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During the entire of 2017, SATURN (♄) and URANUS (♅)- not the greatest of bedfellows, even on their best of days – had been locked in a tremendous FIRE TRINE, at times showing us just how much shock and disruption our structured little universe could take. Through a repeated, often irritating series of upsets and reality intrusions our volatile spirits (FIRE) learned to be more attentive and somehow adjust to rapid-fire changes coming in from all angles. By the end of the year we had come to accept that we were living in an age in which the constant barrage of absurdities might never cease to disturb our neatly programmed preconceptions of law & order.

These jarring “Wild-West” episodes of 2017 were often mixed with delightfully novel new ways to snap us out of our antiquated belief systems and get us to engage in all manner of topics around politics, law, religion, culture, social justice, education… etc. We learned to explore the uncomfortable, entertain the unthinkable, to argue, deny and to accept, and in the process we learned to redefine (or just define or completely relinquish) our “boundaries”.

BOUNDARIES become the point of interest this year too, as SATURN and URANUS now meet again in a parting (although not exactly partile) TRINE kiss (Jul-Oct). This time they are both new inductees of EARTH signs, so the ‘boundaries’ take solid ground and are defined in no uncertain terms. SATURN in CAPRICORN tells URANUS in TAURUS “there’s the wall, if you want to cross it you must pay”. This generally harmonious aspect becomes ‘solidified’ through August, culminating into a perfect GRAND TRINE specimen by the Pisces FULL MOON (August 26) when the Virgo SUN helps to congeal this earthy triad.

To give us a taste, VENUS now (July 11-14) completes the (120°) harmonic syndrome, albeit more loosely. Her influence here shows that we are much more discerning about who and what we allow/accept into our lives. In a grounded, yet lightning-rapid pace we come to appraise the practical value of others in our lives. Though we may appreciate their unusual qualities as worthy, we may feel inhibited about openly showing affection, choosing to protect our own individuality and uniqueness, refusing to compromise with anyone who literally does not show respect to that.

It’s a funny little dance, this earth-bound courtship with the alien; the freak; the genius; the supernatural. We realise the physical limitations immediately and whether we allow ourselves to engage further depends on whether this is going to be a good investment (time, money, physical satisfaction). We need to ask too how comfortable we are with the freak within, and how successfully we can make our new interest work for us.

Our human BEING is changing up a notch or two. It will soon become ECLIPSED by a new, supernatural model of the species. Let’s learn to relate on practical, respectful terms or become patently superseded by our successors.

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