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#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: August, 2018

Wednesday, 8 August

☽ □ □ ♄ □ Ch      |      ☉/☿ ⊼ ♆      |        ⊼ ♅

It’s the weirdest of feelings. You want something, but you don’t know what it is that you want. Is it security but also independence or is it freedom within familiarity? Perhaps you don’t want what you know and want what you don’t know.

There may be a certain ambivalence, a certain passion yet hostility at the same time. There may even be no desire or response at all, which could well be the worst because it means you may just not care at all…

You look around and notice that, in truth, you’re only running back and forth forever between morbid grief and elevated delight.

All of these mixed emotions are part of what we call human conditioning seeking spirituality. These are the valleying dips and pinnacled heights, as well as the oft-overlooked joys sometimes found among the midlands of mundania.

This moment is just for you: If you are looking for hatred on atheists, religionists, nationalists or liberalists, locals or foreigners, or simply looking for reasons to validate yourself by extrapolating your worth against the value of others, then no wonder you’ll not find peace or happiness.

Tuesday, 7 August

URANUS RETROGRADE: Aug 07, 2018 – Jan 06 2019

Monday, 6 August

VENUS ENTERING LIBRA 0   ☿/♃/Ch/♄ |  ⊼ ♅ | △ 

Whether you think the world is at an end or just agree that we are no longer living in that ‘old’ world any more, one thing’s for certain: This recent inurement to stress has been wearing down the body so much that it could severely limit our ability to repair and move into healthy habits, depleting our vitality and our resilience to the ‘nasties’.

If our resilience – our general flexibility and adaptability to change is based on keeping efficient energy management, then it’s no wonder that you may be feeling completely drained, out of sorts, perhaps even sick under the influence of chronic stress during these intense planetary transits.

Of course, it’s not ‘the planets’ per se – it is the choices you make that are attracting the stress in your life. The astrology is only an indicator of where the tension lies and how tightly you’re adhered to it (through force of habit).

The more addicted we get to these states of stress, the less likely we are to open our hearts, go within, and consciously do something about restoring some balance in our lives. Harmonious relationships and a general state of peace around others are at stake here.

This week, VENUS shifts out of Virgo and into LIBRA. The heart’s magnetic forces will be immediately met with several energetic challenges. It is time to stop worrying and start making restorative choices.

Helpful information will come into your world when it is equal to or relevant to the emotions you are experiencing. You can’t prepare your body for a new destiny if you’re still making choices based on old information, or trading on an old, expired currency.

Have a look at the way you are dealing with this world. It makes sense that the more you live addicted to stressful heartwaves, those still generated by the toxic remnants of your old life, the less likely you are going to want to create, meditate, open your heart and become vulnerable to something wonderful and new.

Sunday, 5 August


When the egotistical mind is pressured to accept information that it feels is beyond its ‘normal’ capacity to comprehend, it may struggle and toil with the facts. Eventually it seeks to find logical explanations against it. This is a natural human tendency – to lean more weight towards any evidence that supports what we already believe and to ignore evidence that contradicts our cherished beliefs.

This is how conspiracy theories are born…

Nobody going to force us to believe something that doesn’t align with our preciously held views of reality, right? That would just be wrong! And it just don’t sit well with us. Especially since the real-world evidence being presented seems so intrinsically complex or doesn’t seem to add up with what we consider to be probable. Our mind sees any external pressure to accept any account which is filled with inconsistencies or gaps as implausible. It then goes digging for clues, or at least to find others who may support or feed into our confirmation biases.

What we often see with conspiracy theorists is that they tend to ‘project’ their own forceful or intrusive behaviour onto others. They are more inclined to engage in gossip, rumours, or distorting of facts for personal gain… it gives them a certain power to ‘know stuff’ – juicy stuff that you don’t. And they get a little kick out of seeing others get all stirred into the argument, either by rejection, confusion or conversion to their theories.

Of course, some conspiracies are just that sometimes. ‘Watergate’ was exposed because all the facts did indeed stack up on investigation. But that’s a whole different matter, and seriously NOT a theory.

Saturday, 4 August

Believe it or not, there is a serious war looming between us here, on planet earth. It is not enough that rigid minds can never agree. When presidents, priests, world leaders, bosses, parents preach division, hate and violence… even ever so slightly, then violence and war between us is inevitable.

The seeds of corruption have long been sown.
The threads of pestilence and fear are sewn into the fabric of our distorted ‘urge to survive’. We are the children of shock, betrayal and trauma. We are easily triggered under extreme stress, strain, heat.

The pressure is upon us now.

We must be strong. We must not cower or squirm against the fires of toxic hatred. Let us fight this war valiantly… courageously. Rather than silence, let us raise our voice. Rather than darkness, let us shine our light. Rather than anguish, desperation grief and despair, let us offer hope.

