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Sun in Cancer: Horoscopes for June 20 – July 20

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The word SOLSTICE comes from the Latin 'Sol' (Sun) and 'Sistere' (to stand still), because the Sun appears (to us here on Earth) to stand still in declination before reversing direction - marks the true change of seasons. At this time the Sun enters a CARDINAL sign, an INITIATION into a new mode of conscious expression.
Depending on your hemisphere (N/S), you will either experience the longest (N) or shortest (S) day of the year - the peak/nadir of the Sun's warmth and glow upon your world.
Astrologically, CANCER is the time we enter the phase of fecundation and fertilisation, where the IDEAS adopted in last month's GEMINI now begin to germinate into FEELINGS. We develop a deeper, more instinctive receptivity of the spirit of matters, an affinity that warms our hearts, nourishes personal relationships, housing their resonance within us on a more emotional rather than just rational level. We want things to feel nice, and so we start to develop a trust.
Of course, SOL will be immediately confronted by SATURN (☉☍ ♄, Jun 27) then PLUTO (☉ ☍ ♇, Jul 12) so our will to create greater security for our home & family; to establish a comfortable habitat; to settle into a cosy little groove; to celebrate our tribal & 'cultural roots' may be a little challenged by the greater forces of the 'status quo' - both visible and more obscure forces. Yes, our world is going through a pretty intensive period of alchemy and transformation, as we may already see. Over the next 2-3 years, nothing we knew can stand "the way it used to" unless we ourselves (as individuals) step up and take a greater responsibility to do our part.
All politics and cultural/ethnic persuasion aside, there can be no exceptions to the process of COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION playing out on this gracious little planet right now. It's definitely exciting times for our current home. Exciting for all species, who must step up and transmute to operating at a higher vibration of 'frequencies', otherwise seriously face extinction.
Not surprisingly, perhaps most critically, this includes our own kind.
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