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#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: July 2018

Monday, 30 July,


it’s gotten to epidemic proportions, not just in religion, politics, or law, but lately in humanities, art…. even science. We have seriously become consumed by the moral rightness or wrongness of the problem at hand that we lose sight of the problem altogether. When we bring our moral judgements into any problem, any debate or investigation, even theory or hypothesis, we risk completely losing sight of the problem itself.
We are so hellbent on seeing an outcome fall a certain ‘right’ way, or that the solution is obvious (even when it isn’t) – we seem determined that we already know everything we want to know about our subject that we come in, half-cocked on an assumption, obstinately shutting down all lines of healthy inquiry, we stop asking questions and refusing to learn more.
This applies tenfold to all those deeply damaged spiritual hooroos in the love & light community, whose delusional (mis)connection to ‘spirit’ presumes them license to bypass any tangible grounds for fair and logical argument and leaps them straight into over-reactions, erroneous assumptions, wishful thinking and severely condemnatory judgements.
Which leads us towards a very difficult period in our evolutionary progress. Why bother to ask questions when you can storm right in and just shoot it all down?

Friday, 29 July

THE BLOOD MOON – Total Lunar Eclipse at 04°45′ AQUARIUS, Friday Jul 27 2018, 20:21 UTC



Tuesday, 24 July

□ ♅ □ 

It’s very unlikely with this much fixed energy that anything is likely to bend. LEO/TAURUS/AQUARIUS are all transactional signs – the definitions are very clearly marked and everyone expects exact change from their dealings. If you’re looking for flexibility then you’re barking up the wrong tree during this highly tense dynamic.

Of course, with MARS/URANUS involved the tendency for matters to escalate from a casual annoyance to outright flaming rhetoric is super-rapid, so let’s not be surprised that in order to shut them down the easily peeved LEO SUN will simply out-trump them with that mightily hubristic lion’s roar.

Yeah fuck’em. Nobody outbluffs the king of the jungle, right?

Elevate your  ☍ ♆ to the next level…

Tue Jul 24  2018 19:23 Venus 16°10′ Opposition Neptune 16°10′

All the thick fogs that have been obscuring or distorting any dreamy idealism need now to be dispersed – like the cold arctic breeze blowing away any old unrealistic fantasies about a love that could exist on top of disney’s castle or in some other Makebelievia.

Nice, though… nice to see that a powerfully creative potential lies deep within you – a genius which up till now lay relatively dormant, undisturbed and unexploited, simply awaiting to be awakened into action and to be liciously expressed in its own unique manner.

If only you’d apply your shangrila-la-las into your art rather than let your love addictiveness hoodwink your yearning precious heart…

Monday, 23 July

Sqq Tue Jul 24  2018 02:34 Sun 01°11′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 16°11′
Tue Jul 24  2018 19:23 Venus 16°10′ Opposition Neptune 16°10′

Always interesting when you meet someone who has very vivid memory of themselves in past relationships. Interesting how they proudly narrate their story, vividly recounting all the brave and noble deeds which they accomplished, depicting all the clear and lucid details with a masterful authority. Interesting too how, in their stories, it’s always others who were the ones who somehow failed them, who upset them, let them down, tried to control them, swindled them out of their rightful heritage… etc.

Even more interesting are those who veer off into triumphant (yet totally incoherent) stories about their ‘past lives’, eloquently reciting whole dramatic sequences as if it’s drawn from recent memory.

What isn’t interesting – in fact is a downright drag, is how they somehow fail to see themselves here with you, in the present tense – at least how you are seeing them – basically as a confused, disillusioned, beaten or defeated individual who is somehow searching to hook you in for a little sympathy or validation, or a hand out of their currently self-defeating mess.

Watch those sorry, drowning fuckers now… they’re so damned precious that should you dare to help them by pointing out the obvious, you may very well be added to their long list of persecutors.

see also…. Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

Sunday, 22 July

in Sun Jul 22  2018 21:01 Sun 00°00′

SUN in LEO – Where does your Spirit Light Shine?

