#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: August, 2018

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Thursday, 30 August

It’s impossible to to describe the source of this profound sadness since it goes deeper and extends beyond your own time and our own great loss. What you are grieving is the end of all time, and it hurts because you know you’re not alone; that no matter what you do, things will never be the same.

And nothing I can say here is going to sound soothing enough.
Nothing anyone says is going to help you very much.
We’re all in the same boat and yet it’s difficult to accept any comfort because you know the problem runs deeper. And it feels so much more personal. Trying to find a generic remedy seems useless, and it’s one of those times when you feel totally alone in your grief.

So how to construct a future?
How to go on, when it feels like nobody and nothing can help?

Understand that we’re coming out of a great loss. It’s hard to imagine, and we may never completely get over it, but in time we will heal and we will rebuild ourselves around the loss we have suffered. We will pick ourselves again but we will never be the same. Nor will we want to be.

We will mourn and grieve whatever we are leaving behind, knowing that it’s had it time, and now it’s time to let it go and move forward again. Forward into a world that’s completely different. And trust me, what’s up ahead may seem strange and new, but it’s kinda wonderful too.

Come. Have faith, and you will see…

Wednesday, 29 August

MARS only retrogrades ONCE every two years, so the whole drama now at the end of Capricorn and soon (again) in Aquarius is dragging up issues that continue to aggravate and annoy us until we work out how best to deal with them. It’s time to stop running from the inevitable.

When we sublimate, twist, deny, distort and negate the fulfilment of our physical needs, it actually stagnates the development of our spiritual needs. This has been an awfully painful time and we’ve avoided direct confrontation because everyone is so sensitive and easily hurt.

Major shit has gone down, and it must come to a close. It’s time to deal with the reality that it’s over, create closure, and start to move on.

If you’ve tried every other way but the direct approach, now’s the time to take the bull by the horns.

Tuesday, 28 August

Strange thing, because prior to those URANUS/PLUTO squares (2012-2015) the powerful forces behind the very bonds that used to hold us into place are now so loose, they couldn’t hold a cup of coffee. Of course, self-empowerment is what it’s all about here, but just how easy is it to transition out of a system which for centuries has held everyone together using the most spurious crock of tarradiddle and authoritarian mind-control games… call it government, patriarchy, papacy, caste-hinduism, feudalism, corporatism, communism, fascism, genderism etc…

Today, it’s a wonder anyone’s still turning up to work for those dinosaur dollars.
Gotta pay them bills, right?
Sure, that’s the spirit. Whatever you wanna believe.

Ok, you may say it’s a complex process, but we are shifting into an existence which seeks absolute freedom and independence for every individual. It’s not an ‘ism’ – just a truth. We don’t know it yet, but pretty soon we’re going to do whatever it takes to get us that some of that damned freedom. Battlelines have been drawn back at the crossroad, couple of days ago. Hope you were clear. Those to the left vs those to the right. My god, I hope you’re clear on where you stand.

Mars has just halted;
about turned;
still in Capricorn, it’s a slow, tedious forward march onto September. Hope you’ve made ameds.
Advise all those who are squeamish or have candy-ass dreams and expectations to just better press ‘unfollow’.
Shit could get ugly around here.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Since MARS edged his way backward into Capricorn on Aug 13 those ambitious little blighters have been at it again. Whether you’re sympathetic to that mode of conduct or find it rancidly offensive – it is what it is. People wanna get ahead in the world, they wanna climb up to the top… be successful. It’s great for morale, helps build public image and defines the legacy we want to leave of ourselves. Above all, it’s good for business.

Mars is about how we push ourselves out there and through Capricorn he wants to rise, head and shoulders above all the others. He wants to go down in history as the most honourable soldier.

Naturally, during this retrograde (Jun 27) it’s meant that any unbecoming or improprietous past conduct would come back to rue the day. And, of course, over the past fortnight we might have certainly seen examples where cringeful transgressions have come back to haunt. More than usual, they’ve not helped the image – chinking the armour, deflating morale and, in many cases, been no ‘good for business’.

Now on the damage-control leg of his recent retro tour through Cappy, there’s a bit of PR for Mars to do here before he can re-enter the ideologically-ruled Hall Of Aquarius (Sep 11). If the public image is less than impeccable, getting into the club will be deemed an inflammatory action – especially with recalcitrant ruler URANUS squaring right across the entry hall…

…MARS must now be about championing for the people. Any upsets caused back through July/Aug will make it very hard, if not impossible, to regain the trust and support of his fraternity through Sep/Oct. In worst cases, MARS – our designated brawler, could face a huge revolt, even from those he thought was his own brethren.

