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SUN in LEO – Where does your Spirit Light Shine?

Last month, as the Sun journeyed through Cancer, we learned  about what nurtured us, gave us a feeling of being safe, comforted and secure. We learned that ultimately we must nurture ourselves, and similarly provide a space for other to do the same. In our emotional maturation we also come to foster healthy, responsible habits and cut the cords of attachment and clinging dependencies which only stand to hinder spiritual growth.

This month, the Sun’s journey through Leo promises to bring us greater insights into how we can take that responsibility and shine in our unique expression. We discover which areas we radiate our inner glow most brightly, with most ease – how it is that we garner most attention and recognition to ourselves, and how we build upon our integrity through the consciousness-raising element of Leo’s fixed fire.
It is our childlike creativity, our playfulness that keeps us connected to our inner child. When we express ourselves with authority the qualities of strength, willpower, charm, leadership, loyalty and lovability both endear us to and inspires others in our world. Any imbalance or inadequacies in this will become revealed as a childish or overbearing need for attention.
The highest manifestations of the Sun’s passage through Leo aims to see us express our true nature in mature, self-assured, responsible ways that will serve the Greater Spirit and seek to encourage and help celebrate the inner child in all beings.
KEY THEMES: Sovereignty, creative integrity, dignity, celebration of self.

Which areas do you shine? Where do you naturally strive to demonstrate your authority?

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