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Saturday, June 30


Get set for a weekend of
for no apparent reason.

A lot of people are probably going to say “too late, already lost it”, but we did talk about this  in last week’s “WEEK AHEAD” article, as we also discussed what MARS in RETRO was about in the mid-week article (fixing to ‘correct’ past ‘wrongs’, or ‘not having done anything sooner’, and simply just messing it up).

Of course, the incensed, and wildly angered reactions are blind, but hey… “wake up, stupid!” – how long have we been playing along… playing along… knowing this was stupid… often fanning the flames of wilful destructiveness? Of course things are getting so tense now that they are about to snap. No surprises…

(…but it’s too late)

If you’re finding yourself flying off into a rage, like “this is the last straw”, or you are on the receiving end of somebody’s finally “letting off steam”, then do be mindful of ‘nasty accidents’ if you want to pursue that further.

Best just to clear out and let it all diffuse. Yes, people have had enough, and they are now seeking to make a long-overdue point, far too late and out of all proportion, which is useless and makes them look like absolute prats. Don’t be a party to that, as uncomfortable as it seems….

Friday, June 29


Gotta thank this blessed Capricorn Moon for engulfing us with this sweeping black cloud of insupportable loneliness… this dreadful fear of some strange impending doom…

Mmm… melancholia.
Eech.. echolalia.

Maybe there’s a perfectly good reason for this unbearable darkness of gloom cast over our little planet, corroborated by anyone who suffers any kind of spiritual or psychological heaviness…

What if all the nonsense going on in between us was all just over a frightful misunderstanding?
What if the very thing that constituted laughter is really, on close inspection only made of tears?
What if all the suffering, the disappointment and depression that is crippling our planet lately isn’t here to denigrate or demean our character but actually trying to mature and to transfigure us all?

Oh… and by the way… ☽/☉ – ♄/♇

Though it may have brought on more than its fair share of face-slapping realisations and terminal separations, it’s not as if the SATURNIAN FULL MOON didn’t also bring folks together or even spark the odd romance.

Just be sure to check the fine print on that long list of terms and conditions… there, at the bottom of the contract signed in your own blood, sweat and fears.

Human being are splitting off into two very different dominions of existence. Only one is full of rigid limitations, which i can safely predict will leave your disposition as sour as a lemon on a tree.

Careful what you sign up for…

Thursday, June 28

This Saturnine Full Moon is not a particularly harmonious one; the emotionally nurturing lunar nature is detrimentally affected, by the craggy and harsh filter of Capricorn and the strict and often punishing effects of Saturn.

Hence, a sombre, self-restrained, conservative mood meets our desires to establish an emotional connection. If social relationships can lack warmth, spontaneity, enthusiasm, and naturalness; if our personal interaction with the world seems inhibited by emotional defensiveness, cool reserve, and caution, then of course, relaxed communication and self-expression with others can be difficult.

It has been building to a climax. There’s a reason…

FULL MOON at 06°28′ CAPRICORN: June 28 with Horoscopes

Wednesday, June 27

If you wanna change the world, have an attitude.
If wanna change yourself, lose the attitude.

You don’t stand a chance of making any sustainable “changes” in the world around you if you come on acting “like a pork chop in a synagogue”…

1. Stop engaging without awareness
2. Make a quick exit from the situation
3. Go somewhere quiet and reflect on your behaviour (ask why)
4. Meditate (breathe) yourself back into your centre. Come to peace.
5. Burn off some of the anger on a little physical ecercise
6. Come back and say you’re sorry
7. Stay mindful of your attitude triggers
8. Repeat as necessary

Tuesday, June 26

Somewhere deep inside, your humanity may have become shaken by recent events… rattled by something so unnatural, so foreign in its essence, that your entire being has completely withdrawn from it…

…careful how you wish to remedy the cause.

MARS in Retrograde – Jun 26-Aug 27

Monday, June 25


We are living in a new wild west.
Seems near-anything goes
– from our sensuous infatuation with gluttony
to an inexorable lust for greater power over x or y.

Laws are callously smashed, no longer just bent
and so long as it serves that insatiable lust
to offset that numbing inner ennui…
that spiritual void, deep within
we are prepared to try any darned indulgence
…take it to the utter extreme.

You better sit down…
You could make yourself sick through this.

