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THE BLOOD MOON – Total Lunar Eclipse at 04°45′ AQUARIUS, Friday Jul 27 2018, 20:21 UTC

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As our brightest star, the Sun, enters Leo, the emphasis shift from domestic security and some sense of emotional cohesiveness with those closest to us – especially family, to how we can BE something amazing. We MUST be amazing. Nothing less will quite cut it, and there’s simply no faking it. However, with a looming Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, none of the old song-and-dance routines are going to wash anymore. Everyone’s seen it before, and what we’re looking for is… well, let’s face it – with Uranus and Neptune pounding our airwaves, we expect to see nothing less than something supernatural.

So best we get creative and come up with some super-stellar material. This may not necessarily be easy for everyone, and these eclipses will only super-highlight any ineffectualness, uncertainty or insecurity that may lie here with us, between the sheets.

The Moon rules over our unconscious self – the INVOLUNTARY or INSTINCTIVE side of our nervous system – that which is largely sympathetic and helps us to regulate our cellular, tissue and organic functions. She quietly rules over the physical needs of the body by acclimatising us to deeply conditioned, watery rhythmic patterns stored in the memory proteins of each cell. Over millions of years, our organism has developed an instinctive ebb and flow with the tides of nature, helping us to survive the elements & predators, continue to feed and to keep procreating on this planet.

By regulating our digestive system we get a GUT feel of what works for us and what does not in order to stay alive. Of course, depending on our own individual conditioning, our own very personal habits, unconscious needs and idiosyncrasies are programmed into and stored there too. These are conditioned more particularly from person to person (see your own astrological Moon placing to see what kind of mothering you preferred in order to survive).

In the context of the NOW, all lunations (critical phases of the synodic moon cycle) become powerful markers to test how well our instinctive nervous system can cope with current fluctuations in the cosmic electromagnetic field. We are constantly trying to bring our unconscious body into healthy alignment, or homeostatic coherence (e-motional balance) with the conscious information coming from the Sun, which rules our heart and mind (conscious processes).

Total Eclipses, especially like today’s Blood Moon affects us all immeasurably – there can be little doubt. You might think you are safely out of the crosshairs of these most intensely opposing forces between our Sun and Moon – forces that are drawing sharply from the wild, erratic energies of Mars and Uranus, but hey… think again. Everything could change, just like that, because such is the abrupt nature of this potent lunation, and the only way to be prepared is to jettison all matter that we carry as superfluous, sentimental baggage. No clinging. Aquarius is cold and totally unsentimental. It sees only future, not past, and then only where it serves the collective – not you.

The Sun/Moon opposition itself suggests that there is a massive incoherence between the conscious self and the instinctive self. When the heart starts to beat out of sync, or incoherently, we start to feel out of balance, on edge, anxious, unsure and unfocused.

This knocks our bodies deeply into survival mode, we panic and turn over operation to a more from a raw, primitive place rather than coming from a higher, more mindful, heart-centered sense of governance. For a full 103 minutes the Moon’s energy supply will be cut off, obscured, eclipsed from the Sun conscious light. Rare… extensively rare.

During this time, things get turned over onto survival mode. The Moon, tightly conjunct a retrograde Mars goes into an instinctive fight or flight frenzy. In that apparently short period shuts down all feeling, dissociates, disengages and disconnects all emotional currency. Someone pulls the plug on planet earth’s wifi, and the entire ‘network’ goes down. Suddenly we feel the isolating effects of an incoherence between the conscious mind and the emotional matrix that supports us.

This incoherence is brought on by long standing stresses. Over the months, years that lead into this moment, we have build an entire framework of self importance and specialness based on systems and networks that were in one sense liberating but in another reforming our whole sense of identity and sovereignty from physical into digital dimensions. We learn to express and store all our creative matter onto high-rate digital exchange networks and databases, shared in a flash among entire communities which transcended physical and cultural barriers.

The incoherence we are facing now is between the body and mind’s response to disruptions and upsets picked up from our external environment. These incoherences, seen through our relationships are telling us that something is no longer being supported. The old format, like an old computer program seems ridiculously out-dated and incapable of supporting the kind of applications we need to operate on a supernatural level. We feel than never more starkly than during those 103 minutes of Solar/Lunar disconnection.

What’s gong to happen? We may say it’s impossible to predict, what with al the wildcards packed into this phenomenal moment. Sure…
But you already know. Your inner guidance system has been preparing you for this moment for a while now. And if everything should change, are you ready to shift onto the next level?
How do you care for those who no longer seem to cut it for you? Do you cut and run, or keep up the pretension?
And how would you cope should your whole environment suddenly went cold on you?
Are you acquainted enough with your intuitive (heart-navigated) power to turn the lights back on again? How much are you dependent on the tired old entire networks to feed your sense of identity, economic and functional sense of self-importance?

Well… we shall see…

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