Friday, 3 August


As the Moon approaches the busy, FIXED-SIGN intersection (), just a reminder that we are still in ECLIPSE mode. Energies are low, emotions are hyper-sensitised, and the shadow forces are running rife upon our earth messing with our humankind, stirring up old ideas and dislodging preciously-held beliefs which are buried deep within the dimmest recesses of our psyche.
Whilst there is strong merit to maintaining and preserving certain values and principles, these are often cemented together with bitter and divisive conceptions, ingrained into our cellular memories by our recent, ancient and prehistoric predecessors. These FIXED particles of programmed survival-patterns are lodged so tightly into the most unconscious crevices of our conditioning that they have become solidified into our etheric body. Hence, when aggravated or abraded, these qualities will not loosen or prize out easily – our ego would rather break than to give, even a fraction of an inch.
Great conflicts ensue.
CAUTION now, at all times when approaching this weekend’s busy FIXED SIGN intersection. Know exactly why you are crossing and be certain and confident about where you must go. Be sure of what is required from your energetic transactions. Understand that you will be met by traffic, just as determined to meet their ends, quite likely to be heading at cross-purposes, or opposing your own.
This is not an ‘apocalyptic prophesy’ but these are certainly END DAYS now. Yes.. the end is near and you can see it, hear it everywhere. Certain attitudes and beliefs – no matter how rigid or fixed cannot be sustained, and there are certain monstrous elements within us that are willing to destroy everything (even ourselves) in order to survive.
It is in our evolutionary path not just to survive, but to flourish under the Solar power. As such, we must be prepared to walk the illuminated path, ensure that the deeply hidden engrams of our bestial, reptilian minds are brought to light during this grand, alchemical process.

Thursday, 2 August

Up in the night sky, MARS is now about as bright as you’re going to see him (check it out – it’s the red one).

An unremitting force which has the power to rapidly escalate things into a brawl of some sort, dragging you into automatic defence, firstly by inflaming you into whichever fight mode you habitually like to swashbuckle into. Then it sends you through that familiar sparring routine which can be physical or mental or emotional. Finally, when it’s all over, you get this little reward – a choice of how your brain is going to remember how you fared in all this, like a souvenir or trophy (or a bruising).

Test is… before you get ‘triggered’ this time, can you remember how the whole process played out for you just last time, maybe choose to go another way?

[sayed haider raza, horizon, 1979]
  Thu Aug 02  2018 02:39 Mars 02°33′ Square Uranus 02°33′

This Blood Moon Eclipse has brought up a lot of stressful matters which will not just go away on their own. They must be dealt with, and yet… this requires action.

Much of the irritation you are feeling over both the old and the new has been building for some time now. Too long. Some things clearly refuse to go away, whilst what promises to replace them is equally unsetting. Whilst it would seem, however like everything is coming to a head, we need to pay attention to how we deal with it. Nothing has prepared us for this, and yet… if you look closely, you are completely equiped to deal with any of it.
What if you didn’t have to either rebel or conform?
What if you looked at the current situation with fresh eyes; took a whole new approach to circumstances causing you this tension?
Yes, you feel compelled to release yourself from the dreaded clutches of anything that is unwilling to release you to act the way you want to act. Here, you must know that if you fly off the handle without thought or premise, the consequences of your actions will not bid well for you later. Rash behaviour is just your ego struggling to defend its stupid self against some perceived threat. All through your own past and the world’s history, we see examples where rebellious outbreaks and serious revolutions have seldom lead us into peace. Never without ensuing into long struggles of unnecessary anguish, anarchy and wars. In the end, we usually settle for the very thing we railed against in the first place.
You can have peace now.
Right now.
Come to this present moment with a clear mind and open heart. Breathe yourself into it with conscious intent.
Assess your situation like it is an opportunity to act in a brand way; take a path that you have not travelled before.
No need to rush or act rashly – time is not pressing you here. This is about you intercepting time; about you being present.
Observe that if this is about our individual sense of security then the crazier or more obstinately you react, the less likely it will be that you get a handle on that some time soon.
No need to wage a freedom fight.
Just be free to act appropriately.
Aries Buddies and acolytes
Taurus The long road ahead for you
Gemini The whole damned system and its ‘laws’
Cancer Intimate entanglements with that him/her
Leo Anyone else
Virgo Those nagging voices (inside/outside your head)
Libra Toys, ploys and little boys
Scorpio Home and family matters (yeech)
Sagittarius Neighbours and their weird-ass ideas
Capricorn Debts and credits
Aquarius Your own self (mirror mirror)
Pisces Whatever’s eating you (unconsciously – think…)
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Wednesday, 1 August

[artist unknown]
When we adapt to seeing all behaviour as an energy exchange; start to see people’s hearts as the real source of that energy, then our mind ceases to focus its attention on the superficial distractions and comes to recognise the true intention of what we have to offer one another.

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