<iframe src=”https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fang.stoic%2Fvideos%2F1518067064964118%2F&show_text=1&width=560″ width=”560″ height=”445″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true” allow=”encrypted-media” allowFullScreen=”true”></iframe>

The Week Ahead: Jun 25-Jul 01


Friday, June 22

 ☍  | ☿ ☍ ♇ | ☉ ☍ ♄

If you dare to look, then don’t be so rash to judge and lay blame. Look deeper.

We’ve been conditioned to react, pick faults in others, point the bone at guilty parties, find scapegoats to shame, fools to ridicule… We very seldom take a mature, reserved approach to investigating the core of the matter.

If the apple tastes bitter to the core, do you immediately chop down the apple tree? 
Observe the earth in which the tree is grounded. Look very closely at its roots. What toxic poisons lie within the soil that nourishes it?

Don’t be so hasty to cut others down…
Look very closely first.
Try to identify the root source of any apparent bitterness.

Thursday, June 21

☽ □ ☉ □ Ch | /☊ ☍ /☋

It is difficult to trust again once the damage is done. Once the bridges are razed, how does one return to the heartlands? You feel stuck, stranded, confused and cut off, and though your heart wants to reconnect, the mind remembers trauma and pain and forbids you to feel ok. The pathways of love are in ruins and you do not dare trust again.

This process of severing ties, of running from harm and seeking refuge, is an elegant mechanism built into our psyche as a means of survival. We are forced to flee from a situation which is literally driving us crazy. It is called dissociation and it’s the soul’s way of dealing with the insanity that arises from severe conflict and stressful circumstance. Our soul literally takes fright and goes into hiding.

Problem with your soul checking out so thoroughly is that it can leave you feeling a bit dead inside, like a part of you is missing, left behind (who knows where), leaving you with little or no ability to feel certain feelings in your body again. Certain pathways to the heart (your passion centre) have been defrayed; destroyed, and try as you may, just the thought of going back is filled with such pain that you eventually become numb, especially to new experiences. You are not living. You are barely just existing.

Any process to repair or retrieve your soul requires that you consciously re-associate with the physical body through guided meditation. It is important to make a grounding commitment to breathe your spirit back into this body. With every mindful breath you take, feel today; this moment; in present tense what was hurt, wounded and severed from you yesterday, whatever became dissociated because it was just too dangerous.

Wednesday, June 20

QUARTER MOON REPORT: 29°04′ (Wed, 10:51 UTC)

The astrological phenomenon of this moment presents us with a crisis – one which forces us to look at the fact that we have conditioned our mind to believe all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily true. Whether these are personal euphemisms or cultural myths, we allow many of these erroneous ideas to cling to us, constructing harmful or wounding stories which can have a negative impact, on both our own health and happiness, and upon the lives of those we affect.

Time to check out just how attached we are to these ingrained ideas. Are we addicted to certain emotions of our past? Are we trying to pass off our subjective beliefs as truths, not as ideas that we can change? Are we fixated on the darker episodes of our history, the more painful memories and recollections, refusing to let them go, torturing ourselves and blaming others for the hurtfulness and shame?

Or are we prisoners of a world of lies and toxic biases?

If we carry very strong, harmful beliefs about something, then the evidence to the contrary could be very confronting to us on this QUARTER MOON. Matters could easily get out of hand due to our inability to see truth. Care is necessary. We may unintentionally overstate things, appear intensely arrogant.

Just pause for a moment. Look at the ideas you’re putting out there. Feel how they are causing stress and tension in your life, among those around you. Know that you cannot create a new future for yourself by holding on to the noxious thought patterns and negative emotions of the past. These cannot be practicably supported.

Fortunately, the good news is that any crisis now provides us with the opportunity to purge out any toxic patterns which lie deep down, in the cellular recesses of our emotional body. Let us detox and prepare to move forward with a clean slate.

#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☽ □ ☉ | ☉ Sqq ♃ | ☉ ☍ Vs | ☿ △ ♆ △ ♃

Tuesday, June 19

NEPTUNE Stations to Retrograde:

NEPTUNE is not just a nebulous vibration from the outer regions of our solar system. Nor is it just a symbol for all that is indefinable. It is the infinite sea of alternative worlds, sunk in the abyss of all that we cannot see, touch, hear and feel but only in our dreams, our prayers, our wild imagination.