…and that’s certainly NOT good for business.

Monday, 27 August

In the WEEK AHEAD, the disposition sours like a lemon on a tree. Although it feels like it can’t be helped – the realisation of certain limitations means that our hopes may either be dashed, or… if our faith is strong enough, see that this whole damned system gets crashed, smashed and trashed.

JUPITER/SATURN semisquares – 2017-18

Sunday, 26 August

☿- ♄/Ch | ☿ ⊼ ♆ | ☿ □ ♃

You’re only terrified of entering the Silence because deep down you know that’s where your angels are desperately trying to reach you now.

Fear no shame.

There’s no avoiding this call. No place to hide.
Just know, any treacherousness you may show to your demons has nothing on the betrayal to your angels.

“Formalhaut” (from the Arabic for “the fish’s mouth”) is the brightest star in the pantheon of the Pisces Constellation (3º52′). It is the 17th brightest star in the sky, and in a space of sky which is conspicuously dark otherwise. Its influence upon us (like any star) is twofold – its supreme governance over mysticism and divine channeling means that on a clear line we can see through any nonsense and distortion, whilst if blurred (by selfish reveries ie. drugs/booze/sex/egomaniatry) we can fall into abhorrent conduct. 

Formalhaut is the voice of archangel Gabriel – the most feminine of them all, who appeals through our writers, teachers, journalists and artists to convey her message from source, inspiring them to find motivation and confidence to see and tell things clearly, and to market their skills effectively. She also assists in overcoming issues of fear and procrastination in communication. Yesterday’s Full Moon (03°12′) formed the head of an exact Grand Kite to Formalhaut – my last ‘cosmic bus’ video covers much of the energy focused on this point.

Fighting monsters – even your own , inner monsters can turn you into a monster. Being upset with lies, distortions, corruptions… conspiracies is not a trigger to turn into a notorious irritant, one who is hellbent on stirring up a storm of scorn and vitriol in every situation. You’re not fighting anything by exacting the wrath of your perceived ‘righteousness’ on others. Calm the fuck down. You’re only making matters worse (for yourself).

Peace come from the heart and that can only be found within and in full coherence with what the soul is trying to communicate. Turn off the news and the late night comedians. Unplug from everything clamouring to get your mind’s attention. Those clowns are not your guides. They are mere distractions, there to entertain you, test your impressionability to tricks and lies. Befallen to those outer voices at your peril now.

Dare to go within… Listen in silence.

Saturday, 25 August

Sometimes we get into strange affections, form bonds with people who we know are no good for us, toxic and debilitating in every way. Yet no matter how much love we give them they refuse to give us nothing back in return. Usually they’re damaged in some irreparable way. So why then do we feel compelled to keep loving those who treat us like crap. Wtf is with that?

First thing you gotta ask yourself is whether this is ‘love’ or just another addiction. We usually get addicted to things like ‘painkillers’. That’s usually because we’re looking to remedy some kind of hurt – either recent or from the past. That’s cool, while it works, but if the object of your addictive love leaves you hanging high and dry, sooner or later you’re gonna have to break the habit (detox) and somehow mend your achy-breaky heart.

Ang’s guidelines for dismantling the toxic love bomb.

1. Ditch any sign of them. Block, delete, throw out or return any memorabilia, links and contacts. Sometimes this means stop visiting places in common or losing mutual friends.

2. Harp on the negative effects they had on on you. That’s right – remember how rotten they made you feel, how you never heard a nice thing from them, how every potentially pleasant experience was ruined by darkness and drama and full-on traumatic scenes (now how was that healthy??).

3. Accept that it was going nowhere. True. No matter how you tried, it was doomed. And you gave it everything you had. The reason you could never truly imagine a peaceful and contented future together was because there isn’t to be any. Come on, fess up, it was a nightmare.

4. Find someone else, fast. Doesn’t have to rock your world or be “the one”, but a rebound lover will at least help get your mind off your obsession and hopefully lift your self-esteem a little too. Remember to be kind, and not bring up the ex.

