FULL MOON at 06°28′ CAPRICORN: June 28 with Horoscopes

It’s Full Moon time again.
A time of heightened awareness.
The dawning of realisations and of coming to terms…
…coming to terms with the cold, hard, unfeeling realities of life.

Full Moon have a powerful effect. They can augur the recognition of an achieved success or a bitter disappointment; help us to fully see exactly where we must make adjustments; point to where we need to mediate towards forming clearer agreements; press us to decide whether to persevere in a set direction or to change our ways, and, in some cases capitulate – accept that it is time to mark an ending or a separation to whatever is troubling us.

Such are the powerful, self-effacing portents of the Moon’s culmination phase to her cycle with the Sun. The opposition of their zodiac signs serves to accentuate the duality and polar contrast of their inherent natures. It can be confronting moment for many. This month’s Full Moon at 06°28′ Capricorn may affect most of us somehow, but particularly those whose charts show cardinal planets around this degree. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is generally one of emotional ease vs difficulty, domestic vs public affairs, home vs career, nurturance vs discipline, maternal vs paternal, matriarchy vs patriarchy.

By the Cancer Sun’s light, our conscious will is to make ourselves emotionally happy and secure. We want a  safe, comfortable home, harmonious marriage, happy family, well-functioning domestic order, a steady and reliable world to hold us. The Sun is our authority – the decision making figure in our lives. He emanates his energy and light from within, does not seek to do this using anybody else’s help and support. We either personally identify as resonating with this energy or we assign someone (or something) in our lives as he who shall generate these Cancerian qualities for us. The Sun in this equation is challenged by the hard, unfeeling, judgmental Saturn.

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The Capricorn Moon has practical, earthy needs. She carries the burdens of propriety and moral obligation with an air of ambitiousness to meet society’s expectations of her and her family. Her personal needs are overruled by a sense of duty and responsibility to her role as a citizen, an upstanding parent, a holder of structure and discipline, and respectable social status. Deferring any display of emotion, she reacts to most situations with a hardened, ‘grown-up’ sense of sobriety and seriousness. Fear of being judged is a common motivator for this moon. She is conditioned to criticism and discipline and her instincts to judge and reprimand are her way of keeping herself and others in line.

The Moon in Capricorn is not in a hospitable place. Astrologers mark that she is in detriment, and in conjunction to ruler Saturn her seriousness and toughness are imbued with an ominous sense of meanness, and pressure. It is the mother with the tough love, the partner who is punishingly unsympathetic, the house which is devoid of nurturance or comfort, the country that has no social security or any strong sense of community cohesion, focused more or law and policy than the well-being of its people. It represents a people without a unified history or culture, a place without a postcard, a world so barren and cold that it seems uninhabitable, except by the toughest, meanest hombres.

Some of the manifestations which may present in our lives under this Full Moon are:

A repressed or inhibited emotional life

There is little comfort or solace in our inner world. Denial of our ‘feelings’ could means our home/neighbourhood/family seems cold, uncomfortable or uninviting. Appealing to others, especially to those from whom we seek support on an emotional level is futile – they just don’t accept anything that is not upstanding and socially responsible behaviour. We must step up and pay our dues. It’s like trying to avoid a parking ticket by crying to the officer writing the infringement – they are not moved.

A sense of duty and social responsibility

The instinctive reaction will be to “do the right thing” by society, and for the greater good. Personal interests and predilections may need to take a back seat as we step up to meet our social imperatives. We must. There’s no slouching, no staying in bed, no calling in sick, no dodging – duty is calling and we must step up to meet whatever we have signed up for like mature grown-ups. Time waits for no one.

Difficult expression of feelings

Getting emotional, or simply exhibiting an emotional reaction seems only infantile, impractical and just damned ridiculous. To the Capricorn, the public opinion is sacred. It is therefore deemed irresponsible to reveal how we truly feel to others. And who cares how we feel anyway? Of course, this is not necessarily the most compassionate approach, but Saturn and the laws of gravity and karma are very, very strict.

Inwardly ambitious

Climbing the social or corporate ladder of success is often the instinctive, underlying motive to everything. Public or professional success is possible because efforts are focused on worldly areas where feelings don’t have to function. By insulating or denying emotions, we could achieve success in business.

A sober-minded, practical outlook on life

There’s really not much room for mirth and laughter when there’s work to be done. Being responsible is a serious business, and the moon in Capricorn ensures that the austerity is cast upon everyone it deals with, whether it’s in our place of business or with our family or children. Often the home is run like a business and family life has certain functional expectation to it.

– – – – –

So what is the general theme here? Obviously we are becoming painfully aware that we must take a more sombre, self-restrained and conservative approach to how we deal with matters that are pressing us now. Whilst our social relationships may lack a sense of warmth, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and naturalness, crippled by emotional defensiveness, coldness and caution, there is a reason. The growing attitude of distrust and pessimism toward life and people is forcing us into a social crisis, something that will be activated through the coming eclipse season in July/August. It is this limiting and negative worldview that exists now, blocking the release of personal potentials and diminish life enjoyment that motivates us out any complacencies and onto the streets.

With the Moon clearly in the most uncomfortable place to support an mushy, touchie-feelie Sun, there is a clear conflict of interests. The most punishing lessons are that we need to break off our connection with our comforts and security blankets, conduct a ‘reality audit’ in the areas that we seem to have become too sentimental or clingy or emotionally dependent, and grow up fast. In doing so, let us not lose sight of the purpose to all our ‘duties’, which must emanate from a desire to create a greater, more collectively compassionate framework for our desired society to work under.


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