Saturday, 21 July

THE WEEK AHEAD: July 23-29

Friday, 20 July

When the inner voice is telling you something just isn’t right for you, then it’s NOT right for you, regardless how ideal things might seem in your dreams, or how they add up on paper. If you see unsettling inconsistencies between what you hear and what you actually see, stop hanging around; cease investing your precious energy into it. When things are totally right for you, you will just know. And when they’re not – it’s time to go.

This next week, much energy passes through the surreal curtain of URANUS /NEPTUNE, blessing you with mystical opportunities to tap into insightful and inventive new ways of seeing. Unable to accept what you will consider serious discrepancies and delusions with your reality, you will find it easy to leave, smash, revolt against anything that creates this… Either that, or you will be the one upsetting others in what appears to be the most openly deceptive ways (and you won’t give a toss). #BloodyFoolMoon

It may be to your advantage to take stock of all the shattered shards of your heart in the wake of an emotional earthquake – Once the red flags start popping up in either a new or a committed relationship, you may need to see how these sudden, flashing moments of hesitation can so powerfully overtake your senses and redetermine your destination.

When you get a gut full of “everything is awesome,” or “just avoid the anger or upset,” or “If you just focus on the positive, you can turn your whole world into sunshine,” coming from the person whose clown mask conceals the tears of pain and hurt, then see that you are trudging through a minefield of red flags, as brooding and discontentment are….BEWARE: Being all’ love & light’ is as dangerous as being all ‘hateful & dark’, simply because denial of (any) emotion is what feeds the dark.

Thursday, 19 July


Instinctively, the Libra MOON is seeking to alleviate and restore all current woes, which lately seem to be accumulating to the point of tipping our scales completely. Yet, under the touchy Cancer SUN, we get a sense that the emotional anxieties and the consequently defensive manner are being extremely magnified and charged towards a disastrous over-reaction.
If our quest for internal peace and balance is hamstrung by an increased emotional vulnerability – an impossible tetchiness made ever so tender by the stern abrasiveness of SATURN and the invasively toxic agency of PLUTO, then it is understandable that many have withdrawn into a paralysis of super-self-consciousness, hyper-vigilance, skittishness and excessive self-examination. Some reach the threshold where they can not even be consoled, and of course the tendency would be to lay blame and harp upon the last little upset or piece of trivial news that upset us.
This delicate state of affairs then becomes the holding pen for the massive breakdown that is to follow in the days leading up to the MARTIAL BLOOD MOON OF THE CENTURY (Jul 27). In essence, we are all intuiting that many of us are close to snapping point, and some are so brittle they are likely to shatter at the slightest provocation. So a caution goes without saying when venturing into any relations, especially of the romantic variety.
More so than usual, we are quite comfortable with our aloneness. We’re getting used to that as a safe-haven for health, dignity and respect. Cherish and honour that. Yet we also long to be needed and whilst it’s necessary to take advantage of opportunities for social contact, there are certainly perils associated with daring to let others into our precious crab-holes (or enter into theirs).
A crisis is coming, there’s no doubt, and I will go into that in my BLOOD MOON article (see coming newsletter). How we cope with it rests mostly on how soul-centred we are (mind/body) and how well we can single out any sources of stress and conflict without bias or vitriol. Being diplomatic and exercising our best social skills, whether we are schmoozing or counselling others is important. However, such is the über-sensitivity in others at the moment that all detectably disingenuous attempts will be met with…. well… you’ll see…