5. Stay active and creatively engaged is cool stuff. Avoid lunging into angry or reactive activities. Nobody wants to read your ‘hate poetry’ and protest songs. Do something that’s wholesome, cleansing and cathartic that isn’t aimed at venting your vitriol or angst over your misdirected affections. Get in touch with nature. Eat healthy. Exercise. Anything that stops you from ruminating and falling into a heap of despair.

Look: You’re going to be OK eventually. You made some poor choices, invested unwisely, showed undue loyalty and misgiven trust. You let yourself get screwed because you were hurting, but now it’s time to break the cycle and move on. Give yourself enough space to keep moving, never go back, not even in our thoughts, and just know that you’re better than this, and in time you will get even better still.

Hope this helps. For individual assistance, see me and I can take you through your specific case in greater detail.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ  □ ♇ | ☽ ☍ ☉ | ☉ ⊼ Ch |  ⊼ ♆

….. read your horoscopes for this transit @

VENUS (19°♎03′) square PLUTO (19°♑03’℞) Any conflict that you may encounter in your affairs now (either current, longstanding or historical) is entirely of your choosing, know this. Mu…

Friday, 24th August


JUPITER/NEPTUNE: The HYPOCRISY is beyond measure now, and the egalitarian vultures with their knives out seem somewhat high on their own verse and their grange vintage hermitage. The reason they can’t see their own face is because their mirror’s covered with lines of fine white powder. It’s true about folks who live in crystal palaces and throwing rocks: let those who without sin throw the first stone, and if they dare at that. So far they’ve managed to hold their dirty little secrets sacred, and close to their chest, but this whole high-moral-ground trip is far from grounded now – it has taken them to exorbitant dimensions from which they cannot easily come down. Nothing more sickening than hyperhypocrisy – we can thank this ♃ △ ♆ trine for that.

SATURN/URANUS: Which brings us to another pointy one – the point of utter judgement. Yes, we are all hypocrites. We refuse to see ourselves or judge ourselves in quite the same way we see and judge others. When we hastily condemn our neighbours, what is the message we put out there? Intolerance? Hatred? Disgust? Where’s that mirror? It’s easy (oh, so easy now) to get all flustered, irritated, agitated, sickened and annoyed at those who are not you, or those who are not even ‘like’ you, those who displease you.
Are you ‘like’ you? Who the fc#k are you, anyway? And who the f#ck says you can hang it on another? Is it perhaps more to the point that if you looked real closely at yourself that you would see someone you didn’t like. So you are not like you at all, you’re something else then after all… Nor should you want to be you, if what you see in you is someone who is simply cruel, judgemental and intolerant.

Hey… the SUN just slipped into VIRGO. Get set for a fussfest that will test the meekest and disguntilate the rest. In a couple of days, Sol will activate the king of all GRAND EARTH TRINES. Then Luna will come along and turn it into a KITE.

Thursday, 23rd August

SUN in VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Wed Aug 22  21:10 Venus 15°31′ Quincunx Neptune 15°31′

It’s frustrating yeah?

When the kind of things that you desire; the kind of relationship you want in your life just fails to appreciate or cherish your highest dreams and ideals… Not only does it leave you dissatisfied, but can be stressful, right?

Eventually, any kind of insensitive or unrefined engagement will feel exhausting, making you question whether it’s even worth it. And you may get upset, but hey… have you considered that it may just be you who’s missing some key indicators that, in truth, this wasn’t ever meant for you?

Sometimes, when we desire something so badly, yet deep down know it’s just damned impossible our emotions can easily deceive us, swaying us into all kinds of wishful thinking and awful misunderstandings.

Let’s analyse this carefully: If the object is your desire cares less about you and more about themselves, or another lover, or their job, their social status, their phone messages, their ex, their mum, their dog, their bank account, some crazy illuminati conspiracy; if they keep avoiding any emotional contact or showing commitment; can’t keep a fucking promise; can’t hold a secret; can’t arrive on time; diss all your friends or hobbies; constantly slag you off whilst glorifying others; chat up your sisters or eye off your rivals; doesn’t ever listen, or worse still, just won’t shut up; is only just into you for your sweet box of goodies; leaves you drained/broke/distracted; still hates on you for all your deeply troubled, shameful past; can’t seem to honour your privacy or confidence or trust… then why?

