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THE WEEK AHEAD: July 30-Aug 05

Hey there, friends! Thank you for coming.

(Unless you missed it) LIFE™ (as we know it) continues to pick up steam, becoming (for some) an unremitting onslaught of pugnacious strikes upon our general peace, safety, sanity and birth-entitled moral righteousness…..

Blow after blow, the avalanche of absurdity continues to fly thick and heavy, rustling up enough premises for all lower-body reactive arguments and brawls – a veritable plethora of “reasons” by which to launch into our ‘justified’ brands of frenzied survivor-level realism.

It’s a jungle out there…
But is it real?

Well, it’s very questionable on which level we are going to operate safely, and as we mentioned last week, the week before, the start of the month, and… let’s be honest… since late last year, the stationing MARS over URANUS, especially right on that unnerving Aquarius South Node Lunar Eclipse was going to really excoriate whatever morsel of covering shielded our precious nervous systems.

But don’t you worry. It’s relatively safe here at the old cosmic club-house tonight. So file in, there’s plenty of thick, creamy, fatty, highly-starchy snacks there on the counter and of course popcorn on the table. Just…help yourself there. And if that runs out, just let our staff know, they will be happy to assist with all your needs. Don’t panic. Heaps and heaps of yummy goodies to go around. And there’s buckets of coffee, flavoured sugar-soda and juice in the kitchen, and tonnes of ice in the freezer so… let me know if you have any questions with that.

And lastly, since I have you all here in one place, I have something to share with you. Along our travels i am learning that the lands surrounding our sweet club house have gradually turned to toxic silt. I want you to know that whilst I have diligently tended to these gardens every day for the past five years, getting down on my knees each morning and each evening to dig and till the soil, just so some of our gentle bulbs out there can take fecundity, and be reborn i must say, sadly, that want alone is not enough to breathe a seeded being into life.

Only love can do that.

Underlying all of the constant gardening done here to regenerate and spring a healthy, flourishing field of blossoms, there is also a profound vulnerability that lies at the very core of some of our blooms intrinsic psyche. Such is that of the covert-narcissist, who feels that they must mask their deeply underlying fears of inadequacy and ineffectiveness by cleverly sprouting up here among us, feigning to perceived as one irritated, hard-done-by, under-trodden victim of their harsh, unsupportive environment. Such was the spawn, hitherto lain dormant until its germination at the Cancer Solar Eclipse (July 13) when the moon and earth both concealed Pluto from our Sun.

In his utter indignation, the covert narcissist will somehow always manage to find the grave limits in life that they can cannot ever admit in themselves. When triggered – which under the auspices of a stationing Mars at the last degree of Capricorn over these next two gruelling months will be often/always – they will stop at nothing to make certain that their well-compressed/repressed/depressed inner rage is finally expressed. Suddenly, and most obstinately, they will announce to the world that it is their god-given entitlement to feel offended finally be expressed, at any cost, acting under the imbued possession that somehow losing their shit will somehow correct these flaws.

Though they may be exceedingly intelligent, in essence they have fully developed such rigid feelings of spiritual incompetence and emotional ineptitude that they are crippled of believing in their own limitless higher potential. They will go to fight, some of them violently amongst what appears to be their own species, and they will cause great sudden destruction to our garden grounds.

In the end the covert narcissist, now lurking here among us, must compensate for their core susceptibility that everything that nature throws their way is a conspiracy to insult and exclude them – whether it is opposing political and theosophical views (and they just about all are some arm of an opposition), economic hardship, sheer ineptitude to take true responsibility, disasters like fires & earthquakes, personal insults, accidents, rising pressures to perform in a world that they don’t even want to accept is real for them… As a result, a tragic overestimation of their own importance arises and everything becomes offensive.

This need to protest and to spit their toxic vitriol of injustice just feeds itself, cyclically. And, when in the course of life (whether they have one outside the hothouse environment of social media or not) they realise that their views are not shared or that their expectations are not met,  and so the most common reaction is to become enraged. This rage covers the fear associated with the deep, underlying vulnerable self, but it is nearly impossible for others to see this. Such is the clever camouflage of the covert narcissist’s mind, that they fools us all into believing that they are our victim, and try as we might to understand them, we are not fooled. As a result, the very recognition they so crave is most often out of reach.

We are now only waking up to this unfortunate fake-mindset, unnaturally fostered and encouraged by the glasshouse culture that is the social media network. Ironically, platforms like facebook took a heavy dump (19% drop in shares) only hours before the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse. Seems like investors are observing that the kind of people attracted to facebook are not good for business. Much like twitter, the platform is dangerously being infested, largely by free-loading, parasitic narcissists who would devour and destroy their own host by spreading toxic lies and concealing their true, self-centred egotistical designs.

Anyway, it’s been an inevitable thing for me to realise that even my own best efforts to rise above these standards, demands and preposterous expectations to produce a perfected public image, status and fame (or infamy) may soon not be sufferable by a growing field of neonarcissists – no longer covert but now proudly marching to the beat of the ‘hard-done-by’ drum. This is the rise of the new Reich – one looking more and more like it will band under the symbolic Saturn/Pluto swastika every day.

Ultimately, they will have done nothing but disappoint themselves, and though they are deeply angry, they may never accept that they are patently incapable of seeing how trapped they are in their lower, survivor-bound lunar bodies. Their reactionary behaviour is both obstinately dangerous and stubbornly incorrigible and a threat upon nature itself. However, nature always stands proud in its integrity and indigenous sovereignty. Ultimately nothing can corrupt nature for it stand immortally beyond the constraints of time and space.


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  1. “However, nature always stands proud in its integrity and indigenous sovereignty. Ultimately nothing can corrupt nature for it stand immortally beyond the constraints of time and space”…
    That make me stand up with a big and confident smile. ..
    thanks for all these thoughtse, amazing insights Ang. ?

  2. Just listened to the CB recording. of yesterday. I am thrilled that you are going to teach some Astrology basics. I honestly do not understand the relationship between my current chart (day to day) and all that you speak about, I just feel a sense of what is going on. I understand my birth chart, but not how I’m directly affected by the current positions of the signs in relation to each other and in the houses. I look forward to bringing it inside to understand it in relation to me. Getting a reading is great, but I want a deeper understanding internally on an ongoing basis. Thank you!

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