Wednesday, 18 July

☌ ☋ | ☽ □ ♄ □ Ch | ♅ ⊻ Ch

This MID-ECLIPSE PERIOD continues to pitch those curveballs our way – “unexpected” circumstances, which in essence are only here to test just how prone we are to keep reacting in the same, old, predictable ways. Can’t expect to evolve, or “lift our vibration” if we still insist on resonating at the same, low frequency of dimness.
We (all of us) are being called to brighten up – to not allow our habitual needs or ego-attachments get in the way (eclipse) our chances to become enlightened. The obstacles are not there in front of you. The obstacles are deeply ingrained within you, inside you cellular memory.
Here, we are afforded a chance to encounter our own fears – our inflexible, intolerant, even contemptuous disgust for others, attitudes carried in our inherited or tribal judgements, our inner repressiveness and ultra-conservative values. These attitudes are stored in our physical bodies and surface as a rigid inability to shift into a space of open mind and heart with others. They create unsociable, isolating and depressing conditions, which frankly, are neither much fun, nor good for business.
It is possible that we may feel deeply ashamed to discover these qualities within ourselves. Any denial or refusal to deal with these only locks us into a self-imposed fortress. Believing that we are defending our “boundaries” when we are really only building a wall of ignorance is NOT working with the energies constructively. We must make an effort to be more flexible, be gentle with ourselves. There is much healing wisdom trying to come into our hearts if we just stop obscuring the light with our own blinkered attitudes and just open up the shutters.

Tuesday, 17 July

Careful what you say to people.

Words you thought were otherwise innocuous, now easily take on dark and twisted forms and people can take things far too seriously and turn them into far too heavy dramas.

Things are already hyper-tense and over-stretched between us. Alls we need is one, single, untimed word to become the very worm that gradually burrows deep through somebody’s already beat-up ego, slowly corrupting their entire mental state and possibly escalate matters into a full-blown cognitive meltdown.

People are taking everything just way too seriously these days. Especially themselves. And yep, this is exactly what leaves them feeling so stunned and traumatised much of the time. If you fail to tell them the absolute truth, your snide comments, rueful manipulations and shoddy personal projections will not sit well, producing more drama than you can imagine.

You might say life is far too serious to take so goddamned seriously all the time but then, you try telling that to ‘Psychomilly’ over there….

[pic: miles aldridge]

Monday, 16 July

The value of each present moment is becoming more and more inestimable. With each step, you can make it or break it. The power of just ONE sweet moment can either thrust you into immeasurable success and happiness or drag you backwards to failure and misery.

No strings, now – it’s all on you and your choices…

Of course change is possible. You can change everything. You might think it’s impossible, but you’re clearly not comfortable even with the idea of change.

To achieve the impossible you just have to think the unthinkable, love the unlovable… totally become the impossible. 


Sunday, 15 July


Something you may not know about this recent Solar Eclipse: whilst you were busy, trying to reconcile your conscious and unconscious Self, your masculine and feminine, your left and right brain, trying to get these positive and negative forces to align together to form a definite new groove for yourself to cling by…

….someone, some hidden entity was watching you.

Forces from beyond the grave, spirits who have not yet made their peace with their business here on earth, who still lurk and spook us when we are at our most subdued and vulnerable – especially when we are given to the carnal urges of our temptations will quickly swoop down and possess us, take over, try to sabotage our best intentions.

Know this, and know too that their opposing your most personal efforts is extreme now and reconciling them will become the greatest challenge over these next weeks. We need to hold temptation at bay if we are to make a true, and genuine pathway to accessing true occult knowledge and practical power.

☿/☽ 19°55′ ⊼ ♇ 19°55’℞

Slow down a little. Things don’t need to be so stressful

Any undue confrontations and feelings of hypertension are a direct result of you being unable to trust – not others, but your own self.

It’s ok. 
Your entire nervous system is evolving, challenging you to let go of what remains of the old, dread-ridden reptilian brain. That’s the way the prehistoric mind works: like it’s genetically hard-wired into a hypervigilant survival mode, yet if not controlled it subconsciously links even the most shady fragment to another, usually on the flimsiest pretence and in the most paranoic manner, as if it takes a kind of organic delight in launching you into spiral of compulsive or destructive thought patterns, without regards to logic or chronological sequence in the present tense.

You are passing through an intense inner transformation which is improving your intuitive ability to perceive the current reality.

Surrender your outdated, monster brain back to its evil reptilian underlord. It does not serve your beautiful, present-moment sense to be instinctively loving and creative.