Why baby???
Why do you do it to yourself?
Come… get it together.
Or simply be apart.
Keep it simple…

Wednesday, 22 August

[pic: gabriel levesque]
While the Moon is incarcerated, besieged between malefics MARS/SATURN, fortified at either end of Capricorn, the SUN reaches his last hurrah at the end of Leo. This position is the powerful anaretic (29th degree) – the scene of last year’s powerful TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, whose omen to crown the great emperor and to enact him as lord protector of the realm cast a great shadow upon certain lands, formerly united. The Sun’s progression from the early attention-seeking degrees of Leo to its final, imperially commanding power at the anaretic (final) degree, becomes ordained by fixed star REGULUS (the king-maker), who ultimately crowns SOL as the undisputed Lion King.
Regulus, known as the ‘Heart of the Lion’, is the brightest star in the Leo constellation and is found directly along the ecliptic path, meaning that the Sun will overlap precisely, becoming infused by Regulus’ kingmaking light. This is by every means the greatest endorsement of solar power a Sun could want. It endows a sense of absolute rule. However, last year’s eclipse had also cast a giant shadow of a doubt upon us about whether he can manage this without letting his personal insecurities get in the way of his sacred and noble intentions.
What we have seen since last year’s total eclipse has been a procession of self-ordained emperors rising all over the world. Never has there been such a preponderance of autonomous rulers, a veritable explosion of mighty autocrats standing to proclaim their mandate to govern over domains by absolute rule and by their own self-indulgent terms. This world-wide trend has become a concern for many who scream for democratic ‘rights’. Much protest (or at least question) to the intents of these demagogic types has and will continue to occur. Despite all these efforts, can they really be stopped by groups and rallies?
Seems the universe has a plan for us all.
In the years to come, we see how ‘Sovereignty’ attempts to have its way over this planet and over our own hearts. But, does sovereign rule come from out there; from some guy upon a throne, or is it from a greater, more intrinsic sense of power?

Tuesday, 21 August

You know…

You know exactly why shit’s going to hit the fan, soon. And when it blows it will affect everyone, and you (yes you) would have had a hand in it.

So don’t make out like you don’t know.

The point is, there is no feasible excuse for what’s about to unfold here. You’ve been complicit in it all for years – ever since you became aware of what was really going on, but decided to just play along, collect your cut and say nothing. Why look the gift-goose in the tail, right?

Why… you have willingly chosen to keep sponsoring governments, corporations, organisations, churches, groups, schools, self-centred tyrants… anyone who’s put profits before populations, economics before ethics, dividends before decency, madness before morality, fanaticism before fairness and, above all, your own trivial needs and comforts before the unspeakable atrocities commited upon others.

So don’t act so dumb… as if you didn’t know.
Nothing has empowered those monsters, whose shadow now runs rife over this entire planet as much as your decision to stay silent, pliant, passive… collecting your piece.

Sooner or later, they may call for you and you will have to answer, explain your part in this great century of the hoax.

ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ Skywatch:

Meanwhile, just above in the starry night skies observe the waxing gibbous Moon entering Capricorn (Aug 20/21), approaching SATURN (♄), then 35 hours later past PLUTO (♇) (invisible) and, by August 22/23 toward the red planet MARS (). All three malefics are currently in ℞etrograde, hatching up plans to wrest power away from those who are no longer able to adequately defend themselves. These will be applied meticulously over the next two years, using extreme and non-negotiable measures.

The moon travels eastward about 1/2 degree per hour (its own angular diameter) relative to the backdrop stars and planets of the zodiac. For the next two nights, our Luna will become “besieged” by these greater (♄) & lesser () nasties. Watch out for temper, rage and other emotional crud rising out from deeply buried, unaddressed psychological matter. Great time to purge, say sorry. This is officially the end of the “great procrastination”, as the sky-gods are calling for us to step up and take responsibility for what we have created (or rather, helped to destroy). Of course, not everyone will have the wherewithal or courage to deal with their crap, but hey, are you surprised?

The next time the Moon strafes past all three malefics in the same constellation will be in February 2020, this time joined by KETU and JUPITER, also in Capricorn. By then, your world, both inner and outer will look/feel completely unrecognisable (promise you).

Better or worse.?… you decide. For now, this has been an exceptional month for viewing the sky’s visible planets, so make sure get out and take a look. And say a little prayer x

Monday, 20 August

A pivotal week in shaping what’s to come in the months ahead. In view of all the convoluted nonsense that goes on, it’s better not to talk. People have a way of hearing one thing and processing it as something else. Watch, look, listen… read about it… then believe none of it (if you dare).