Moreover, Neptune is all that exists beyond our linear perceptions, beyond our analytical mind, all that is accessible in the subconscious through the power of meditation. This requires mindful practice, since the subconscious is also where all our negative, ego-weakening habits and our deceptive, evasive behaviours reside. Behaviours that we wish to change.

Forming a clear, healthy line of communication to this mysterious cosmic force means finding your meditation, any technique that will allow you to mindfully connect to the substratum of all the souls and all the beings of the entire universe. Through meditated channeling, we come into tune with the eternal song of the divine Cosmic Dance. When we can still the mind enough, we start to hear the continuously resounding silence that lurks in the abyss of everything that exists.

Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

Monday, June 18

 ⊼ ♄ |  ☍  along the ☊/☋

What good is all this passion when you’re holding so many reservations about how things may play out? You still hung up about the past, ain’t ya??

Yeah, ok… you’ve been bitten before so, of course, now you’re a bit shy about taking any risks. That’s just fear. Your greatest problem is that you don’t trust yourself enough… afraid things will only get out of control, end up letting yourself become used and abused again. Well, if that’s your attitude, it’s going to be a lose-lose, for sure.

Really… all you need in order to carry on a decent relationship is a little tolerance and respect (at ALL times for ALL involved).

Now, is that so hard?

Venus/Mars – The Point of Passion


Sunday, June 17

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and water
[pic: niall scanlon]
Sat Jun 16  2018 01:47 Mercury 06°42′ Opposition Saturn 06°42′
Sun Jun 17  2018 01:03 Mercury 08°38′ Quincunx Mars 08°38′

It’s entirely possible that your attachment to your ideas is so clench-fisted that, even when presented with all the facts to the contrary, you still refuse to let go. You are willing, for the sake of certain cultural (or counter-cultural) conventions to wage war, ruin lives, destroy hearts, alienate everyone around you.

Despite all the evidence, your rigid fear of letting go of your position is militantly marching you down the warren of bitterness and despair.

Ok. If that’s your choice, then so be it. Let your retarded ideas become your trademark.

If you cannot see how your addiction to past emotions has programmed your mind to believe the implausible, the unthinkable and the utterly incomprehensible – all twisted notions that are leaving a nasty impact on the health and well-being, of everyone around you – then your wish is granted: You shall be left alone.

I shall allow you to have it your way…

Just know… and it saddens me to say this to another human being: that by the time you come around (again), I, and all the ideals you fight for may be well beyond your reach. And though I’ll mourn to see you stranded in the ruins of the past, my heart is always here, open for forgiveness.

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean and outdoorMeanwhile, down on planet Stupiter…]

No way known you’re going to convince anyone by arguing your way through this. The odds are stacked against you – ‘specially if you’re gonna get all snarky and defensive.


Well… it’s kinda hard to explain to you.
And even if I did, chances are you might turn around and snap my head off.

☌☋ ⊼ ☿ ☍ ♄ ⊼ ☽

Saturday, June 16

[pic: bella kotak]
VENUS at 02°16′ trine CHIRON 02°16′ ( △ Ch) | – ♅/♆

Let us, just for a moment, discard the prospect of finding happiness in the exterior by the virtues and gifts brought to us by others, by what the world around us has to offer.

Let us now look within, contract a relationship with our inner being. This can only be done in present tense, so be still… just for a moment.

Sit, and call a meeting of your most exquisite, most refined senses. Ask them to be here with you, to softly witness this divine gathering of supernatural forces into the ‘heart’ of you. Feel your most heightened senses, like angelic messengers, pouring light into your spirit.

In this present moment observe how to be happy with yourself has the supreme power of manifesting your greatest dream of your future. Feel this fully, with all your senses, with every deep breath taken. When you feel so whole, so completely at one with yourself that you no longer question whether “it” will happen, that’s when happiness happens.

Let us call this wholeness of being the “happen-ness”.

To be wholly present is to allow the healing – a magnetic recollection of all your fragmented parts, strewn throughout linear time, back into the wholeness of now. To be whole is to witness the perfect state of creation happening within you.

Observe what happiness (manifestation) comes from being wholly present.