Saturday, 14 July

NEW MOONs (including SOLAR ECLIPSES) are a time of new beginnings, when we pledge to make a new start, go a new way, launch into action with a whole NEW INTENTION.

Opposite PLUTO, we can raise our right hand and swear that we will NEVER: get into baddass behaviour again; violate the prerogatives and precious boundaries of others; maintain allegiance to the ‘relationship flag’ at all times; stay nice; be kind; seek counselling about our toxic and compulsive behaviours; promise to do the inner/shadow work.

But hey… it is an eclipse, after all. No matter how humble, no matter how confidently breaming with ‘good intentions’ is the Cancer SUN, the Cancer MOON’s unconscious nature is to revert back to her old, familiar ways. And opposite all this, the primordial devil of all temptation, Pluto, is busting to have some fun.

They say the path to hell is paved with the tombstones of those who set a good intention. I’d gambit to say that many of those had pledged those intentions during a Hades Solar Eclipse.

Friday, 13 July

Did you catch our COSMIC BUS stop, hosted during the Cancer Solar Eclipse, opposite Pluto?

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Thursday, 12 July


You may want to stick to a familiar groove, 
keep it real safe, 
safe and secure, 
the folks back home; they got the cure…
those home-baked homey home-side romeos,
play ‘long their slow-ride, ranch-girl rodeos
horde your hash cookies in the ‘hood,
where brother sista’s got your back,
and mama’s down-home cookin’s gude.

You wanna trust that this world’s kosher 
but dang, you know things cain’t be crazier
much more than just a few assholes out there 
that’s not a rumour, ruse or scare
They’re really there, you’ve met some too. 
but hey, aren’t they just really me and you?

Didn’t you marry someone who 
did some fucked up shit, wasn’t true?
And did you know… your daddy too, 
like his old papa did taboo?
some dirty secrets in their past
don’t act surprised – you should have asked.
this human race, including you 
we’re proud remains of toxic spew…

Anyway, you don’t wanna know.
Just like you would not wanna show,
Just keep your cards tight to your chest hair
and don’t point fingers at the rest there
you see, all that familiar stuff you love, 
– those things that fit you like a glove
prob’ly involved some prick who tried
his ‘best’ to ‘keep you satisfied’.
You don’t think he’s done murder, stole…
employed some children to control?

Hell, bet you’re capable of turning nasty 
there yourself 
should someone threaten 
you, or touch your kids. 
But let’s not go there, could get ugly
Let’s keep this poem nice and snugly.

Practically though, for all intents 
and purposes, you’ve made amends
you’ve worked it out, defined your boundary
learned how to filter all and sundry
and swiftly act to shut those out 
who fail to follow proper routes
and those who act all weird and jerky
you carve ’em up, just like a turkey.

But things are bent, hey… aren’t they now?
Lots of confusion going down, 
everyone’s feeling so damned grouchy
all of their buttons ultra touchy 
be very mindful what you say,
jack-in-a-box ain’t far away
loaded with angst and toxic bile
ready to spring out and revile
so please, do not obscure or judge
two thousand years of nasty sludge.


Wednesday, 11 July


“…..our ever-evolving human ‘being’ is changing up a notch or two. The old model will soon become ECLIPSED by a new, supernatural version of the species.

Let’s learn to relate on practical, respectful terms or become patently superseded by our successors….”

………excerpt from article “SATURN/URANUS – ” read it here



Tuesday, 10 July

Thu Jul 12  2018







[art: michael hutter, ‘sodom’]
The PLUTO forces which now arise in our interpersonal dealings are beginning to take full effect, posing serious moral/ethical dilemmas that try to corrupt the wholesomeness of our flimsy ego-structure.

We are pressed to look into the underlying premises of both our individual and collective psycho-dramas – the bullshit stories that riddle through our atavistic veins (cultural engrams). Examine the dynamics that are subconsciously played out through the wanton, often uncontrollable desires of our relationships.

