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THE MONTH AHEAD : JULY 2018 …..an astrological synopsis

Three consecutive eclipses, an intensely personal encounter with Mars, retrogrades aplenty and a chaotic maelstrom from the outers… 

….prepare for a major shift in gears.



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Those observing the night skies on the evening of June 30 would have seen the transiting MOON approaching/passing by an unusually bright red star.

That’s no “star” – that’s MARS, and he’s unusually close to our earth, almost as close as he was in 2003 which was the closest in 16,000 years. Starting now, July will be best time to observe our fiery warrior in his full brilliance, dramatically brightening our night skies for this, and the next few months. Astrologically, July produces exceptionally significant Mars activity, since he is currently stationing (turning retrograde) at the T-square midpoint of opposing JUPITER/URANUS, unpacking quite a lot a heat and stress from our interpersonal affairs and the releasing of steam inspiring quite uninhibited displays of anger and hostilities. Of course, Mars’ prolonged alignment along the South Node augurs some seriously mistimed actions which only lead us into trouble, disputes and hurtful quarrels without ending. The key note for this month then becomes: “if you’re angry and you’re fixing to go right down there and fix it, just don’t go there, you’ll go nowhere, walk away, let it be to be free”.

Presenting as a brilliantly flaming red portal to the indeterminably disruptive curiosities and jolting upsets held in store for us by URANUS’ governance of the astral plane, MARS becomes brighter, redder, angrier and closer to the earth by the end of JULY, when he will not only square the sky-god, but also combine with that spectacular “BLOOD MOON of the 21st CENTURY”.

Please, do not underestimate your own good fortune to be alive in such times to witness such an event. If you are in clear skies tonight, do take the time to meet this increasingly foreboding “god of wars”, as my ancient counterparts would have declared him. Sit for a moment and ‘get a feel’ too of the kinds of energies coming through you, unconsciously triggering and stirring within your emotional body now. 

⍟ What sort of themes (particularly social/ideological) are being activated deep within you now?
⍟ What kind of a future society are you feeling yourself living in?
⍟ How will you work towards/actively compete/fight to protect or create this world?
⍟ Can you really count on anyone else or are you in this alone?
⍟ Who are your emerging adversaries?

These questions will provide important clues, acting as a prelude to the main event on July 27, when we will get to witness the longest-lasting Lunar Eclipse this century (full duration of 103 minutes)

It will be a spectacular sight indeed and you might not believe that MARS will actually be almost twice  as bright (x1.8) as JUPITER as he menacingly glares at us from the SOUTH NODE, less than one degree away from the BLOOD MOON.

Will be talking about the very intriguing astrological complexities of this month all this week, so stay tuned to our #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ and #CosmicBus updates. Meantime, set a reminder for yourself to go outside tonight and observe this splendid MARS phenomenon, hovering over the ominously potent dragon’s tail ☋. By the end of the month, we learn the importance of being truly free in our actions, how to base our actions on the deepest conviction of what we feel inside, and learn about the perils of trying to do things the way other people want us to do them, no matter how much it means to them.



[pic: niall scanlon]
Meanwhile the SUN – the lead player in our world – still in Cancer, has found just how hard it is to form an emotional rapport with what can only be described as a pessimistic (☉☍ ☽/ ♄) and increasingly tougher-to-please crowd (☉ ⊼ ).
By the middle of July, his clinging neediness and haunting insecurity forces him to take extreme measures to shield himself against what he considers overwhelmingly ruthless and invasive forces. These are strongly tied to his subconscious addictions, which are highlighted in the lead up to the first Partial Solar Eclipse, occurring on July 13, 2018. (☽/☉ ☍ ♇). Any forced attempts to dictate his unyielding terms upon others not only fail to summon the kind of support and co-operation he so badly desires, but threaten to alienate him from all those he wishes to control, complicating matters rather severely. Some damage can never really be repaired and the Cancer Sun, as our respected authority, is best advised to mind his own backyard and respectfully leave others to tend to theirs.

