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THE WEEK AHEAD: June 18-24

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It is all about reaching into the heart of relationship this week…

Life is really all about relationships anyway. Relationship to self, to others, to the things we own, the things we desire to possess, relationships to past, future, tribe, country, nature… god (?) – we exist only in relationship to everything…

Here are the main planetary transits this week… (all times in UTC)

  S Mon Jun 18  2018 20:32 Neptune 16°30′ SR’grade
Tue Jun 19  2018 10:55 Venus 06°27′ Quincunx Saturn 06°27′
Tue Jun 19  2018 11:38 Venus 06°29′ Conjunction Node 06°29′
Tue Jun 19  2018 19:43 Mercury 14°00′ Trine Jupiter 14°00′
Vs Tue Jun 19  2018 20:14 Sun 28°30′ Opposition Vesta 28°30′
Sqq Wed Jun 20  2018 08:05 Sun 28°58′ Sesquiquad Jupiter 13°58′
Wed Jun 20  2018 10:51 Moon 29°04′ Square Sun 29°04′
Thu Jun 21  2018 03:59 Mercury 16°29′ Trine Neptune 16°29′
in Thu Jun 21  2018 10:08 Sun 00°00′
Thu Jun 21  2018 16:55 Venus 09°03′ Opposition Mars 09°03′
Pa Fri Jun 22  2018 09:32 Mercury 18°43′ Conjunction Pallas 18°43′
  Sat Jun 23  2018 05:58 Sun 01°45′ Sextile Uranus 01°45′
Sat Jun 23  2018 09:24 Mercury 20°28′ Opposition Pluto 20°28′
Ch Sat Jun 23  2018 21:39 Sun 02°22′ Square Chiron 02°22′
Sat Jun 23  2018 23:27 Saturn 06°07′ Quincunx Node 06°07′

This week the relationship dial is clearly pointing to our most intense interpersonal affairs as we see the Venus/Mars opposition align itself tightly along the Lunar Nodal (☊/☋) axis.

Matters, especially between the “female ego” and the “male ego” don’t get more critical in this astrologer’s book, and whilst there are some great opportunities to see things crystal clearly, these often won’t come without some discord and strife, especially around mid-week with the Quarter Moon. Relations of all kinds are very raw and tender at the moment, but particularly among the conventional, heterosexual persuasion. Things have been entirely stressed since Venus met Mars at 19°13′ VIRGO in October 5 last year, when actress Ashley Judd accused media mogul Harvey Weinstein in a breaking story by The New York Times, effectively launching the #MeToo movement.

Much has transpired between the sexes in the wake of #MeToo, bringing the idea of sexual harassment and assault into the public consciousness, precipitating an entire shift in awareness around creating a more positive workplace culture for women. For men, there have been opportunities to grow more actively in ways that promote healthy, respectful ways of “being a man”, and most notably in the business world there has been an increase in corporations seeking to understand why sexual harassment in the workplace is so pervasive. Whilst this Venus/Mars cycle has had quite a strong evolutionary effect, it commenced at a time when several other crucial factors were critically playing out in the heavens (♅ ∠ ♆ | ♃ ☍ ♅ | ♄ △ ☊, as well as aspects to the actual conjunction) which i will not go into here. (see chart).

Many standard relationships have been rocked since that time, and any dynamic that seemed to skate uncomfortably close to the thin ice close of the abuse, rape and harassment culture was either brought to a head, or is coming up to measure now. In practice, it’s only the brave and most enlightened who have able to make inter-gender dynamics work optimally due to awareness of respectful values and healthy boundaries.

Of its own merit, the current ♀ ☍ ♂ pitches the hypersensitive sexes against one another in perhaps one of the most intensely passionate (love/hate) contrasts in a long time. Conjoined along the bilateral Nodal axis, this opposition suggests that much of the primal, archetypal dramas activated to play out between feminine & masculine in October ’17 now grant us all a golden opportunity to propel our spiritual evolution forward a good notch or two. As with all oppositions, much depends on the forces of awareness, mediation and mindful balanced activity. Provided we can temper those gargantuan, self-absorbed egos enough to see what is really going on between us, there are enormous chances for us to make tremendous leaps in understanding one another’s needs and insecurities.