We cannot become aware of our Pluto issues (control dramas) without doing some serious moral effacement. In order to become more conscious of Pluto’s dark influence upon our ego-complex we must develop the strength and presence of self to recognise our personality’s most selfish and destructive aspects as being dangerously present, real and potentially catastrophic to our health and well-being.

Doing the deep, inner work on what drives our most toxic compulsions is a necessary process if we are to achieve any kind of self-knowledge and psychocellular transmutation.

Any deeply regenerative work is generally met with considerable resistance too. Self-awareness and self-knowledge as an astrological/shamanic/alchemical tool often requires a lot of brave, painstaking effort, extending over a long period of time.

As we see SATURN approaching PLUTO (2018-2021), we see too the entire structure of today’s society urgently undergoing this collective alchemical shift. No it will not be easy, and pressure will force many into unimaginable crises. Hence the lessons that come through over these next few days/weeks/years, highlighted in our world (both personal and greater) through this critical eclipse period (July/Aug), are as deeply confronting as they can be powerfully life-altering.

NOTE: If you can see the darkness of your shadow dancing, be prepared to accept that it is the aspect of you cast by the light others shine upon you. Only your own heart-light (your own, conscious effort) in intense relationships can help to eliminate its negative effects.

Click here to view our special eclipse coverage on cosmic bus

Sunday, 8 July


Hey all… Such exciting times!! We continue our discussion on the coming eclipses (1, 2 &3), going deeper into the critical aspects of the first SOLAR (#1, in Cancer -July 13), digging in to understand how the opposing forces of PLUTO pack an overwhelming degree of emotional tension & psychological pressure just waiting to uncoil like a tightly wound-up viper springing out of shaken-up shoebox.

This is an intensely sensitive time for everyone and we are cautious to keep safe distance from those who seem intent to cause us harm. Yet… at the same time, subconsciously, there is also an overwhelming intrigue to engage, see what’s in the box…

Is it a deal with the dark side for the promise of money, power, sex-appeal, fame or the greatest spiritual metamorphosis ever? Or is it just a fascination with pain, addiction, death?

JOIN ME LIVE@ 11am AEST • 9pm EDT • 6pm PDT • 2am BST

tickets here@https://angstoic.com/2018/07/boarding-the-cosmic-bus/


The time has come, when diligent research by the most daring individuals over long periods is bringing to light things which have previously lay hidden to the common man. Entire lifetimes, even though entirely devoted to studying the skies, were not enough for the investigation of so vast a subject… Knowledge was forbidden to be shared. And so our knowledge has unfolded only gradually through long successive ages, kept always low, obscured and often held as heresy to god’s law by church and state.

Religion has long been cast upon the common people as indisputable truth. It has been a useful ploy by rulers to keep fools at bay, to disempower and weaken those who dared to look deeper into the night skies and see the true gods. Only the wise have as treated religion with a quiet sense of skepticism; gone on to question everything – often against all odds. They have seen how fools suffer more often by their own deluded, brainwashed fantasies than in reality. Silently, they have employed the power of their investigative mind to find means to conquer the unconquerable.

We are living in a time when our own kids are becoming amazed that we do not know things that are so visibly plain to them… Many past discoveries, preserved in secret codes and hidden by decree over the ages are now rapidly seeing the light of day. They are being exposed, discussed, and developed, bringing the phoney myths and lies undone – just as the whole 2000-year crusade (or is it charade?) which tried to hide, distort, pervert and deny the light of day and of the night skies from man’s plain view…

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☿ 13°21′ □ ♃ 13°21’℞ (SD)

JUPITER will turn direct on Tuesday… read more about his retrograde in SCORPIO @


Saturday, 7 July

LAST QUARTER MOON: Interesting observing this last lunation cycle’s war of words escalate into a lacerating cutfest of hearts and heartstrings. Arrogance and self-righteousness runs rife like spiritual egocentricity on steroids.

