MARS in Retrograde – Jun 26-Aug 27

[photography: George Dimitrov]
[photography: George Dimitrov]
Mars is the planet which symbolises personal action, the energy and drive to demonstrate competency, masculine sexuality and a force employed to assert or defend our own unique identity, often at any cost.

The dynamic effect of Mars is often experienced in through our physical relationships and, both in the natal chart and by transit, shows how we struggle to survive against the adversity of nature and its foes, and how we strive to meet our individual needs for carnal, materialistic and physical fulfilment.

In its highest, most conscious-minded operation, the action of Mars can be employed as a defender and preserver of the Higher Self, thus ensuring our best possible chances to complete our spiritual mission here on earth.

Mars does this whole ‘defender-of-the-self’ thing regardless of whether we are aware of our ‘higher purpose’ or not. The little warrior within becomes immediately aroused and inflamed for action whenever we feel threatened on any level.


When Mars turns retrograde, his fiery energies are directed inwards. We start to reflect back on events or incidents where we feel we failed to protect or defend our self appropriately. During the retrograde period, any recalled event – whether recent or historical – could become the trigger to our ego becoming sublimated, twisted, distorted, denied or betrayed. Any sense that we have let ourselves down could instigate an intense inner journey, as our personal warrior seeks to restore his connection to the Higher Self.

During his retrograde, it would appear that Mars’ reflects upon past efforts, sees instances where he has felt unsuccessful in upholding boundaries and starts to ruminate upon matters. Rather than asserting his forces outwardly, he seethes internally with the fires of regret, self-denial and repressed anger.

Motivated by an incentive for personal retribution or ‘setting matters straight’, those affected by this ‘backward’ transit might be tempted to make a valiant but mis-timed attempt to ‘correct’ any discordant actions of the past. Typically, the less consciously we act under the auspices to ‘right the wrongs’, the more we appear to others as either coming on too strong, too late, or be driven by totally unrequited force.

Then, in the midst of rejection, as if sensing the danger of humiliation or defeat, we quickly pull back, retreating deeper into an inward state of anger and disgust with ourselves. In this, we may become infuriatingly trapped in a recurring spiral of self-reproach and discontent.

Familiar with such destructive cycles? Perhaps you were born with a retrograde Mars yourself.

Anyway, during the next few weeks it is this process which needs to be checked, since individuals who become prone to act in this mode are now inclined to express Mars energy in a subjectively anguished, wild, and apparently hostile manner, exhibiting all sorts of destructive behaviour, particularly upon themselves or towards their own kind.

This is most likely to peak around the Aquarius Blood Moon, a most auspicious event when Mars will be tightly aligned to the Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27 (the longest-lasting, angriest lunar eclipse of the 21st century). Being incited by this epochally epic lunation (also in square to URANUS, in bullish Taurus) we can expect inordinately rebellious expressions among the entire throng of dissatisfied partisans of any ideological group of malcontents…

Driven to make amends for any actions perceived as ‘failures’, ‘disappointments’, or for their reticence to take any action at all (when action seemed most necessary), there could erupt a sudden tendency to over-react, to ‘undo a wrong-doing’ or to over-compensate for any under-performed deeds.

So goes the desperate recourse of the individual who becomes dangerously trapped in the destructive cycle of the ill-expressed Mars in retrograde.

  1. [photography: George Dimitrov]
    [photography: George Dimitrov]
    Sensing bitterness for past actions
  2. Feeling driven to make amends
  3. being blocked or rejected by others
  4. Anger becomes internalised
  5. Mental/physical/spiritual/emotional aggravation
  6.  Surfacing later as aggression (expressed as inflammatory symptoms/reactions)
  7. Seething over-reaction and blame
  8. Anger at one’s world

On the higher note, the more mindful, less self-absorbed individual is able to process this inward-turning journey of Rx Mars more constructively, taking a less subjective or personal course of action.

Keeping a meditative, or reflective view of instances where they may have acted with the sole intent to satisfy ego desires, they come to own how these may have served to aggravate situations for them and the world around them.

By choosing to integrate any past regrets into purposeful attempts to close off, resolve and dispel any disputes or hostilities they set the ball rolling for true repair work. This can be achieved by offering their energy resources towards a project, cause or rekindling of relationships that is based on co-operation rather than competition. Beginning with the self, the individual can choose to focus on overcoming any selfish tendencies in their desire complexes that seize control over them, becoming more outwardly engaged in ways and means that serve the higher self.

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

~ Buddha

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