The Week Ahead: August 20-26


Saturday, 18 August

☿ ∗  | ♃ △ ♆ | ♄ △ ♅

A busy mind will never allow the heart to tap into the vast creative portals of imagination, inspiration, compassion and love. A busy, calculative mind is the natural enemy of invention and creativity.

Only the heart, in full alignment to a body which is rested, still, feels at ease, healthy and in well-being will navigate you to those places in the quantum field (source of abundance). Whatever we create from the heart assists us in the pursuit of truth, love, beauty, and appreciation of nature.

A creative being lives a meaningful life by attracting what s/he will accept as true for them.

Ok, chance now – for the next couple of days – to get out and amongst it all. Take a refreshing dip in the pool of good spirits; the charming, jovial disposition that comes from others (find them – they’re there to share this with you) and enjoy as much friendship and sociability as you can.

If you’re open to it, this would a perfect time to patch up any ongoing feuds; any unresolved grudges that aren’t worth harbouring just for ego’s sake. Life is too short to hold those petty prides and childish stonewall dramas.

Spend time with kids or younger people; explore your juvenile tastes and interests; see how those wonderful ‘millennials’ view this world: You might employ your inner-child psychologist, observe the world through harmless, superficial eyes for a change. Why not stir up a playful whirl about the shallow local waters without any real depth of purpose or intent to your game.

Don’t take a single thing seriously today.
Who knows what larks, mirth and hilarity lies afoot!

Friday, 17 August

MERCURY Stations Direct 11°♌32′ (Sun Aug 19  2018, 04:18) ON JUPITER/NODE

It isn’t enough that voluble MERCURY in LEO is naturally dramatobombastic in its choice of delivery, but a square to JUPITER conflates ideas with meaning into hyperbolic levels of hurtful boastfulness, overopinionations and rightientious wrongditudes. Sure, there’s the fun side, where we may say those big-headed things that we would never otherwise dare, but…

MERCURY’s RETROGRADE through the early part of August means that information, feedback would have been taken very subjectively, and Leo does tend to be offended by anything that seems like a personal affront. Whether is an issue of pride or integrity, the repercussions of poorly taken miscommunications can seem highly insulting and blows to one’s ego, hyperexpanded by the sustained run-in with JUPITER means that ethical/moral matters get out of hand. The ☿℞ station near the ♃/☊ midpoint creates situations where all ‘special’ contacts seem divinely fated to be inflated then deflated.
Therefore, one little word, taken inappropriately from a certain someone is enough to cause catastrophic troubles as we enter JUPITER’s cutthroat SCORPIONIC terrain (cultural, moral, religious, psychosexual, world-class commercial or financial JUSTICE). This can create enormous instability and uncertainty about where we’re heading, what we are saying or doing. Most probably, for the sake of upholding our over-estimated pride, our ventures and enterprises with others could denigrate into a maelstrom of upset and disrepair.
As warned early in the month, we need to stay mindful about how we word our opinions, frame our attitudes, betray our true beliefs, offer our advice. Under such tense aspects, ill-received, or exaggerated views could trigger horrifying blood feuds which could erupt into bitter and protracted wars.
#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☿℞ SD □ ♃

Wednesday, 15 August

[pic: chad knight]
Interesting how the rise of the feminine force (in all of us) comes at such a critical time, when humanity is arguably confronting (as never before) such extreme conditions, from massive levels of dissent to possible threats of total extinction.

Never before have the omens of annihilation been so omnipresent, be they in the rising anger and hostility between nation states, whose arsenals of guns and nuclear weapons are wielded by madmen, the industrial toxification of our waterways, our atmosphere, our soils and seas, the extreme swings of climates and warming of the earth, the gradual annihilation of plant/insect/animal/fish species due to over-harvesting and deforestation, longer droughts, more earthquakes, fires, floods of epic proportions, not to mention diseases which are crossing over from just merely biological but into the mental, emotional, political and spiritual realms.

It’s getting so the existential pessimist among us may wonder just how on earth we’re going to get through all this decay, whether there’s any hope our race could survive this daunting eve of destruction. Many are turning to either extreme prayer or extreme hate. Such a masculine approach… war and religion – the last refuge of the scoundrel, really.

