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VENUS/PLUTO – Extreme Love

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Once in a while there comes a love so delicious, so extremely compelling, yet so forbidden or taboo that it becomes a point of intense and overriding interest. Almost at once, it pervades the very essence of….our being with such enormous force of attraction that our prior interests become distracted because they pale in comparison, or because they are taken away from us altogether. One may say the we become obsessed or so possessed by the new object of our desires that nothing else matters. Often, our desire becomes so strong that we are willing to relinquish everything, go to any measure, pay any cost, renounce any former ties, steal and borrow, break every law in order to pursue and acquire it…

…and have it we will, even if it kills us.

On her own, Venus is the subtle, feminine force which governs over our natural sense of attraction. It is our magnetic ‘choice’ principle. We apply this energetic force whenever there is something in our midst that we feel would somehow embellish, enrich, pacify or appease, beautify or compliment our being. This could be many things, delicious food, nice clothes, a comfortable house, pleasant friends, handsome lovers, etc.

Pluto is a massive force, acting most thoroughly to ensure that things break down and regenerate. His formidable pressure comes from a build-up of repressed, unexpressed designs, waiting to unleash.

So ‘sinister’ is Pluto’s intent (by ‘normal’ society’s terms) that it is banished away from ever seeing the light of day. His corruptive, violating influence must be kept under control, hidden or destroyed for fear it may destroy the innocence within us. Hence, Pluto’s repressed, unexpressed desires become the very impetus that drives him to devour whatever interest takes his fancy.

Whilst it may eat away at the defences of our innocence or naivety, it helps us to identify and better understand our own blind spots, our shadow areas and the recesses of our grim darkness, often taunted with traumas over death and abandonment.

When you mix the natural desire of Venus with Pluto’s overwhelming force, you produce an attraction so intense, so irresistible that has the power to disintegrate everything that stands before it. No matter how well-structured, secure or reasonably satisfying things may have been, once Pluto’s seed of temptation has been implanted into the heart’s desire, it quickly infect all its affection with a burning urge to have-at-all costs. Here, we are prone to go to any length, do whatever it takes to claim its prize; its booty – it is a mania that pays no regard to laws, reason, obstruction or consequence.

The urge to give in so totally to the power of love plunges us deep beneath the norms, and rapidly consumes all viable alternatives. Pluto is not only spiritually possessive, he is jealous, controlling and is prone to get violent should anything interfere with him getting his way. And yet, this shows a sense of devotion and commitment that Venus finds comforting.

It is this pull towards the charismatic – this spellbinding allure that we cannot logically understand, yet whose overwhelming force of attraction can whinces us away from any everyday fare we’ve come to know, and seduces us into a hypnotic state where we feel exclusively possessed, deliciously owned, permeated by an energy that is at once exhilaratingly deep, exclusively binding, yet undeniably tailor made just for us.

Or at least whilst the spell holds out.

Pluto’s influence in any planetary combination insists there be no compromise. His intent is applied in most unmitigating ways and mandates Venus cater unconditionally to his voracious, insatiable appetites. He demands that she be available to him at all times.

Whilst this may seem a little unyielding, inflexible, disrespectful, violating all personal rights/boundaries, wilfully destructive, even abusive to onlookers, they dare not challenge him, or the status relationship. His aim is to possess and reform something to suit his design, and he can only do this with ultimate control. So everyone stands back, mostly due to threat of reprisal. Pluto wields a lot of power, and he doesn’t appreciate interferences or interventions into his affairs.

Of course, things cannot remain under pressure for ever.

Sooner or later, any Venus/Pluto affair will buckle or burst when extreme levels of intensity are applied for too long. Such is the pressure to become satisfied that it goes beyond the threshold of what is humanly possible. When it has broken down, again and again to the point where it can break down no further, when all power has become completely exhausted something completely different will emerge.

Something new, emboldened and empowered with which few could mess with.

Ultimately, through graduation out of such intense affairs, our consciousness is elevated to a much higher degree. We evolve out of a primitive place of innocence, a naive fascination with the allure of the taboo and the forbidden and we see the light and we discover our humanness again.

With Venus, Pluto seeks to delve deeply into what drives our personal desire nature, and through the relationship make us to see that if these are pursued purely for the sake of amplifying our power to god-like levels they risk taking us away from ever being satisfying in love. As we learn to temper and control our extreme desires for greater power in love, we learn not to succumb to forces that only violate or abuse our self-appreciation and personal freedom.

Pluto’s effect is irreversible this way. Through the process of sequestering Venus away, stripping apart all her naively-placed ambitions about eternal security and world domination, Venus eventually comes to abandon any prior superficial tastes and predilections behind. By the end of the breakdown process, she becomes transformed into someone who is much more comfortable with her humanness.

And yet the process is completely divine.

Not until we are thoroughly destroyed and are reduced to the state of feeling wholly disempowered within the Venus/Pluto relationship, do we come to truly sense the totally ego-destructive effect of having all our choices removed from our lives. For only in the state of complete disempowerment do we also come to learn… really know the true worth of our humanness.

After the whole descent into the darkness is complete, we finally see the light – that we have (and always did have) everything it takes to become satisfied in love. That the power we wanted through another was a power that was always present deep inside our own heart, just hidden in our shadiest place, made to feel unhealthy or taboo.

If it takes Pluto’s x-ray vision to spot it, touch it, turn it on for us, when we finally call back our full power we also discover our enormous capability to turn our own lights on.

After all the drama dies, what survives is an awareness born of love – the only force that can bring healing and renewal.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

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