[pic: niall scanlon]
Venus’s conjunction to the Leo North Node calls her courageous heart to stand forth and seek peace and harmony, but only in a self-dignified, self-empowered terms. She desires nothing more than to rule over her own interests, to proudly express herself in the truest integrity and hold her head up high at all times for everything she represents. She refuses to put herself in any situation, love affair, project, partnership where she is not valued as a special, creative contributor – one who not only adds considerable value but is highly appreciated for her unique talents.

Of course, the quincunx to judgemental Saturn leaves her most cautious, wary or mindfully apprehensive about getting involved with anyone at all who tries to drag her down. That gnarly past keeps dragging up all sorts of fears, worries traumatic memories – particularly about taking on certain roles which are going to leave her exposed, unrewarded and discredited. She finds it hard to trust Mars, who appears to be still resonating defiantly in discordant frequencies of an outdated culture, exhibiting some oddly distant and seriously aloof behaviour towards her.

If Mars in Aquarius comes to the table, he do so swearing to reform himself, or at least “change the world”. Stationing himself on the South Node (June 26), he has his work cut out for the next few months. For one, he has absolutely no chance of changing anything unless he can see how his own toxic behaviour, cultured by a fading tribal/pack mentality, no longer serves his own personal growth, let alone that of his humanity.

[pic: niall scanlon]
Here, in our most intimate relations, we are all about to see the karmic pros and cons between asserting ourselves with others in a competent, cooperative way, and what happens when we bully and step over each other to snatch what we feel is our god-given entitlement over others. Lots to learn here, and both sexes are complicit is fomenting the toxic strands the produce inequity in every area, not just the employment marketplace but socially domestically and romantically.

Of course, any kind of crass, angry, brutish behaviour is up for serious review this week. Whilst on one hand, it cannot be sustained in any loving, kind relationship, there is a certain animal magnetism exuded by Mars when expressing our inner warrior which, although dangerous, can also appealing for its candour, honesty and directness. In a strange, masochistic sense, the masculine is cruising for a bruising by forcibly thrusting himself into the line of punishment. Therefore, we meet the conflicts we have to have, fight them out head-to-head, tooth and nail to the death so that the maximum awareness of our interpersonal issues can finally allow the final decision-making process to be made.

Do we have the courage it takes to do this evolution thing together, or are we simply going backwards?

Mercury’s aspects are interesting this week, prompting that we will do everything within our power to create a healthy, emotionally fluid discourse among our kind. A grand water trine offers a very imaginative, compassionate flow of thoughts and discussion. Those who are capable of attuning their mind to envisioning some exciting new potentials will start to naturally shift into an elevated, more sympathetic and understanding way of communicating. On the negative side, this grand trine may see us engaging in ideas which are unrealistic or excessively idealistic, and the opposition to Pluto may leave us wide open to manipulation and full scale head-fuckery, especially by the workplace narcissist and the ruthless, faceless corporation (watch out for volcanic eruptions and explosive exposés there).

The Sun spends his last days in breezy Gemini, the quarter Moon at the critical 29° Virgo is here to test whether last week’s New Moon intentions are truly on the level – not just a bunch of eloquent ideas that have blown away in the breeze but truly practicable and grounded by real execution. Moving into Cancer, Sol enters the most personally confronting part of the year. With oppositions to malefics Saturn and Pluto, and the series of Eclipses, we are set for some phenomenal times ahead… (all for the greater good, of course).

On this week’s Cosmic Bus, we expand further on our understanding of the lunation cycle, as well as taking a deeper look at this evolutionary shift happening in our relationships. Also, we explore Sol’s entry into Cancer, how it may play out for us in the weeks ahead. Of course, if you are not a member, you are welcome to participate by joining our Cosmic Tribe [click here]

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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