You know, it is completely plausible to assume that humanity could wipe itself out here pretty damned soon. It would be fair too to assume that this might not be the first time over the past 4.5 billion years that an intelligent, sentient species has come to extinguish itself from the face of this planet. Although there’s not real evidence, there are mythical tales of Atlantians and Lemurians and who knows what others…

Anyway, inability to adapt spells certain doom for any species, and look at us – even the slightest little change in the weather or the ‘economy’ and we lose our shit in a day.

According to ancient wisdom, true enlightenment is only really possible from within the human body and all the mystics agree that for us to make a real, phenomenal shift, we need to evolve not only in our mental attitudes but we must transmute at the deepest cellular level – the body.

The human being (as we know it) is in its last throes now. This is the last hurrah of the dense, 3D man. We gotta come to grips with the reality that we may well be the last [heavy element] humans to walk this earth. The last of our kind to fuss about ‘money’, and ‘property’ and ‘physical stuff’.

In fact, it’s highly possible that our children, and their little ones are already made of different, crystalline stuff. They’ve already made the transition into lightness. They don’t look at his world with the same level of fear and judgement as we do. Their bodies are several degrees less prone to holding trauma.

And us? If we do not manage to transmute into a higher, lighter resonance ourselves, well…
Shit’s gone get real heavy, soon.
Believe that.

Oh… and the rise of the feminine?
Well, someone has to hold the space for what’s about to come….

Tuesday, 14 August

Limitations, fears, frustrations and restrictions – we’re feeling them and learning that we must deal with them. Just the raising in our awareness of where we’re stuck, how we expect things to be a certain way (and how they just won’t fit into those neat little boxes any more), the irritation and frustration that arises whenever we are met with people’s wilful resistance to comply along with our precious systems can leave us crippled, sick or in some sort of spiritual funk.

This whole time is designed to confound and provoke us to struggle and worry, often over things we don’t actually want. In essence, those things are only weighing us down. We must learn to let them go, for they are fast becoming worthless.

Freedom doesn’t work by any set of rules. Believe it or not, just our awareness that everything in the world is shifting, particularly our rigid value systems, has an automatically healing effect.

So loosen up.
I know, it’s hard to hear that, but you must. It’s healthy.

1. Get some temporal perspective – take some time away from what’s annoying you and look at it from a distance. How’s it all going to matter in a week/month/year?

2. Focus on the positives. Stressing out about the things you can’t change can be exasperating. Everything that’s happening right now, however difficult or preposterous, is ultimately for your own good. Try to see how.

3. Lighten up. Have a laugh and make fun about It. The more seriously you take your frustrations, the harder it is to detach yourself from the shitty way it’s going to leave you feeling. It’s not worth feeling bad if you don’t have to.

4. Focus on what the deeper attitude behind the issue. Often it is your demand to have things in your own, perfectly idealised way that drives you to become intolerant. Sit with that. Ask yourself why you feel things need to be exactly as you expect them.

5. Get busy, keep doing the inner work whilst staying active on the outer stuff. Don’t dwell or stagnate on the worries and the fears. That’s not going to produce anything but depression. Get out of bed, open all doors and windows and let the fresh air and sunlight circulate, blow the funk out.

Come on. It’s time.
Time we stopped being so serious about stuff that isn’t worth our precious energy.

Wednesday, 8 August

☽ □ □ ♄ □ Ch      |      ☉/☿ ⊼ ♆      |        ⊼ ♅

It’s the weirdest of feelings. You want something, but you don’t know what it is that you want. Is it security but also independence or is it freedom within familiarity? Perhaps you don’t want what you know and want what you don’t know.

There may be a certain ambivalence, a certain passion yet hostility at the same time. There may even be no desire or response at all, which could well be the worst because it means you may just not care at all…

You look around and notice that, in truth, you’re only running back and forth forever between morbid grief and elevated delight.

All of these mixed emotions are part of what we call human conditioning seeking spirituality. These are the valleying dips and pinnacled heights, as well as the oft-overlooked joys sometimes found among the midlands of mundania.

This moment is just for you: If you are looking for hatred on atheists, religionists, nationalists or liberalists, locals or foreigners, or simply looking for reasons to validate yourself by extrapolating your worth against the value of others, then no wonder you’ll not find peace or happiness.