Friday, June 14

  Fri Jun 15  2018 03:33 Venus 01°26′ Square Uranus 01°26′

It takes us a long time to learn about and get used to our world, learn how to behave, how to live. When it changes – whether internally (in the mind) or whether externally, we may find it hard to like it. Either ourselves, or those around us fail to please, and this causes a sense of dissatisfaction, or nervous restlessness.

We are seriously in it. And we are plunging deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of alternative living. Life, people… the world is changing more and more everyday. Don’t expect to ever get used to it. On the contrary, you will work harder and harder not to get abused to it. You will work harder and harder not to rely, depend, trust on anything that is not changing, because the more you become aware of changes, the more you realise that change is the only constant… change, and you… (the intelligent you).

Venus square Uranus

Wednesday, June 13

By the time you reach maturity, most of who you are is a string of subconscious commands run by your lower, automatic mind.

Things like driving to work, shopping for groceries, brushing your teeth, scratching your ass, smoking or hitting the sugary treats when you’re stressing, worrying about the future, yelling at the kids, judging your neighbours, trolling about the government on twitter, blaming your parents for your shit life, talking negatively about yourself, and insisting on being a miserable fuck are part of the mental program.

Check it.
Set a new intention to change the mental script.
Change the program.
See what happens….

NEW MOON at 22°45′ GEMINI: Wednesday, June 13 – 19:44 UTC

On this New Moon, exercise a little wisdom before you set your intention.

Your mind, and the thoughts it generates are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.

If you want to welcome a new outcome, you will have to change the way you re-member your story. Mindfully change the way you look at yourself; your past… and reinvent a whole new self.

Horoscopes for New Moon in Gemini – Wednesday, June 13

Difficulties with planets travelling through Cancer over these next couple of years (esp. with Saturn in Capricorn), since the expression of personal, whimsical, mawkish and clinging behaviour will not be entertained (less so tolerated) unless it has apractical purpose to make (otherwise be met with cold, hard rejection).

To those who appeal to the more emotional sides of our humanity; moulded into habitual and addictively needy stereotypes, this is going to become a harsher and harsher time, especially as Saturn closes into Pluto. These two become extremely unyielding and more intolerant of ‘feelings’, or the hurt that may be endured. No time for those who want to withdraw away from ‘duty’, and no mercy for those who plead upset on ‘personal’ grounds. “Stiff cheddar!” is the attitude…

Sentimentalia, nationalism, infantile irresponsibility and behaving like a social amoeba will be injected with a terminally toxic dose of mass disapproval, social abandonment, and emotional isolation. Capricorn is a hard nut to crack unless one demonstrates the ability to stand up straight and volunteer to do one’s part (which in this case may be coerced).

Dates to watch: 

Sat Jun 16  2018 Mercury 06°42′ Opposition Saturn 06°42′
Sat Jun 23  2018 Mercury 20°28′ Opposition Pluto 20°28′
Wed Jun 27  2018 Sun 05°51′ Opposition Saturn 05°51′
Thu Jun 28  2018 Moon 06°28′ Opposition Sun 06°28′
Thu Jul 12  2018 Sun 20°01′ Opposition Pluto 20°01′
Fri Jul 13  2018 Moon 20°41′ Conjunction Sun 20°41′

Tuesday, June 12

If you could just spend 24 hours, away from the noise, the wifi, the EMF, the twitterfeed, the kids screaming, the routine, just still yourself, by yourself… there’s a chance.

If not, just try just a few minutes. Focus on tuning into higher-dimensional thoughts…

Mercury square Chiron

Sunday, June 10


Hope is one thing. Having the courage to take appropriate ‘forward’ action to break the spell of addiction is quite the other. There’s no ‘hope’ in going back to the ‘abusive’ relationship. You are never essentially free from it until you acquire the strength and wisdom to move forward.

This will take considerable work; practice enough to acquire the skills in order to manage the problem.

Accept this:
Abusers instinctively swoop upon those with low self-esteem, those who have the propensity to see only the good in others. These kind of people (‘softies’, ‘sensitives’ or ’empaths’ among us) are easier to manipulate. We become prey to the maniacal, the narcissistic, those controlling monsters with self-inflated egos who somehow feel entitled to feed off others just to make themselves feel good.

