Mercury square Chiron

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Hurts when you can’t get through to someone. It’s like… you know there’s been some miscommunication, things have been taken the wrong way, misunderstood entirely, but there seems no reasonable way to settle this.  And it’s often over something so little, perhaps said at a time when one was maybe feeling a bit sensitive, or vulnerable, or running low on energy or focus, and things have been mistook and now it’s got things rather crook.

So what’s to come of it?

Not much that you can do now, my dear… just come, be still… bring your mind to peace.

It was your mind that caused the problem to begin with anyway, wasn’t it?

Using any conventional means of communication won’t suffice to heal this situation now. If you look truthfully enough you’ll see it was your habitual thinking patterns and traditional paths of communication that are at the root of your breakdown here.

Why not try meditation or some prayer? Focus on dropping your mental activity from veering into hurtful thoughts. Be utterly philosophical and wise, and just emanate nice, positive, healing transmissions in hope to dispel away any negativity and confusion. Perhaps there are other factors that you are not aware of that are also contributing to the problem. Something completely unrelated to you…

Yes… be wise. Allow some space between those anguished thoughts.

Using your higher, conscious mind, you will find just the strength you need to conquer any lower, troubling negativity from any strained communications. And you will see, things will turn out just fine.


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  1. Thank you for this I hang on to it so I don’t act out !

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