Tuesday, 7 August

URANUS RETROGRADE: Aug 07, 2018 – Jan 06 2019

Monday, 6 August

VENUS ENTERING LIBRA 0   ☿/♃/Ch/♄ |  ⊼ ♅ | △ 

Whether you think the world is at an end or just agree that we are no longer living in that ‘old’ world any more, one thing’s for certain: This recent inurement to stress has been wearing down the body so much that it could severely limit our ability to repair and move into healthy habits, depleting our vitality and our resilience to the ‘nasties’.

If our resilience – our general flexibility and adaptability to change is based on keeping efficient energy management, then it’s no wonder that you may be feeling completely drained, out of sorts, perhaps even sick under the influence of chronic stress during these intense planetary transits.

Of course, it’s not ‘the planets’ per se – it is the choices you make that are attracting the stress in your life. The astrology is only an indicator of where the tension lies and how tightly you’re adhered to it (through force of habit).

The more addicted we get to these states of stress, the less likely we are to open our hearts, go within, and consciously do something about restoring some balance in our lives. Harmonious relationships and a general state of peace around others are at stake here.

This week, VENUS shifts out of Virgo and into LIBRA. The heart’s magnetic forces will be immediately met with several energetic challenges. It is time to stop worrying and start making restorative choices.

Helpful information will come into your world when it is equal to or relevant to the emotions you are experiencing. You can’t prepare your body for a new destiny if you’re still making choices based on old information, or trading on an old, expired currency.

Have a look at the way you are dealing with this world. It makes sense that the more you live addicted to stressful heartwaves, those still generated by the toxic remnants of your old life, the less likely you are going to want to create, meditate, open your heart and become vulnerable to something wonderful and new.

Sunday, 5 August


When the egotistical mind is pressured to accept information that it feels is beyond its ‘normal’ capacity to comprehend, it may struggle and toil with the facts. Eventually it seeks to find logical explanations against it. This is a natural human tendency – to lean more weight towards any evidence that supports what we already believe and to ignore evidence that contradicts our cherished beliefs.

This is how conspiracy theories are born…

Nobody going to force us to believe something that doesn’t align with our preciously held views of reality, right? That would just be wrong! And it just don’t sit well with us. Especially since the real-world evidence being presented seems so intrinsically complex or doesn’t seem to add up with what we consider to be probable. Our mind sees any external pressure to accept any account which is filled with inconsistencies or gaps as implausible. It then goes digging for clues, or at least to find others who may support or feed into our confirmation biases.

What we often see with conspiracy theorists is that they tend to ‘project’ their own forceful or intrusive behaviour onto others. They are more inclined to engage in gossip, rumours, or distorting of facts for personal gain… it gives them a certain power to ‘know stuff’ – juicy stuff that you don’t. And they get a little kick out of seeing others get all stirred into the argument, either by rejection, confusion or conversion to their theories.

Of course, some conspiracies are just that sometimes. ‘Watergate’ was exposed because all the facts did indeed stack up on investigation. But that’s a whole different matter, and seriously NOT a theory.

Saturday, 4 August

Believe it or not, there is a serious war looming between us here, on planet earth. It is not enough that rigid minds can never agree. When presidents, priests, world leaders, bosses, parents preach division, hate and violence… even ever so slightly, then violence and war between us is inevitable.

The seeds of corruption have long been sown.
The threads of pestilence and fear are sewn into the fabric of our distorted ‘urge to survive’. We are the children of shock, betrayal and trauma. We are easily triggered under extreme stress, strain, heat.

The pressure is upon us now.

We must be strong. We must not cower or squirm against the fires of toxic hatred. Let us fight this war valiantly… courageously. Rather than silence, let us raise our voice. Rather than darkness, let us shine our light. Rather than anguish, desperation grief and despair, let us offer hope.