Abusers immediately see weak or vulnerable people as essentially an extension of themselves. They are merely fuel/fodder/energy supply for their dance with power. They put you to use, make you sign eternal contracts “to serve, honour, obey and adore” them. Over time, they will sap total control over your entire life-force, leave you drained. They also develop a standard procedure where you must take the blame for all their abusive behaviour, be made to feel sorry, even if you try to leave.

If you keep carrying the blame for their toxic ways, addicted to keep going back to the same dreadful state, convinced that they’ll take mercy on you and change, afraid to go it alone, constantly playing into some scenario where you need closure from them, then you’re doomed to a slow destruction at their behest.

No hope, just entrapment.

Pluto & the Search for an antidote to Temptation

Saturday, June 9

ANY MOMENT NOW…. (this weekend) ♄ ⊻/ ☋ | – ♅/ ♇

Serious changes between us are imminent and necessary now. Still… a crippling, reverential fear of effecting any serious change – a subtle separation anxiety is running rife on this planet.
Insecurity lies at the heart of it.

Despite all the obvious signs and daily reminders that things are not working between us, we still hold desperate hopes that if we just ride it out, those things can be ‘fixed’.

Yes, many things can be ‘fixed’.
But often, things between us cannot be mended.
There is a good reason for this:
They were never broken to begin with.
They just didn’t fit into our greater plan.

Any way you look at the situation, the reality is this: That time comes and people must go their separate ways. There was never anything wrong with them (or you) per se, just that at this stage of the voyage you are bound to go in one direction, and they are heading into another.

Prepare to accept this.
If the time has come that you simply cannot stand to be together any more; that whatever you try is just no longer working between you; then welcome the notion that, in life, sometimes it’s healthier we went our seperate ways.

And besides… you had some wonderful plans for yourself, didn’t you?

Friday, June 08

☿ ⊼ ♇ | ☿ ∠ ☊/ …..   

We are playing ostrich.
Sticking our head in the sand; ignoring the bleeding obvious even though it’s visibly evident that it’s destroying the world around us.

All throughout history, people’s aversion to dealing with unpleasantness at the offset caused them to gradually flush their democratic freedoms down the gurgley-wurgley and into the sewers of division, ignorance and hatred.

Just know this: your highly-prized-after ‘liberation’ cannot bloom amidst all this abject dissociation from the truth. Every day, we are enabling toxic craziness to pervert our nature. How on earth can justice take its course amid the corruption and abuse of those who teeter on the brink of madness?

We must get to work.
We must go against the prevailing winds of the status quo.
We must stand strong for what we clearly see as a violation to the nature of things, people, this planet.
We must at least stand up to the indifference, the apathy, the cowering fear and hatred, the blind mistrust that just allows the madness to proliferate.

Can’t go on, burying our heads in the sand.
Abusers are all around us.
Call them.
Call them out on their shit….

Thursday, June 07

[pic: alexey kondakov]
MIDPOINT PICTURE: ☉/ ♃ = ♃ /♆ = ♅/Ch =/♄ = ☿ /♃
How do you trust again?
It’s hard. Hard because when you’ve been hurt, let down badly, again & again, those neural pathways to belief become impaired, damaged, almost to the point beyond salvation.
Yet, deep within your heart you so desperately want to believe again. You want to have faith that what your eyes and ears are telling you, as ridiculous & absurd as it might seem, is really truly there.
It’s not enough just to want believe. You have to forgive the past. That takes work. Forgive yourself for being so gullible; forgive the other for taking you as a fool; forgive the world for being so damned cruel; forgive your mama for even binging you into it…
Forgive… in order to build trust. May take some adjustment.
Before you can trust again, you gotta trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to leap forward. Dare to open your heart, trust that even the most incredulous, most implausible outcome may occur – however angry or upset they may have once made you… if you really want to trust, the only way to find out is to place your trust in them again…
See what happens when you believe the unbelievable..
DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home, unless adequately grounded.
[pic: alexey kondakov]

Wednesday, June 06

[pic: gabriel levesque oska – homeostasis]
 ☿ ☌ ☉ ∠ ♅, □ ♆….. If you thought URANUS is unpredictable, then you seriously won’t know what to make of NEPTUNE. These two extra-terrestrial planets are humming along, grinding against one another, jostling for position to muddle and distort the basic functions of your 2D linear mind. Your neural pathways are being rewired.

