VENUS IN VIRGO (July 10-Aug 06)

 Venus in Virgo

Earrings by William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1891

If the Virgo effect upon any transiting body will ripen its fruit, ready for the picking, then Venus fruit has certainly got to be the sweetest when it ripens. But in its sheer pristine, unadulterated perfection, one must think twice about biting into such fruit.

The earthy, graceful and pristinely virginal quality of Virgo brings a high sense of earthy morality to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Virgo’s mental discernment and discriminating manner inclines the Venus ‘attraction’ energy towards the use of proper manners and political correctness. Therefore the yearnings and desires of the heart are often stifled by practical considerations, and polite excuses are often employed to exempt one from becoming physically involved in any free expression of amorous or lascivious affections.

Venus in the horoscope represents love and affection, the physical attraction that we feel between ourselves and another. It is the overwhelming feeling or emotion of being drawn towards something that ultimately compliments and enhances what we are as individuals. It is the force that compels us toward beauty, art, and harmony and so generally associated with good times and a positive attitude or outlook to life in general.

When expressed to excesses it could turn wholesome love into sexual lasciviousness or aberration. Venus can develop into a sentimental attachment to people or substances that are sometimes not good for us. In its extremity, Venus’ dark side descends us into the indulgences of the covetousness, lust, envy and sloth.
In society Venus represents the young maiden, beautiful and fair, generally the stage of life around adolescence and leading into courtship and love affairs. Professions around beauty, art and entertainment are also influenced by this planet.

 How will Venus in Virgo affect you?


Ok Ram. Love is nice and you pursue it more ardently than most. But it is really time to put your own personal joys and satisfaction by the side for a little bit and actually get this job done.

What job??

Well, isn’t it funny how suddenly there seems to be a whole bunch of practical matters getting in the way of a good time? So being guided by your intrinsic moral sense here, do the right thing and defer the loving (for a little while)  for the sake of attaining some long needed purity for your soul.


You are certainly in a more playful and amorous mood than usual now and are itching to take chances with your luck; put it out there. And why not? He who dares wins, right?

Enough of being cooped up around the mouldy old place. You’re not going to gain a thing by not giving it a go, and so you develop a hunger to pursue the sweetest things in life. Dress up in some dazzling tight threads and wiggle it around a little, you’ll be surprised what comes your way. Just one thing – when they’re saying fools rush in, they’re talking you. Take is easy with making a downpayment on any fancy wedding rings, at least until the first date is over.


The love now comes from deep within your sentimental heart and become proudly rooted into some firm familiar territory. You could find yourself being drawn into depending or leaning  upon someone as your love is most motivated by reasons of security and safety. Not sure whether that will go down without its critics and perhaps be judged as opportunistic or downright unscrupulous – let your pride be the measure of how you want to take  any of that sort of criticism.

Your family and your home is so much more important and you might choose to decorate the place a little or perhaps pull out the old vinyls and get a bit of ambiance going on whilst you go about your dusting and vacuuming routine. Try not to overdo the party foods and sweets and delicacies from the oven, your stomach can only take so much of that type of excess.



Oh my god aren’t you the swellegant and suave surprise of the soirée this month? How about your ability to charmingly mingle and schmooze even the toughest commancheros with that silver tongue and razzling million-dollar smile?

Endowed with an enhanced desire to quickly join and to proudly commandeer the discussion,  on any subject ranging from the drudgingly  mundane to the sophisticatedly erudite, with understanding and sympathy. Just watch for cynics and know-alls who might try to spoil your fun, and if you’re out of your league and you know it, scram fast.



Suddenly you get all serious about love. Feelings have to be deep-seated, they have to really ring true and you need to be able to put your hands on them before you will invest another moment with people or things that come your way – it’s as if you become a fine critic for what is a sound, value adding investment. You’re like a broker, with an uncanny sense of smell for the good stuff.

The things you intrinsically value though are the qualities of constancy and reliability – so anyone who can earn a steady buck get your attention. Let them also be endowed with amiable good looks and if they come with a big diamond ring tell them calmly you might think about it.



Because the great goddess of love is in your sign, right now, bountiful ventures of love, passion and positive excitement for the world are possible. Just make a wish, and it shall happen, dare to dream and it will manifest – the courage you have now to reach out is reciprocated with the love from all creation to present you with due spoils.

However, just remember, with Neptune in Pisces, all that glitters is not gold. The more you fancy someone, the more abstract the love becomes. Best to put it into a picture than try to hold this love.

For the most part it is time to prettify yourself and crank up the love charms, watch it take you away to a faraway palce.


It seems like love has entered the realm of the sublime and the ethereal, hitting you with sensations you could hardly imagine ever existed. In many ways it has entered the unattainable as you are suddenly and inexplicably drawn away into romances and fancies like they have some weird supernatural power over you.

It’s not only that you become seduced by the alluring song of the sirens, you dream of being emancipated from your daily woes by something more resembling prayer than physical love-making.

Lose yourself in love, before you wake up.



It’s time to now turn your attention to the greater social aspects of relationships. Friends and community could suddenly become more your flavour of the month.

Here is your opportunity to take an exploration into the more progressive aspects of love relationships, try something unusual and quirky. As they say, life’s pretty straight without a twist.

So twist and shout. Shout it out loud. Loud and proud.

– ” I’m free to express my love however I like, and i don’t care”.



You will use this transit of Venus in Virgo to get some business done. None of that fun and frivolity like all the other poncy dilettantes for you. Nope.

 If anything, you will use the power of love for ‘good’, get it down there and working on the street to win you votes, schmoozing and lobbying and shaking that little money maker to aid your full-scale campaign to ultimately rule this world.

What do you know? It might even get you a little world peace, until your mobilise your super weaponry sight up to the front line for the epic strike.



This placement of Venus allows you to shoot for the heavens. The power of attraction is enough to shoot down stars, or at least the fanciful notion that you can take you pick from any one of those gleaming little clusters and make your dreams come true.

That’s what the power of Venus can do for you right now. Actually give you the power to make a wish.

One warning though – don’t scatter away your choices because you think you got it all. Be greedy, or sloppy, or even frivolous with time, and you could miss out entirely. Enjoy.




It’s sexy time.

Ok, don’t act all weird and somewhat disconcerted. It’s ok to say the word ‘sexy’ you know!  The kids are in bed aren’t they??

This Venus in Virgo thing vamps it up though. Intense, steamy and deliciously irresistible it can drive you mad with desire, and though we know not you’re in the most sociable of moods lately, something rises out of the cool, dark, misty swamps and lures you in. And wrestle as you may (mostly with your conscience), you cannot resist this temptress.

No use issuing any warning.



The magic lantern to illuminate your way in all areas of the human heart may certainly win you some love, and considering you are one of the most humanitarian of folks you are inclined to not just enhance you personal relationships, but may use this position of Venus to become champion peace on a broader level.

Beware not to scatter your affections to sparsely. This is a time to focus your affection on someone special.

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