Friday, 3 August


As the Moon approaches the busy, FIXED-SIGN intersection (), just a reminder that we are still in ECLIPSE mode. Energies are low, emotions are hyper-sensitised, and the shadow forces are running rife upon our earth messing with our humankind, stirring up old ideas and dislodging preciously-held beliefs which are buried deep within the dimmest recesses of our psyche.
Whilst there is strong merit to maintaining and preserving certain values and principles, these are often cemented together with bitter and divisive conceptions, ingrained into our cellular memories by our recent, ancient and prehistoric predecessors. These FIXED particles of programmed survival-patterns are lodged so tightly into the most unconscious crevices of our conditioning that they have become solidified into our etheric body. Hence, when aggravated or abraded, these qualities will not loosen or prize out easily – our ego would rather break than to give, even a fraction of an inch.
Great conflicts ensue.
CAUTION now, at all times when approaching this weekend’s busy FIXED SIGN intersection. Know exactly why you are crossing and be certain and confident about where you must go. Be sure of what is required from your energetic transactions. Understand that you will be met by traffic, just as determined to meet their ends, quite likely to be heading at cross-purposes, or opposing your own.
This is not an ‘apocalyptic prophesy’ but these are certainly END DAYS now. Yes.. the end is near and you can see it, hear it everywhere. Certain attitudes and beliefs – no matter how rigid or fixed cannot be sustained, and there are certain monstrous elements within us that are willing to destroy everything (even ourselves) in order to survive.
It is in our evolutionary path not just to survive, but to flourish under the Solar power. As such, we must be prepared to walk the illuminated path, ensure that the deeply hidden engrams of our bestial, reptilian minds are brought to light during this grand, alchemical process.

Thursday, 2 August

Up in the night sky, MARS is now about as bright as you’re going to see him (check it out – it’s the red one).

An unremitting force which has the power to rapidly escalate things into a brawl of some sort, dragging you into automatic defence, firstly by inflaming you into whichever fight mode you habitually like to swashbuckle into. Then it sends you through that familiar sparring routine which can be physical or mental or emotional. Finally, when it’s all over, you get this little reward – a choice of how your brain is going to remember how you fared in all this, like a souvenir or trophy (or a bruising).

Test is… before you get ‘triggered’ this time, can you remember how the whole process played out for you just last time, maybe choose to go another way?

[sayed haider raza, horizon, 1979]
  Thu Aug 02  2018 02:39 Mars 02°33′ Square Uranus 02°33′

This Blood Moon Eclipse has brought up a lot of stressful matters which will not just go away on their own. They must be dealt with, and yet… this requires action.

Much of the irritation you are feeling over both the old and the new has been building for some time now. Too long. Some things clearly refuse to go away, whilst what promises to replace them is equally unsetting. Whilst it would seem, however like everything is coming to a head, we need to pay attention to how we deal with it. Nothing has prepared us for this, and yet… if you look closely, you are completely equiped to deal with any of it.
What if you didn’t have to either rebel or conform?
What if you looked at the current situation with fresh eyes; took a whole new approach to circumstances causing you this tension?
Yes, you feel compelled to release yourself from the dreaded clutches of anything that is unwilling to release you to act the way you want to act. Here, you must know that if you fly off the handle without thought or premise, the consequences of your actions will not bid well for you later. Rash behaviour is just your ego struggling to defend its stupid self against some perceived threat. All through your own past and the world’s history, we see examples where rebellious outbreaks and serious revolutions have seldom lead us into peace. Never without ensuing into long struggles of unnecessary anguish, anarchy and wars. In the end, we usually settle for the very thing we railed against in the first place.
You can have peace now.
Right now.
Come to this present moment with a clear mind and open heart. Breathe yourself into it with conscious intent.
Assess your situation like it is an opportunity to act in a brand way; take a path that you have not travelled before.
No need to rush or act rashly – time is not pressing you here. This is about you intercepting time; about you being present.
Observe that if this is about our individual sense of security then the crazier or more obstinately you react, the less likely it will be that you get a handle on that some time soon.
No need to wage a freedom fight.
Just be free to act appropriately.
Aries Buddies and acolytes
Taurus The long road ahead for you
Gemini The whole damned system and its ‘laws’
Cancer Intimate entanglements with that him/her
Leo Anyone else
Virgo Those nagging voices (inside/outside your head)
Libra Toys, ploys and little boys
Scorpio Home and family matters (yeech)
Sagittarius Neighbours and their weird-ass ideas
Capricorn Debts and credits
Aquarius Your own self (mirror mirror)
Pisces Whatever’s eating you (unconsciously – think…)
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Wednesday, 1 August

[artist unknown]
When we adapt to seeing all behaviour as an energy exchange; start to see people’s hearts as the real source of that energy, then our mind ceases to focus its attention on the superficial distractions and comes to recognise the true intention of what we have to offer one another.

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