Nothing is what is seems, either out there or in the way your intellect tries to understand it. Nothing of what you see or hear has any sense of permanence to it. It is impossible to take any person or situation as someone or something upon which you can securely bank your interests. What’s more, invisible stuff is likely to erupt at any moment and change the entire shape of things.

The universe is colluding.

Supernatural forces are conspiring to mess with your ordinary senses, enough so you learn to let go of any pre-conceptions, pre-meditations and pre-varications.
Learn to unlearn in order to truly know.

This cosmic conspiracy has only ONE design: To get you to drop all prior nonsense and come here; be present, be meditative and be clear about what indeed is going on with you at this moment. Nothing else matters. Nothing else makes any sense any more. Do NOT try to convince the universe otherwise.

What you are not sensing in this present moment is no longer a MATTER.

The universe is granting you and all your prior convictions a cosmic pardon.
Do you accept?

18:33 UTC – THIRD QUARTER MOON at 16°♓00′

There’s a vague, hyper-convoluted, über-sensitivity engulfing the planet right now (☽/♆). We are precariously teetering on a hairline threshold, the crossing of which would change everything.

This Third Quarter Moon presents a crisis in consciousness of an idea that suddenly doesn’t set well to our heightened state of cosmic atunement.

Just one word, taken the wrong way and things might easily snap. You might already have caught a sense of this already.
So, just where exactly does one draw the line?
Well… that’s just it. We’re not exactly sure where that line is until it gets stepped over…
The two of you may share the same inexhaustible appetite for frivolous time-wasting, for blue-sky gazing at impossible dreams, for dissecting all kinds of superficial matters, for long country-drives to nowhere in particular, for listening to trip-hop or sadcore, for babbling about your astrology, for obsessing over global politics, the environment or civil rights, but mostly for laughing, texting, chatting or simply just being together. You may think there is nothing either of you could say that the other would find too cruel, offensive or unkind…
…and then, on such horridly unpredictable Quarter-Moons like this: the climactic occasion may rise when those tender nervous systems did sincerely tire of one another, and things suddenly turn all gnarly and one of you snatches it…
Highly active transits:
02:02 Mercury 15°20′ Conjunction Sun 15°20′
02:22 Venus 20°50′ Opposition Pluto 20°50′
  10:01 Mercury 16°04′ Semisquare Uranus 01°04′
14:08 Mercury 16°27′ Square Neptune 16°27′
18:33 Moon 16°00′ Square Sun 16°00′
  20:54 Sun 16°06′ Semisquare Uranus 01°06′
23:24 Mars 06°53′ Opposition Node 06°53′

Catch a replay of Ang’s Live Astrology Webcast on the #ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ: 

Quarter-Moon Lunation Report (click link, for registered members only – Register below): 


☉/☿ 15°20′ ⊼ ♃

You are worthy of something far better than this.
You are far more capable, smarter, kinder, more generous – qualities that deserve to be seen and appreciated by those who truly value them.

So why hang around, continuing to pour your precious energy into something that just makes you feel small? Why do you keep struggling to earn the respect of those who are only critical and diminishing of your most creative efforts?

It’s mentally exhausting, feeling awful about something that leaves you thinking that you’re never enough. You will never change that by doing more than you possibly can.
Wise up.
This is not working for you.
Choose a better way.

Image may contain: text ☍ ♇…. The ability to keep calm and focused on the greater objective in the throes of massive change and insufferable pressure is what distinguishes great leaders from those merely there to pay lip-service. Be the coolest, see how things can change for a new, empowered you (and #MeToo)

Our shadow nature may have become aroused by the warped and twisted Pluto energy, sending the love relationships into a demanding, possessive, domineering and emotionally demoralising affair.

Deep inner work is necessary in order for us to confront our demons. If we can access the darker side of our psyche we stand to reach a state of self understanding and hopefully make some serious individual transformation. Much maturity is necessary though. It’s hard to fight off Pluto’s compulsions to satisfy his hidden agenda. If Aphrodite finds herself all strapped in leather, covered in welts and submissively chained to the bed, then this may be the day she wakes up feeling torn – physically gagged, emotionally battered, jaded and cynical, and her only thoughts about the preciousness of love are extremely conditional and prone to all kinds of nasty manipulation.

