Venus Square Neptune

How could we?
How could we fall for such an illusion?
We knew it all along that it wasn’t real, just an infatuation with a dream, shrouded in an impossible ideal, perpetuated with little lies and beautiful delusions and fantasies to which we had strangely become so addicted…

How could we have been so confused?

It’s the love drug. That seductive, alluring force that seems so refined, so exalted, so heightened that it stirs within us such a keen capacity of physical sensations that at the time we could not stand the notion that it could ever have been just a passing fancy. We gave it our distorted thoughts, our misjudgement, our mistaken belief that it might possibly satisfy our need to reach some glorious state of spiritual satisfaction.

We were prepared to sacrifice everything to it. Everything. Even our rational senses, which were screaming for us all along to be cautious that this may just be a hoax. A fraud. A mere erotic aberration.
And now look…

[pic: jessica jensen]
[pic: jessica jensen]
The awakening to this divine state of utter disappointment is epic. We observe now that we have been hoodwinked. Someone pulled a fast one on us. The whole delusion is over and we are left holding the cone…What to do?

Understand that life is one giant amusement park, and it’s you that chooses to partake. You decide on which ride you wish take, you buy a ticket with your hard-earned money and you get on board, knowing deep down that it’s just a ride and at some point it will end.

Did you have fun?

What did you learn about your sense of taste, your choice on where to invest your precious energies, your instincts on how best to satisfy your whimsical desire to find a fleeting joy and happiness?

Come now. Back down to earth.
Take a breath and just repose.
The great carnival is over.
Welcome to the consequences of the reality that is before you.

Astrology, SPIRITUAL PROTECTION and Staying Grounded

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  1. Wow…
    Bless you! <3

  2. Man, sure has been some painful revelations. Seems like about the same kinda crap and revelations I experienced back in 2011-12. Not sure if there’s a correlation other than my own ignoranance that’s stems from an overly trusting, optimistic and blind faith in others. Lesson learned this time. Unfortunately, I’m a slow learner I guess. ???‍♀️

  3. Good stuff. Amazed as always.

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