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THE MONTH AHEAD: AUGUST 2018 …..an astrological synopsis

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For most of 2017, and (recapping) these past six weeks, Saturn and Chiron have been duelling in the skies. During August these two dwellers of the periphery of our consciousness will come to cross swords just one last time. Whilst this may continue to smart a little, their dalliance leaves us with a much deeper understanding of our fears and limitations. Thankfully, understanding what’s been holding us back has forced us to get better at defining healthier boundaries. Likewise, these squares have assisted us in the process of letting go of many fears and superstitions.


By continuously bringing up all kinds of problems around expectations around respect and respectability; neglect of duty and responsibility; fears of being judged and yet being judgmental of others; imposed loneliness and self-isolation; daddy issues and problems with the patriarchy; dread of failure and disappointment, we have learned to keep it real, learning what works and does not work for us and setting our parameters.

Aspects from Uranus to SA/CH may have injected enough insight – even some genius for tapping into the ultimate reasons, or the ‘spiritual purpose’ behind any restrictions, shame and limitation that we may have been experiencing. Piercing through the veils of the unconscious, drawing from the powers of inspired teachers, wise mystical beings – humanity is connecting to a supernatural intelligence, as that found in the quantum field. Many of us are starting to open doors to developing some pretty unique gifts – namely, a capacity for managing our lives in a much more profoundly spiritual way, or in ways that bring out a much deeper, or archetypically significant meaning  to our existence.

Whilst this is exciting, it has oftentimes been an excruciatingly harsh, miserable ordeal. Through some truly difficult tests, we’ve come to notice a gradual, but significant shift in how we’ve learned to navigate through age-old dramas, particularly around authorities and the means that they have employed to keep us in line – the fears that they have instilled in us. And, as much as we might have resisted and struggled to abide, we have found that the key to healing these limitations is by stepping up to tackle and to solve some of the more fascinating and unusual problems.

Naturally, the key to letting go of any spurious or superstitious doubts and apprehensions imposed on our psyche, is by letting go of any adherence to woundstories and victimhood fables that no longer apply to us. This process has been painful at times, but unless we had been made to suffer, to really see these problems reach crisis points in out lives (not once but several times), we may not have come to somehow bring some coherence between the inner and outer voices of authority in our lives.

see…JUPITER/SATURN semisquares – 2017-18

August, through its dalliance to the LEO SOLAR ECLIPSE (11th), and the swipe from MERCURY/JUPITER SQUARE (28th) will see the closure of this great lesson for quite some time, although this cycle of SATURN/CHIRON which began in 1966 will not be complete until 2028. So let us make the peace this month with those who (particularly through 2017) have taught us very much about what we must do, and what is really none of our business.

Whilst this month does continue to conjure considerable instances of sudden and unexpected activity due to the sustained MARS/URANUS SQUARE, the midpoint fusion of these energies upon NEPTUNE (11-31) means that many of these activities may be filled with confusion or may become completely misconstrued. Therefore, look out for messy entanglements. Only those who are totally in tune with their intuition will engage in spontaneously channelled, inspired actions that dance with genius or brilliance, as in the artist or the master of their craft. Stay out of the victim/survivor mess if you want to milk the cosmic benefits this month.

Our great, golden inspiration, powered and showered equally upon us from above by a glorious LEO SUN, moving into VIRGO (23rd) activates our hearts to find our own, special, independent and uniquely creative way of doing things, then helps us hone that into a craft.

Hence, among all the irreverence and craziness, August becomes a time to step outside the box, to be assertively rebellious, and to express our sovereignty and will without fear of consequence. Active experimentation and breaking out of tired-old, restrictive forms and rigid structures will open wonderful new avenues that offer limitless more freedom of expression, truly allowing us to reflect the integral self. It is advisable, to watch for ‘accidents’, which are only really just a manifestation of pent-up energy that is looking for opportunities to be released.

Essentially we find the courage, the strength of conviction to think neither with fear nor favour, neither with blind optimism nor with sour skepticism. We come to easily avoid being so quick or naive to embrace the direction of the status quo or to run off with the herd. We realise that if we are slow to change our minds, happy to delegate our thinking, then we make ourselves fodder or prey for the wolfpack, and come September that may not be such a comfortable position.

The emerging new world calls that we all think a bit more productively, more creatively, more inventively; that we generate our ideas from a different level of operation, that we use a different set of muscles. It time to shift it up a notch or two and exercise that heart…

Go with the heart, and have an amazing month xx


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