It’s all laying down the foundations for a dramatic month ahead. With the next lunation cycle in the Eclipse zone, criticism, moaning and complaining, escalate into the realms of condemnation and banishment. Fools rush in to lynch and cast stones while angels exercise some character and self-control…try to be understanding and forgiving.

Friday, 6 July

Ok, back on this GRAND WATER TRINE, now activated by our CANCER SUN. Just for a word to the wise:
Some of you cosmic travellers out there are probably rejoicing right now in just how wonderfully idyllic your life has become, especially since you have taken greater command over your personal domain. On some levels you feel safe, protected and guided by your angels, trusting that ‘luck’ will lead you on the path to eternal good fortune and universal abundance.
Good for you!
Just beware that you are not lying to yourself.
Be brutally honest about what you want, dare to take risks rather than kid yourself about, making excuses to stay idle in your perfect little ‘happy place’ especially over these next few days. Especially if you’ve become accustomed to the comforts and ease of “I can’t”, “I don’t want to” and “it’s too hard now… do it later”, forgetting that when you stop doing things for yourself, expecting others to dance around you, you are actually by-passing divine opportunities to achieve true greatness.
Don’t make yourself weak through this.
Be mindful that you need to keep moving, always.
The first SOLAR ECLIPSE is coming next week and it packs us a pretty hairy curve-ball, hurled in from the darkest regions of outer-space by the strong-arm of PLUTO himself.
Don’t let it catch you off-guard…
#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ SOLAR ECLIPSE @20°41′ – Friday, July 13

Thursday, 5 July


Careful how you speak, what you say. Your ego’s been insulted and you are angry – it’s understandable, but your irate temper, the profanity you use can be cutting, creating only animosity, enmity and bridges burned. Hearts can be delicate, pride can be brittle, these things are often not possible to mend.

One sharp, aggressive word can carelessly pop out shatter the whole deal, arousing the antagonism of a hundred years or more, leaving you out, unwelcome to come in again. If you are trying to mediate, to uphold your good integrity against someone whom seems ‘wronged’ by you, who somehow strikes to denigrate your noble character, then beware of crossing into the bounds of acting irritably, or even rudely. This ‘tit for tat’ is now in its final tittles and tatters.

Diplomacy with the scorned and the uncouth is difficult and ties may sever now, not because you wish it so (at all) but because it just has to be. Some affairs have just run their course. If you have reached an impasse now, it is because one of you is not evolved enough to see the other truthfully. Not in this lifetime. If the silver cord is cut, time to walk away and shut the front door behind you.


MARS-ruled CHIRON, now in ARIES, is about to head backwards. Eventually this wounded misfit will return back to PISCES (Sep), moan and groan about the “pain and trauma” like a whiny little bitch; complain how he was the unfortunate victim of the mentally-insane; or the heartlessly oppressive bully-psychopath; or the swindling lying hustler who took everything; or the impossibly needy bimbo who ran off with his best friend… even though he DID sign up for ALL OF THE ABOVE, dreaming he could fix it…

What a loser!

Well… at least that’s how old-man SATURN judges it all from his high-towered domicile in CAPRICORN. This tough-nut only really cares about profits and accountability and, quite frankly, the way that loose-cannon horses-ass CHIRON has been firing since he entered Aries in April, he’s surprised he hasn’t shot himself down already.

ARIES is a pretty stormy place, and unlike PISCES, where he got himself involved in all sorts of horseshit that wasn’t even his own to take on; that he had no clue on how to deal with; suffered way too long in proxy; and in the end did not know when to bail out, now CHIRON in Aries seems to take offence and feel all wounded by the slightest of insults and most superficial of blows. Everything immediately annoys him – to the point of inflammation and he has already drawn so many battle-lines around him that he’s virtually at war with the entire world. Or at least he’s holed up in some cave, isolated somewhere out in no-man’s land, hating on anyone who tries to come near.

