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The Week Ahead: Jun 25-Jul 01

This is a testy week, which may leave the uninitiated feeling a little skittish as the Sun finds himself in opposition to a dignified Saturn in Capricorn upon the Full Moon. Here, at such a seriously self-doubting time, even the most authoritative among us may start to question our relative importance to others. Seems that just the slightest contest upon our good character could conjure up all kinds of hidden uncertainties and insecurities, making us question whether we really have what it takes to hold it together. A lot depends on how we take criticism, but in a world so sensitive, yet held together on such flimsy pretences, let us not be surprised to see some folks over-reacting and losing their composure at the slightest little protuberance or mini-challenge.

You? you’re going to stay cool, right?

Here’s the main transits for this week….

Pa Mon Jun 25  2018 08:04 Pluto 20°26′ Opposition Pallas 20°26′
Mon Jun 25  2018 17:20 Venus 13°41′ Square Jupiter 13°41′
S Tue Jun 26  2018 20:47 Mars 09°13′ Station to etr
Wed Jun 27  2018 13:29 Sun 05°51′ Opposition Saturn 05°51′
Thu Jun 28  2018 03:41 Venus 16°28′ Quincunx Neptune 16°28′
Thu Jun 28  2018 04:54 Moon 06°28′ Opposition Sun 06°28′
Ce in Thu Jun 28  2018 09:02 Ceres 00°00′
Sqq Ch Thu Jun 28  2018 23:19 Venus 17°24′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 02°24′
in Fri Jun 29  2018 05:17 Mercury 00°00′ Enters Leo
Sqq Sat Jun 30  2018 04:35 Mercury 01°28′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 16°28′
  Sat Jun 30  2018 13:02 Mercury 01°59′ Square Uranus 01°59′
Ch Sat Jun 30  2018 20:10 Mercury 02°25′ Trine Chiron 02°25′
Sat Jun 30  2018 23:29 Sun 09°07′ Quincunx Mars 09°07′
Jn in Sun Jul 01  2018 08:47 Juno 00°00′ Enters Taurus
Sun Jul 01  2018 11:56 Venus 20°17′ Quincunx Pluto 20°17′
Sqq Sun Jul 01  2018 17:31 Venus 20°33′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 05°33′

With the triple-eclipse season just approaching (Jul 13 [S], Jul 27 [L], Aug 11 [S]), a time of considerable crisis lies ahead for all of us, so we best prepare to demonstrate our sense of individual will as authentically as possible, show how we have the strength to stand in our own sovereignty, or otherwise prepare to capitulate our personal power to the pressing tide of environmental influences now starting to polarise their forces en mass along the extreme peripheries.

If there’s ever been a time to make amends for matters unresolved and balance accounts unsettled, now may be the time. The Saturn/Capricorn Full Moon presents some cold, hard, sobering realities upon our all-too-comfortable (yet long-neglected) situation, and we know that unless we are ready to face the muzak of the ‘real world’, get our act straight, maintaining a balance on things could get a little tricky in the weeks and months ahead.

[pic: niall scanlon]
Mars stations to turn retrograde (Tue), directing his militant forces inwards, and while we begin to subjectively reflect back on times or events where we may feel we have failed to protect or defend ourselves appropriately, others do the same. During the retrograde period, any past instance where we may have felt sublimated, twisted, distorted, denied or felt to have betrayed our self-interests can launch us into an intense inner journey of resentment and wishing to ‘make things right again’, as our personal warrior seeks to recover his broken connection with the Higher Self. It is as if we’re seeking a pardon, or a blessing from above for actions committed that may not have turned out so favourably.However, the quincunx of Mars to the Sun serves as a stymie. You may sense that any current strains upon your health, vitality and general competence must be dealt with directly in order to vent or release pent up anger and frustration. Feelings of isolation, loneliness and lack of purpose have been allowed to develop because, over recent times, you have allowed yourself to be trodden upon. If you feel you have let things go too far, fallen prey or victim to someone who has played dirty tricks on you, allowed others to exploit you, or try to cash in on your ideas, then naturally you may feel the frustration deep within, and the usual way to vent it might be to be angry at your world.

On a higher note, the wiser, more mindful, less self-absorbed individual will be able to process this inward-turning journey of Rx Mars more constructively, take a less subjective or personal course of action and see how all these base, survival-style (dog-eat-dog) energies are not helpful but are only perpetuating the state of anxiety all around.

Conducting a clear, meditative, root-cause review of any past instances where you may have acted with the sole intention to satisfy your own ego desires, you may come to own how these may have served to aggravate situations for you and the world revolving around you.

By choosing to integrate any past regrets into purposeful attempts to close off, resolve and dispel any ongoing disputes or hostilities, we set the ball rolling for true repair work. This can be achieved by working directly towards reaching closure with those whom have ‘wronged’ us (forgiveness goes a long way), by offering our energetic resources towards a project/cause or by rekindling of relationships that are based on co-operation rather than competition.

Beginning with yourself, choose to overcome selfish, lower tendencies in your desire complexes – actual addictions and dependencies in your life, such as materialistic greed, sex, public success, alcoholism, drug-taking, unhealthy relationships, over-spending and the like – activities that seize control over you. It is time to break free of these negative patterns of behaviour by acknowledging the crippling effect that they have over you and the harmful impact they’re having on every aspect of your life.

Becoming more outwardly engaged in ways and means that serve the higher self, looking after yourself will help you to make healthier choices to break the patterns of abuse, possession, addiction or co-dependency. Of course, with any toxic situation (job, love affair, marriage, home-lease) there is really little that can be done but to end an unhappy/unhealthy relationship. Remember that you always have choices and the hard truths landing all through this week will help you see this.

More about this and how to get the most out of it on the live, cosmic bus webcast later today (usual time)….

Hope to see you on board and have an amazing week xx

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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