:56 UTC

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It’s Full Moon time again.

Each month, at the culmination of the lunation phase, we see our most personal ventures coming to fruition, either manifesting into something that matters or dissipating entirely into the ethers.

The Moon’s maximum exposure to the Sun’s powerful, life-animating rays sees the seed of any intention germinated at New Moon come into full actualisation. At Full Moon, the tree gives forth its flower and fruit. At this culmination point the fruit finally becomes the embodiment of the essence of its seed.


It’s hard to write about this Pisces Moon without getting a little dizzy really. The Moon itself modulates and reflects our own, personal feelings against those in the current ‘vibe’ of our environment. Our ‘real-time’ emotional sensors simply become the subtle unconscious receptors to what’s going on around us – kinda like our sensory interface with the more invisible, less tangible waves of information fluctuating all around us.

Our feelings tell us if we’re hot or cold, comfortable or miserable, accepted or unwelcome. They assist our instinct to guide us away from the cold, creepy and weird people and environments and let us know when we are in a safe, familiar space and company of those we can trust.

Usually, before the rational, mental faculties even get a chance to kick in, our feelings or instincts provide our ‘inner guidance system’ with plenty of ‘sensory intelligence’ on how we need to respond in order to feel ok. This is generally how the moon’s influence works, mostly unconsciously, and as the tides of change are constantly in flux, the moon’s influence fluctuates, all throughout the month. The moon changes signs every couple of days, forming new aspects to the prevailing planetary patterns every hour or two.

When in certain signs – like the grounded Capricorn, the moon reflects the reticent, hardened, self-denying, down-to-business mood. When passing through other, more cerebral signs like Virgo or Gemini, it tends to rationalise our moods. Here, the ‘head rules over the heart’ and we intellectualise our feelings in attempt to satisfy our emotional needs and comforts. When in intensely emotional Scorpio we may become instinctively fixated on controlling our environment, filling the entire domestic environment and everyone in it with a chthonic undercurrent of brooding darkness. Then in Cancer or Taurus, the heart feels peacefully at home.

And then… in Pisces, the moon dissolves and blurs all psychic boundaries, leaving little separation between the moods of one individual and those of the collective. It is as if there is really no distinction between us and the soul becomes exposed and vulnerable with all that surrounds. Like a finely tuned psychic antenna, those who are more sensitive pick up each other’s ‘vibe’ and weird and wonderful ‘stuff happens’.

Here, we may feel most susceptible to strange mood swings and subtle influences – our boat is never stable, never anchored to one specific place. Happiness and contentment can be just as elusive as the sadness and melancholy that may mysteriously descend upon us. We float gently with the tides of unconscious memories and recollections, this way and that, drawn whimsically towards distant places and forgotten times. Being highly prone to our environment, there is a danger that we could psychically perceive the moods and temperaments of others as our own; mesh into the blurred lines of the zeitgeist.

These ‘moods’ may be quite neutral, balanced and energetically pure, or they can just be messy; full of energy-siphoning woes and worries. Hence, we can haplessly become dragged down into the toxic quagmire of negativity and depression, often for no apparent reason. In an effort to escape the hurt or upset, we may seek to find a place of seclusion or asylum. Under a Pisces Full Moon, the faculties of our emotions are heightened and the impressionability is such that in our psychic openness, the cumulative joys and pains, hovering spiritually in the ethers is elevated to unimaginable levels. This is the basketcase of all emotional moons and if we are able to tune into its wonders, our susceptibility to both the sublime joys and the insufferable confusions can be as blissful as they can be frighteningly upsetting.

Of course, this Full Moon in Pisces means that an opposition to the Virgo Sun will hold up efforts to bring grounded, rational understanding to what is going on here. Virgo seeks to analyse and evaluate what’s going on for its overall practical effectiveness. The conscious, active element seeking to express itself through us somehow is either going to bring those ‘pie-in-the-sky’ fantasies into some tangible form or scoff them off completely.

Our perfect aim is to discern what is going on, sort out what’s working from what is patently impractical. On this Full Moon we may also come to the frightful discovery that the collective ‘vision’ or the Utopia in which we had become so deeply invested is actually built upon the premises of a surreal, almost impossibly unattainable set of circumstances. It could bring a grand sobering of sorts.

As the two sides – Sun and Moon, conscious and unconscious, seek to find balance in this diametrically opposing struggle, our personal lives could present us with an internal struggle – a tug-of-war between trying to maintain faith in some supernatural vision, versus keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground. Both are necessary to create a true balance of inner/outer harmony, and yet neither one in itself can hold superiority over the other. For us to bring this powerful lunation to fruition, we must be in a state of conscious awareness of all that is unconscious and likely to influence us.
The influence of Saturn and Uranus, currently in a Grand Earth Trine alignment to the Virgo Sun creates a very important dynamic under this lunation. Themes symbolising the tension between these two powerful but disparate energies suggest a need to revolutionise traditional structures with innovative new ways.

Torn between our conservative fears and the dawnings of a strange new world; the growing absurdity of man’s crass inhumanity. We may find that restrictions arise suddenly and without warning. We encounter obstinacy and rigidity both from and towards those in authority. The prevailing mood soon becomes filled with agitation, anger and irritation over the forced and unwelcome changes, and the collective senses a rising tension that could precipitate revolt and uncontrollable changes.

We best stay mindful of our tendency to pick up all the lower-astral cosmic junk. With Mars stationed at the last degree of Capricorn, there is much anger in the air too. The only way to avoid the mess is to hone ourselves to an omnipresent consciousness – one that compassionately allows for any combination, permutation and possibility that serves the universal love. To attain this we must come into this awareness by meditating into the elevated states of empathy and forgiveness – a kind of christ-consciousness that ultimately serves to transcend the lowest desires of the ego.

There is an certainly and increased desire to break through the barriers and limitations of the old world through innovation and the insights streaming for the cosmic field. We must allow others to be who they wish to be, express themselves however they wish without wanting to change them, even if their ideas are radically different to ours. Revolutionary activity is not necessary if we use current (legal) processes to change what is not working in the current system. Patience and tolerance are necessary to work through the chaos and restore order.

The Full Moon’s activation of a Grand Kite presents a golden opportunity to create perfect balance through the opening up of our collective empathy to the quantum field. Although the world is currently in a terrible mess on just about every level, we are capable of feeling the troubles of one another and responding accordingly to harmonise the field. Prayer can be useful. Often the greatest energy-balancing action we can take is to practice stillness.

The message here is to transcend beyond the tendency to seek escape using hallucinogens and agents that produce cheap mind/body-highs, fall prey to the delusions of conspiracies, false religions and perfunctory spirituality. The higher vibrational pull of this exalted Pisces Moon urges us to stay clear and centred, become fully in tune with the collective vision which serves only to help us accept and understand that all is in its perfect place in this universe.

We must also have faith that everything is in its perfect place and time to help us to introduce and integrate the new reality.

The psychic emotional frequency that the moon is currently operating is not merely a sound or vibration. Pisces is not merely a symbol. It is the entire cosmos, whatever we can see, touch, hear and feel. Moreover, the Pisces moon connects us with all that is within our perception and all that is beyond our perception. It opens our hearts to the core of our very existence. If you drift off into a place of self-indulgence, you may miss its potent effects altogether.

This Full Moon introduces us to the mysterious cosmic energy that is the overflow of all the things and all the beings of the entire universe. It sings the eternal song of the Divine. It vibes continuously with the resounding silence over the background of everything that exists.

Blessings to all, and may this be a peaceful Full Moon for you (and everyone) xx

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