He gets little or ZERO sympathy from SATURN though. These two will carry on a very difficult campaign against one another for the next two months. SATURN himself is in a DESPERATE state: Business is bad – institutions are going belly up, CEO’s being dragged through the courts, administrations are failing, systems are crumbling in disgrace, apologies are ruining public trust… He’s so frustrated at his own milieu that, of course, he’s going to feel like that lame-assed horsefuck is to blame for closing in on his domain. Chiron is in half-minds about it all. His head is spinning, but he won’t be shamed…

It’s the Establishment versus the Maverick now, and both being retrograde, neither one has got a handle on which way they want to tackle this. Either way, it won’t be pretty though. Most likely it will end in tears until somehow the two can find a way to forgive and forget, and summon help from the realms of the supernatural to help them move onto building a new, kinder earth together…

You? How will you fare?? Well, here… read this article, complete with juicy horoscope messages for your sign on how to deal with this challenging and very backward ordeal….

CHIRON in ARIES (2018-2027)

Wednesday, 4 July

GRAND WATER TRINE  ☉ △ ♃ △ ☽/♆

Today is a big chance to open your heart and allow yourself to experience life and the universe as one big energetic symphony – not only in its vast, loving oneness but also to observe the pain, the anguish and the disappointments suffered by those who feel shut out, denied or ignored from this cosmic connectedness.

Know that the secrets of the universe cannot become accessible to you unless you shift your understanding onto terms of energy, frequency and vibration (E-motion).

Are your filters for psychic self-protection and emotional sensitivity to others’ problems blocked or shut off because you find that life is often just too painful for you? Is your innate sympathetic understanding of the world stopping you from being a good listener or confidante to someone?

Yes, we need to develop some level of detachment in order to maintain impersonal objectivity. Otherwise we would just absorb all the negative junk that others have to unload and be of little help at all. However, a compassionate heart is necessary this week, and the current GRAND WATER TRINE generates a strong emotional connection between all earthly beings.

More than ever, we want to feel seen, heard, and valued; we desire to be allowed to give and receive without judgment; to derive warmth, sustenance and strength from one another. We can achieve this just by our sheer ability to become present.

Today, avoid escaping into yourself. Come… be here – open your heart to welcoming an addition of vast emotional energy, feel its strength and beauty to your body, mind and soul.

Tuesday, 3 July

Mercury on North Node opposite Mars on South Node

Your pride will make you, but if not held in check will see you fall. Spectacularly…

Who are you? Do you even know yourself? Those ideas floating around in your head, feeding you with limitless supply of intellectual power are not necessarily your own. And yet you will adopt them as your own, become restless and eager to share them, fiercely defend them, if only just to demonstrate your competence and intellectual superiority over others at any given instance.

Just know, there are two kinds of pride:

AUTHENTIC PRIDE is centred in the heart, and is generated when we feel good about ourselves, confident, and productive – commonly driving more socially-desirable personality traits such as being agreeable, conscientious, and emotionally grounded and kind.

HUBRISTIC PRIDE is sourced far from your centre, usually in contrast to another, swinging towards egotism and arrogance which generate socially undesirable traits such as aggressiveness, being contrary or disagreeable, having low or brittle self-esteem or prone to feeling shame.

If you find your mental superiority is threatening those around you, or visa versa, then check yourself. Are you attaching too much of yourself into those ideas – too eager to take any objections to your ideologies personally, too ready to fight, argue, find fault in anything that disagrees?

Engage your inner demons/angels before you become provoked into an external dragon-slaying episode. Ask whether it is really necessary to “go there”, and why? What do you have to prove by “being right”? What do you get from proving others “wrong”?

