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The Week Ahead: May 07-13

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It’s unlikely with ☿ □ ♇ that much is going to get past this week without some degree of mind-manipulation becoming a key issue. Hence, we are on the vigil for extreme behaviour, and although with ♀ □ ♆ there may be a fog of emotional clouds and mists creeping in from the horizon, causing misjudgements and fueling self-deception and wishful thinking, we might remain a little suspicious of others’ motives and intentions, yet secretive about our own, and basically resonate at pessimistic rather than a hopeful tone.

Something fishy is up, that’s for sure. Somebody’s drilling, and we sense there may be a veritable mine of wealth to be exploited but by Tuesday’s Third Quarter Moon sees us having an extremely challenging time trying to keep real, well-grounded and firm emotional ties and boundaries with others. Whilst everyone wants to find happiness and love with another, they’re staying cautiously uninvolved and objectively removed at all times. They put up an aloof front to reserve their personal space. Jupiter’s T-square here will only highlight just how far we’ve gone in exploiting situations and people, as well as feeling exploited by them just to get a little power/money/sex. This quarter moon crisis is all about our power to exercise our privilege to stay independent, to be different and unique from everyone else. But at whose expense?

Here are this week’s main transits:

Mon May 07  2018 08:49 Mercury 21°14′ Square Pluto 21°14′
Mon May 07  2018 21:59 Venus 16°01′ Square Neptune 16°01′
Tue May 08  2018 02:09 Moon 17°27′ Square Sun 17°27′
Wed May 09  2018 00:40 Sun 18°21′ Opposition Jupiter 18°21′
Wed May 09  2018 18:37 Venus 18°16′ Quincunx Jupiter 18°16′
Fri May 11  2018 23:06 Sun 21°12′ Trine Pluto 21°12′
Sat May 12  2018 05:02 Venus 21°12′ Quincunx Pluto 21°12′
Sat May 12  2018 13:31 Mercury 28°32′ Square Mars 28°32′
  Sun May 13  2018 10:50 Mercury 29°53′ Conjunction Uranus 29°53′
in Sun May 13  2018 12:41 Mercury 00°00′

We’re getting used to the non-attachment factor… Not letting things eat into us, drag us down. Taking whatever emotional exchange we can grab in this moment. It starts to mean more. Our values are shifting more towards appreciation in the present tense.

With Uranus in the final days of Aries, there’s much buzz about how things are about to shift dramatically. The sky-god’s shift into Taurus promises great changes in the material world. In Aries we explored how to use the insight and innovation to put ourselves out there. Now we just have to find new ways to give it true substance and body. It’s not enough to give impressive face and fancy lip service. It must be backed up with solid deeds and collateral representation. We’re at the money end of things, and every entity borne over the last 7-8 years now has to come to ground and present or become leveled.

This is therefore a week where we start to feel much more awakened and imaginative in both our personal affairs as well as life in general. We get to see a large sense of our own importance due to all the fixed/earthy energy about, which means we are exceptionally determined and confident. Egos run high, and when things do not go as planned, we can become temperamental and difficult to deal with. Angry explosions are possible by the weekend and arguments might often seem irregular and uncalled for, though the way we engage may be by putting forth the appearance that we are in command of the situation the whole time.

With Mars also in the final degrees of Capricorn we may meet someone who will challenge us to demonstrate our maturity and character. Despite the brilliance and ingenuity building up creative ideas, there is also an impatience for the aforementioned manipulative and secretly controlling mind games which be exhausting and cause irritability and snappishness. Lightning flashes of discovery, awakening moments and massive, intuitive revelations lift the lid on more scams and corruption, and as the house of cards becomes so much easier to blow, the real deal – the thing of truth is waiting, ready to be unveiled. Very soon.

Have an amazing week, stay tuned and keep your eyes open.

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  1. I feel that I expirinced it all ready around the full moon. So I hope to be more careful with the gaps in the path of liberation it is a quick sand, and personal care carectors do jump up, there is not much to do is more like wining space over people, and allowing disagreements to show the bounderies that one need in order to stay tune with inner process that not always go with the statuesque.

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