The Week Ahead: May 21-27

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If your mind, and the thoughts it generates influences your reality, then the Sun’s ingress into Gemini this week opens up that whole cerebral world of experience for us to consciously experiment and put this ‘theory’ into full ploy now and over this coming month.

Do our thoughts have the power to change our lives?

Here are the main transits for the next week:

Mon May 21  2018 02:06 Venus 01°50′ Quincunx Mars 01°50′
Sqq Mon May 21  2018 02:09 Venus 01°51′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 16°51′
in Mon May 21  2018 02:15 Sun 00°00′
Pa in Mon May 21  2018 13:09 Pallas 00°00′
Tue May 22  2018 03:50 Moon 01°02′ Square Sun 01°02′
Ch Tue May 22  2018 18:48 Sun 01°38′ Sextile Chiron 01°38′
Sqq Ch Tue May 22  2018 20:55 Jupiter 16°38′ Sesquiquadrate Chiron 01°38′
Vs Tue May 22  2018 22:12 Venus 04°02′ Opposition Vesta 04°02′
Wed May 23  2018 02:14 Mercury 16°18′ Sextile Neptune 16°18′
Wed May 23  2018 05:54 Mercury 16°35′ Opposition Jupiter 16°35′
  Ch Wed May 23  2018 06:40 Mercury 16°39′ Semisquare Chiron 01°39′
Thu May 24  2018 02:40 Sun 02°54′ Trine Mars 02°54′
Fri May 25  2018 09:58 Jupiter 16°20′ Trine Neptune 16°20′
Fri May 25  2018 13:36 Mercury 21°02′ Trine Pluto 21°02′
Fri May 25  2018 15:07 Saturn 08°04′ Quincunx Node 08°04′
Sat May 26  2018 06:41 Venus 08°02′ Opposition Saturn 08°02′
Sqq Sat May 26  2018 13:44 Mercury 23°01′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 08°01′
  Sun May 27  2018 00:35 Mercury 23°55′ Semisquare Venus 08°55′
Sqq Sun May 27  2018 08:11 Sun 06°00′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 21°00′

In Gemini, the Sun picks up his step with a swoopishly more vivacious stride. He shifts from earth to air and glides and hovers lightly over everything, skimming over the surface of all facts and data with such versatility and sway, not much inclined to look too deeply or hold too tightly onto much. He only wants to peruse and cogitate on those he shines his light upon, and then maybe to freely share from one place unto another, person to person like a flighty gossipy bird.

The Mercurial nature of the Sun in this air sign means that the mind is likely to flip from subject to subject, not prone to commit to any one thing for too long, and most of all, be ready to adapt to the slightest change of breeze, should it be carrying any hint of freshly interesting scents. A trine from Mars in Aquarius is certainly blowing a cool, dry gale of an aloof dissent from the masculine sector. The fiery warrior’s recent square to Uranus means the revolutionary fervour against the stable status quo is slowly rising to a fever pitch now. For the next 5 weeks Mars is slowing to go retrograde at the end of June. This means he will buzz around the gnarly South Node for the next 10 weeks, and that ain’t so good. Quarrels, protests and mass resignations from the group-identity culture, as well as spells of bizarre and twisted ideologies which irritate rather than bond its espousers may ensue.

You might not know who to trust any more, and with Saturn also quincunx the node there’s not a lot of warm and cohesion floating about either. It’s no wonder you may see people pulling back on all kinds of hopes and promises. Business ain’t at its most confident periods of the year and even you may sense t’s time to cut back on the spending and the buying. Into anything. Or anyone.

Things can become absolutely batshit-whacky over the next few weeks anyway, what with Uranus closing in for his second semi-square to Neptune. This time the florid exposé of the un-‘reality’-grip comes out of low-brow Uranus just fresh into Taurus. The distortion of mental states (speaking of mind) and confused psychic states (spiritually speaking that is) take strange hold over all humanity, producing scenarios so convoluted and insane that many of us may end up going around asking one another to be pinched (is this shit real??). Still… things seem to be beyond embarrassment, shame itself doesn’t even register and guilt… does anyone even remember guilt?

If your mind, and the thoughts it generates influences your reality, then the next two weeks are going to feel simply beyond beggaring belief. Look, let’s face it – even as an astrologer there’s only so much one can predict with some degree of nuanced intelligence. Mostly we are all discovering that this world has reached a new level of weird. And the old, fear-based crap that held it all together seems perfectly useless.

Given how much we have already witnessed with our own eyes since only September last year; given the unravelling of lies, secrets and cover-ups, and the ever-greater exposure of twisted, sordid tales to come, we wonder just how much further things can go. Not so much the facts, but about how little we care to hear them. By now you may be left feeling like you’ve been sucked out and across into the universe’s darkest wormhole, your mind outstretched, simply spaghettified and arching over into a strange parallel reality.

If your mind, and the thoughts it generates influences your reality, then it is seriously possible you are living in at least two, arguably multiple (infinite) universes simultaneously. If that’s the case, choose your reality very imaginatively. Choose to be in the best case scenario. See what happens.

Meanwhile, on a more practical, more grounded note, the you that resides down here on planet Stupiter – you know… the one who’s still going through the 3D motions of ‘normality’; the you who has to feed the kids and get them off to school; who has to somehow come up with the daily dollar dues and still manage to squeeze in some calorie-cupcakes; the one who needs to ‘keep it real’ for the sake of sanity, country, taxman and ol’ times may just decide to cut her/his losses and declare any recently exorbitant follies over. Look back to 2-3 weekends ago (May 7 – ♀ □ ♆), when Harry met Sally, and when silly turned hairy.

This has been an extraordinary 2-3 weeks, but one thing is certain and continues to be so. Nothing feels quite so extraordinary any more. In fact, seems like extraordinary is now the new purple. And psychedelic purple seems like it’s fast replacing the old ‘black’. Remember black?

If your mind, and the thoughts it generates influences your reality, then what are we to think about the current, extremely unthinkable, totally unimaginable, rationally impossible events that will continue to unfold before us in the coming weeks?

Between the concoction of some twisted idea (or ideology) and the fidelity of grounded reality itself, lies a small window of the unimaginable, and it is here… this little hiatus that gives our minds no rest for the next few weeks.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Ang…
    I’ll pay attention to what is before me and flow with the deviations from the planned agenda 🙂

  2. Good grounding info ?. Thank you!

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