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Not the easiest of times to be trying to get along with others [♀ ⊼ ♂] (romantically/politically), especially if there is some expectation that things should run smoothly and we expect to win the approval or favour of others. This may extend to us putting ourselves in situations where we go out of our way to become liked – probably extending ourselves beyond our means. This only sets us up into an AWKWARD stance, and most possibly a disappointing fall (sooner or later). Watch this, especially around Thursday’s Quarter Moon (27°♎06′). No big drama, unless you make it.

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In all relationships, it’s best we maintain our focus on the sole purpose of why we’re engaging with one another in the first place – to be shaken and stirred out of our ignorance and our entrenched comfort zones – be met with intelligence and truthfulness. Of course, we may also be met with ‘the most unlikely match of the century’. Sometimes we engage in these kinds of ‘impossible’ friendships, and aside from making each other nervous and on an uncomfortable edge, any whirlwind romance/bromance/womance may leave us feeling disillusioned and spent if we expect to derive permanent happiness from it. Venus approaches her opposition to Neptune (July 24), so unless we are practicing some sound and grounded, in-the-moment manifestation (see ‘The Secret’), we may be precariously walking into the messy fog of ‘New Agey’ wish-fulfilment, escapism, phoney reveries and other such unsupportable nonsense.

Meanwhile Uranus is stationing contra to the Nodes, his erratic, awakening influence strongly felt upon the inner planets. For many of us though, the greatest turbulence is being felt through Uranus’ rulership of Aquarius, where Mars and the South Node are currently transiting, about to join.


This most dangerous aspect hooks us all into the general hostility and ill-will of this rare, sustained combination, so on some level it means we are all somehow interconnected in the fate of each others’ destiny, and whilst things may seem ideal one moment, the outcome may not exactly leave us in the most co-operative spirit with one another.

Why? Because wherever Mars is involved, there is always a very aggressive spirit.

Here, at the SOUTH NODE, the more belligerent expression of a fixed-minded Retrograde Mars emerges. He incites us to “tilt at windmills” or simply misdirect our assertive energies into fighting for radical ideas, become embroiled in squabbles over group-identity politics (gender/race/nationalistic etc).

As we said in the JULY monthly report, this unusually sustained, collective energy only threatens to steer us farther away from reaching peaceful, friendly relations between us, particularly if we commit to bonding on terms which we can neither support nor sustain. We will make better friends on the basis that we help each other celebrate our freedom and encourage our personal empowerment and independence from groups which make asphyxiating demands on our loyalties and need to identify by a common denominator. 

The forward-moving evolutionary pull, as indicated by the LEO NORTH NODE is beckoning that we focus on expressing our personal integrity and sovereignty with flair, learning to stand proudly on the back of our own strength and talents, and to be mindful that all individual efforts are representative of our utmost best.

Therefore, at any times of weakness, just before you slip into any degree of unconsciousness, listen to that inner voice that comes to you – not as a loud, snide, insistent call to cut you down, but one which is hounding you from behind, trying to drive you forward, calling “is this the best you can do?”

Stick to your truth, don’t worry what others might think, and shout back “it is… this is my best”, and just keep moving forward.

Have an amazing week xx

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