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NEW MOON at 22°45′ GEMINI: Wednesday, June 13 – 19:44 UTC

The auspices of any New Moon (☽ ☌ ☉) strongly point to the area in our lives being activated for renewal. Whether we are strongly aware of it or not, we are calibrating our body & soul’s intention to address certain themes that are currently emerging as the most important in our lives. Usually these are accompanied by external events in our lives, incidents which serve to gently nudge our attention in the right direction. Our internal guidance system does the work to tune into what what message the universe is trying to convey to us.

When the Moon conjuncts the Sun in any particular sign, the primal, instinctive urges of that sign add considerable support to the Sun’s powerful influences. In Gemini our emotions are enlivened, abuzz by the spirit of versatility, congenial relations and adaptability. A mental currency is created, bouncing back and forth the myriad of thoughtsideas that circulate around us. The preponderance of messages flying about are bound to interest us somehow, and from these we become informed enough to adopt certain ideas of our own.

Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is in the early degrees of Cancer so the processes of communication are largely instinctive. Mercury’s mutual reception to Moon activates the more gut-level faculties of the brain’s mental function, and reactions seem more knee-jerk and trending along the familiar neural pathways. Any sign of insecurity may set off our more protective patterns of conduct. Mercury in Cancer generally likes to keep information closest to its chest, not divulging anything too personal, except to its closest consorts. Any common terms and agreements create a sound basis for good rapport, while anything uncomfortable makes us squeal.

To the Gemini Sun – the authoritative force in any relationship – it is important that our thinking sticks to the clear expression of our mental scripts, identifying our own communicative terms and how best to employ these into our established routines, speech patterns, consistent daily habitat and cultural norms.

The Mercury opposition from Saturn poses practical limitations, cold-hard judgements and tough penalties if whatever is being said, or the ideas to which one might be clinging fail to meet up to social standards and expectations. It is a time when there is immense pressure upon us to take responsibility for the things we say – walk our talk. Negative thinking must be combated during this period, as a square from Chiron could see many disengaging from involvements that inhibit or frustrate their personal growth. Even though this may take a conscious, concerted effort to stay mindful, understanding our fears and blockages more deeply is the only way to facilitate the slow process of letting go of them. The world can seem a bit depressing at times. Chiron helps us to heal our existential fears by drawing upon the powers of angelic beings, those who operate beyond the physical plane.

A sextile to Mercury from Uranus offers lightning flashes of intuition, entering through the separative analytical mind, shuttling through insights and profound solutions which might awaken us to the unitive dimensions of the quantum field. Sometimes there’s just no logic to where our intelligence spawns, it just appears, like a beacon of light from above. We feel so damned strongly about something that we dare not go against our higher senses. Maybe it is something we saw on TV or on the internet, or a quirky new friend that inspires us. In such instances, we experience a shift in our thinking and we veer off in a new direction.

Meanwhile a square from Venus to Uranus reveals a fascination for entertaining relations to those who possess strange (or at least unusual qualities) from our own. These people enter our lives to jolt us into a new, more awakened state of aliveness. However, with Uranus, the fantastic intrigue and excitement soon turns into sudden disdain as soon as individual freedoms become thwarted and we realise there’s a fundamental clash in values. Whilst relations may not be easy or predictable during these times, they do more to shock us (and those in our world) out of our complacency than ever…

Not the most stable of times to be getting trying to get it on with others (romantically/politically), unless we focus on the sole purpose of why we have each other – to be shaken and stirred out of our ignorance and entrenched comfort zones. Of course we may be met with ‘the most unlikely match of the century’. Sometimes we engage in these kinds of bizarre friendships, and aside from making others nervous and putting them on extreme edge, these whirlwind romances may leave us feeling disillusioned and spent if we expect to derive permanent happiness from them.

Hence, whilst Uranus is not directly aspecting this lunation, its erratic, awakening influence is strongly felt upon the inner planets. For many of us though, the great turbulence is felt through Uranus’ rulership of Aquarius, where Mars and the South Node are currently transiting.


The New Moon’s only aspect is a tight sesquisquare (135°) to the MARS/S. NODE conjunction. This aspect ties us all into the general hostility and ill-will of the combination, so we are all somehow interconnected whilst not exactly in the most co-operative spirit.

Here, the more belligerent forces of a fixed-minded Mars are currently fighting for the SOUTH of this fixed NODAL AXIS. According to AQUARIUS (and in which sector of your chart** holds 06°53′), the prevailing ideological trend will see us easily incited to “tilt at windmills” or simply misdirecting our energies into fighting for radically resistant ideas, becoming blindly embroiled in squabbles over group-identity politics (gender, race, nationalistic or cultural, radical right/left-wing affiliations, progressive/liberal/conservative leanings, etc).

A rising resentment develops wherever there is continual nagging and criticism among those with whom we are (supposedly) friends. Constant “telling it as it is” eventually gets boring and folks turn off quickly, even if the banter or ‘feedback’ is true or valid.

After a period of a begrudging endurance of such a dynamic in relationships, it may take only one indiscreet or inappropriate word; one minor miscalculation to get others offside, then…

…hmmm. Things could cut off, cold. Severed.

Ok… we are perhaps already seeing this. It just gets more and more grating among us.

This could become a very dangerous time, and as we said in the monthly report, this unusually sustained, collective energy only steers us farther away from reaching peaceful relations between us. If we are more prone to ‘schitz out’ towards extremities we risk falling into the South Node trap of moving towards a spiritually regressive outcome.

Of course, the forward-moving evolutionary pull, as indicated by the LEO NORTH NODE is beckoning that we focus on holding our personal integrity, exercise our sovereignty, learn to stand proud on the back of only our own strength, it seems that exercising self-awareness, generosity of spirit and creativity in everything we do goes unappreciated – even jeered these days as being overtly self-absorbed and narcissistic. Perhaps there is an element of validity in this, and we must watch any tendency to ego-idolatry, but steering away from the fixed ideas of collectivism and latching on to our ‘mob’ or ‘social persuasion’ – no matter how “undertrodden” could be a march in the wrong direction towards peace.

Since Mars retrogrades later this month (Jun 26), he will hover around the S. Node for many weeks, up to and including the AQUARIUS LUNAR ECLIPSE (July 27). This aspect stays strong well into September.

This lunation comes with a SEVERE WARNING:
We must stay mindful about resorting to rash, feverish actions; squandering our precious energies fighting for or against causes (no matter how noble) which are really only going to get others offside. We cannot hope to eliminate conflict in our world by engaging in the extreme politics and dogma of squabbling, warring tribes.

Remaining humble may be an effort, but necessary. Whilst we may easily be tempted to adopt and fiercely defend a fixed ideology, during this time it will somehow fail to be convincing, leading rather into divisive arguments and fractious dissent between you and those you are hoping to reform or “make see”.

Best to sit with oneself, get to know thyself, be thyself and demonstrate your self-power by expressing yourself creatively, with flair, confidence, certainty and integrity.

Blessings to you, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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