Even though his confidence grows, difficulties continue to ensue when the SUN enters the proudly commanding LEO (Jul 22), expressing a strong desire for power, persisting even when it is obvious that others stubbornly refuse to grant it (☉ □ ♅, Jul 25). This makes him very difficult and touchy (☉ ⊼ ♄, Jul 26) where, by the month’s-end BLOOD MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE (Jul 27) he feels he is losing all personal control and composure, declaring a full-scale fight against the world, demanding total supremacy in one of the most hostile, anti-social attempts to prove his self-worth in history (☉/☊ ☍ □ ♅). Things change after that. Severe tension over his repulsively hubristic pride builds into severe breakages – severed connections which are hard to fix and setting the scene for long-term animosity and acrimony, ultimate marking his demise.

Of course we are speaking metaphorically, and where we refer to the transiting Sun, we are speaking about our evolving ego, the source of light upon our current consciousness and how it illuminates our awareness of self. Most challenging will be differentiating our operating in the lower, hubristic frequencies of ego, which finds security and importance from others vs the authentic, higher self which seeks assurance only from oneself.

Any highly-charged combative state of affairs and interpersonal negotiation currently developing in our world will peak by the end of July. This long-stressed attitude of clashing inner energies was triggered about 12 months earlier, when the SUN conjunct MARS in Leo on July 27, 2017.  In aim to take a more authoritative stance, to defend one’s own honour and integrity, a proudly defiant field of action was initiated. Underlying stresses have accumulated in the masculine for over 12 months, and in now reaching a point of outward projection as low-vibe shadow-adversaries in the exterior world, erupting in arguments, dissension and conflict.

Of course, we see some of this already brewing in the first days of July. The ‘wise-ass, know-it-all experts’ (☿ □ ♅ ☍  /☋) who try to obstinately ram their opinions down others’ throats are dangerously at the point of causing bitterness and resentment.

On the surface this may not appear to be a fine start to the month, but obviously there’s a much bigger ‘universal’ purpose to all this tension (though not apparently obvious to all). Those who choose to see any ego-challenges with holistic wisdom will learn to neatly navigate through this month with some degree of foresight, choosing to avoid unnecessary drama and use the energies constructively to set workable new boundaries around old intrusions.

Ultimately the separation between ‘inner-guided’ individuals and those still operating under the herd mentality will become starkly obvious, and the two ‘levels’ will learn to focus their attention away from one another….


The key emphasis on MARS and PLUTO this month means that the dominant resonant frequencies are largely of the anguished, demanding kind. Lots of ego-driven activity can (and will, eventually) land us in all degrees of intense arguments and hot water with those who either do nothing “until it’s too late” or those who blindly oppose, engaging on the most self-ingratiating and unconscious attitudes of “live and let die” will suffer the greatest consequences.

Yes action is necessary, but it must be guided with presence of mind and driven by the forces of kindness and compassion for all involved.

To put it into  more general terms, the continuing duelling forces of Saturn’s conservative world (♄) versus Chiron’s true maverick spirit, both squaring again, now in Cardinal signs, shift from mild disdain into utter disgust of each others’ ‘unacceptable style’.

For the next two months we will see those involved in the periphery of our society subjected to severe derision and character denigration from those who claim to stand tallest. Much shaming and blaming is attempted and rejected, neither side willing to accept that this is a crisis forcing us to get a clearer picture of just how much we limit ourselves to conventional science, business, education and economics at the expense of integrating a truly holistic approach to healing and spiritual growth.

This continued tension serves one purpose, in that it may potentially stir a deeper understanding of why we tend to block any non-rational approaches to healing. This is probably because many existential philosophies of the west still refuse to acknowledge those of the east dismissing them as superstitious or primitive, but mostly this is out of fear that they must learn to listen and accept that certain things are changing.