Mutual acceptance, deepest understanding and an effort to do the inner work are the only way this affair is going to evolve with you, you want to get your power back. Otherwise, if you’ve allowed yourself to fall into the throes of abuse, you may have to take some serious steps to broker some ‘deal’ which can re-empower you or at least mitigate the negative psychological impact of this affair… Either way, you won’t leave until the inner work is done, and even if if it’s over, the trauma and abandonment may haunt you for lifetimes.

20:11 Sun 15°06′ Quincunx Jupiter 15°06′
23:21 Mercury 15°06′ Quincunx Jupiter 15°06′

Tuesday, June 05

No automatic alt text available.☿ ☌ ☉ □ ♆……Stop lying.

You’re really only kidding yourself.

Each little self-repeated lie activates the disease that will eventually rot your soul. It gradually eats away at your chances of well-being, undermines your confidence, tarnishes your chance to truly shine in the world.

The more you lie, the harder it gets for you to tell what’s true about you any more. Eventually you lose all respect, both for yourself and for everyone around you.

Now, how can you seriously experience love that way?


My heart sinks
At just the thought of her…

What on earth’s wrong with me?
I must have died a thousand deaths already,
suffered the indignation of a million humiliations,
this banished heart now burns a hole right through the core of my abandoned being,
and still, with every thought of her it keeps sinking asunder,
and the wretched time clock keeps ticking, deafeningly..
until I’m left with nothing but ashes.

What the hell’s wrong with me?
I wish she were talking to me, 
This ghastly darkness that broods over me; 
the same unfathomable black hell upon which my thoughts grate desperately against but cannot comprehend. 
I make the most pathetic efforts just to find a word gloomy enough to typify this darkness; a word so horribly black that it would eclipse my lips with darkness if I should pronounce it.

What in god’s name is wrong with me?
Why did I open my eyes at all; when i knew they would not let me sleep?
And lord! how morbidly dark to wake without her! Do I forget so easily the lonely torment of eternity she left behind for me, this death sentence, a horrid recollection of those dreaded wars and the dark demons that lay in store for me? They could not draw her to me, nor clutch me tighter to her bosom, it’s just a ruse; a slovenly ploy of fate to drag me lower, twist me under and away by land or sea, sink me down to the dark realms not a soul has seen. And I feel myself sinking, drowning in misery; for when she took away, she stole my away light as well. And if she would only speak to me (if only…), my heart would come aflutter once again, like a rising phoenix.

Venus (20°50′) opposition Pluto – Wednesday, Jun 06  2018

 …..you don’t ever stop grieving a loved one. You neither get over it, nor do you forget. It’s part of what defines your journey as a human being. And a most necessary part, apparently…

Saturday, 2 June, 3am UTC


When a third planet forms a GRAND TRINE (equilateral triangle) it bridges a freelow of currency that neatly completes a circuit of self-containment. Agreeableness, kinship and mutual admiration produce a simply perfect synergy – everyone understands each another and even if they’re not the same, they exist harmoniously in their little threesome bubble.

The current Grand WATER Trine fills every cup in the room with emotional encouragement. In Cancer, Venus feels well-supported in expressing her very subjective tastes and down-home leanings.

Things haven’t been so kind to her since she faced nasty SATURN (last weekend).

There’s a lot of friendly ‘vibing’ going on here. Many wouldn’t get it ‘less they were “in” on the clique.
It’s hard to explain to outsiders, but the state of sensitivity is high all around – everyone’s so damned touchy, and ready to snap. For now, Venus is best held in her sacred sister-circle space, where there’s much solace, incense, ease, and opportunities. There’s some danger of spoiling her, bringing out her ‘lazy’ or enchanting her into an excessively delusive sense of security too…

For now, she best enjoy the pampering. She will need every pep she gets for when she faces with the dreaded Pluto, flanked by those malefics, Mars and Saturn (June 6).

14:14 Mercury 05°32′ Trine Mars 05°32′
14:29 Venus 15°32′ Trine Jupiter 15°32′
Sqq 18:34 Mercury 05°55′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 20°55′
07:23 Mercury 07°04′ Sextile Node 07°04′
08:26 Venus 16°25′ Trine Neptune 16°25′
13:16 Mercury 07°36′ Quincunx Saturn 07°36′

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