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Transit list for July 2018:

Jn in Sun Jul 01  2018 08:47 Juno 00°00′ Enters Taurus
Sun Jul 01  2018 11:56 Venus 20°17′ Quincunx Pluto 20°17′
Sqq Sun Jul 01  2018 17:31 Venus 20°33′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 05°33′
Mon Jul 02  2018 23:49 Mercury 05°27′ Quincunx Saturn 05°27′
Tue Jul 03  2018 09:30 Mercury 06°00′ Conjunction Node 06°00′
Ch S Thu Jul 05  2018 01:50 Chiron 02°25′
Thu Jul 05  2018 11:05 Sun 13°23′ Trine Jupiter 13°23′
Thu Jul 05  2018 11:49 Mercury 08°45′ Opposition Mars 08°45′
Jn Fri Jul 06  2018 03:34 Uranus 02°08′ Conjunction Juno 02°08′
Fri Jul 06  2018 07:52 Moon 14°13′ Square Sun 14°13′
Sun Jul 08  2018 14:42 Sun 16°23′ Trine Neptune 16°23′
Mon Jul 09  2018 09:14 Mercury 13°21′ Square Jupiter 13°21′
in Tue Jul 10  2018 02:32 Venus 00°00′
SD Tue Jul 10  2018 16:01 Jupiter 13°21′
Pa in Wed Jul 11  2018 21:45 Pallas 00°00′
  Thu Jul 12  2018 03:26 Venus 02°17′ Trine Uranus 02°17′
Ch Thu Jul 12  2018 06:08 Venus 02°24′ Quincunx Chiron 02°24′
Thu Jul 12  2018 07:52 Mercury 16°21′ Quincunx Neptune 16°21′
Thu Jul 12  2018 10:00 Sun 20°01′ Opposition Pluto 20°01′
Fri Jul 13  2018 02:48 Moon 20°41′ Conjunction Sun 20°41′
Sqq Ch Fri Jul 13  2018 11:12 Mercury 17°24′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 02°24′
Sat Jul 14  2018 06:45 Venus 04°39′ Trine Saturn 04°39′
Sqq Sat Jul 14  2018 13:34 Venus 04°58′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 19°58′
Sqq Mon Jul 16  2018 02:22 Mercury 19°32′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 04°32′
Mon Jul 16  2018 07:56 Venus 06°55′ Quincunx Mars 06°55′
Mon Jul 16  2018 15:18 Mercury 19°55′ Quincunx Pluto 19°55′
Ce Mon Jul 16  2018 21:41 Venus 07°33′ Conjunction Ceres 07°33′
Thu Jul 19  2018 19:53 Moon 27°06′ Square Sun 27°06′
Fri Jul 20  2018 18:16 Mars 05°52′ Opposition Node 05°52′
Pa Sat Jul 21  2018 18:10 Mars 05°36′ Opposition Pallas 05°36′
Pa Sun Jul 22  2018 04:31 Node 05°51′ Conjunction Pallas 05°51′
Sun Jul 22  2018 09:21 Venus 13°33′ Sextile Jupiter 13°33′
in Sun Jul 22  2018 21:01 Sun 00°00′
Sqq Tue Jul 24  2018 02:34 Sun 01°11′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 16°11′
Tue Jul 24  2018 19:23 Venus 16°10′ Opposition Neptune 16°10′
Ch Wed Jul 25  2018 05:32 Sun 02°15′ Trine Chiron 02°15′
  Wed Jul 25  2018 11:36 Sun 02°29′ Square Uranus 02°29′
Sqq  Thu Jul 26  2018 01:09 Venus 17°30′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 02°30′
S Thu Jul 26  2018 04:59 Mercury 23°27′
Thu Jul 26  2018 21:41 Sun 03°51′ Quincunx Saturn 03°51′
Fri Jul 27  2018 05:14 Sun 04°09′ Opposition Mars 04°09′
Sqq Fri Jul 27  2018 12:22 Venus 19°04′ Sesquiquadrate Mars 04°04′
Fri Jul 27  2018 20:21 Moon 04°45′ Opposition Sun 04°45′
Sat Jul 28  2018 01:22 Venus 19°39′ Trine Pluto 19°39′
Sun Jul 29  2018 00:28 Sun 05°52′ Conjunction Node 05°52′
  Sun Jul 29  2018 05:06 Venus 20°52′ Semisquare Node 05°52′
  Tue Jul 31  2018 00:30 Venus 22°47′ Semisquare Sun 07°47′

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