SATURN’s earth trine to URANUS generates unusual opportunities to ground ourselves into matter, raising enough awareness for many to rise out of our infatuation with ‘economic structures’ and efforts to ‘preserve things as the are’. Something is missing in order for that picture to be a sustainable vision, and as we learn to take greater risks with letting the past fall away, we also take a more progressive attitude, becoming zoned into the here/now principles of time and space, making the most of our experience in present tense and hopefully shuttling our minds into the magical possibilities of the quantum field.

This is indeed a difficult shift to make, since many of us (of a pre-millennial generation, or born pre late-80’s) have been hard-wired to stay busy, servile to a co-dependent system, continue to scale for secular heights within a corporate or domestic structure, “succeed” in the indexes of material wealth, and rely on various forms of insurances to feel safe. Naturally, this kind of success is no longer sustainable and means little or nothing to “the millennials” (and those who came after them) whose own values are certainly more transient and less materialistic.

This is primarily the crux of why the URANUS/NEPTUNE semisquare period (2017-2021) becomes so disillusioning to our current structure, especially when much of what we imagined to be real is suddenly exposed, or revealed to be surreal or absurdly worthless. It must be said that thanks to the constant avalanche of absurdity to which we are being subjected on a daily basis, we may subtly deduce there is much more to life than enslaving ourselves to the great white hoax.

Whilst many of us are wising up to the phoney dangers and threats being preached to us by an expiring system of governance of the crumbling establishment, it is questionable whether anyone dares to come out of their ‘safe space’ and do anything about it. This is typical human behaviour – everyone is increasingly annoyed but waiting for someone else to do something about it.

Of course, out of this mass-indolence, fear or ignorance comes the critical emergence of a ‘new world order’. It is the resource-rich but spiritually insecure power-mongering narcissists, who realise that they are fast-losing their grip on the system. They become concerned about those who are potentially seeing through the transparent veneer of their fake power-structures are now mounting a somewhat Machiavellian assault upon our weaknesses and sensitivities.

Whilst the Sun in Cancer, issues will continue to be around about homeland security, families and nationalism. Towards the end of the month, the Sun’s shift into Leo sees matters shift more towards maintaining central control – a theme which will intensify through August and in the ensuing months, for various additional reasons, least of which being that people have no ‘right’ objecting to government control.

[pic: niall scanlon]

Let us be clear with one thing – ‘WAR’ is not entirely out of the question for those highly-charged particles who are buzzing on negative, ‘survival’-based energies. Enemies are easily created to be blamed and vilified for one’s disposal, especially when personal comfort zones are compromised.

This is easily breached in such highly sensitive times. Those unconscious individuals/groups who seem to be heavily governed by the three lower-level forces for self-preservation – ♂/ ♄ / ♇ (personal/social/spiritual) will easily be activated to fight, protest, blame and disparage. Whenever the lower-vibe ‘survivor-being’s insecurities becomes triggered, he is also mindlessly likely to succumb to engaging into the malefic, destructive forces of the universe. Steering clear of these will take enormous presence, courage and strength, especially when they start to amass and move in groups.

Both Mercury and Venus (as evening stars) currently seem less effective in translating individual thoughts and feelings into congruent and palatable agreements. Their relatively minor operation through weaker signs/aspects produce a series of disjointed randomness and abstract concepts this month. From the moment Venus enters Virgo (Jul 10) and Mercury slows to finally retrograde at 23°♌27′ (Jul 26) we identify that there are slim or zero chances to broker any peaceful negotiations on old agreements – a situation which remains vague and ineffectual throughout all of August.

Without taking a ‘good/bad’ ‘right/wrong’ stance on this, let us simply observe that the world as we know it will have certainly ripped at the seams by this month’s Blood Moon.

As individual observers, we will either actively, consciously assist in this fundamental schism, or sit back and let it happen anyway. Either way, we invite the seemingly ‘chaotic’ forces of outright transformation to come through and send humanity through a state of deep, comprehensive, alchemical realignment.

Peace and many blessing to all, and have an amazing month xx

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