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FULL MOON at 08°10′ SAGITTARIUS, Tuesday, May 29 2018, 14:20 UTC

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We are looking for answers. The great unknown has never been greater. It seems the more information that becomes available to our minds, the greater too is the unknown. So much data flooding in, some of it like missing pieces of a puzzle that is millenia-old. The rational mind is busily trying to scan, find relevance and assemble it all into a coherent, more credible bigger picture, something that will put the heart to rest and liberate us from our own darkness and ignorance.

Meanwhile, it seems that there are proponents of certain ideas in this world who have taken out a full-scale, supernatural assault upon the very premises of what constitutes common, rational sense – either by spreading misinformation of continuing to withhold vital facts. Whilst this seems set to continue through the next 2-3 years, on a most personal level our logical, conscious minds are wrestling, grappling with facts, trying to make sense of what’s going on. We need to feel like there’s some meaning to it all, and either this sits well with our intuitive selves or we get a little restless.

Such is the dilemma we are experiencing under this blessed Full Moon.

As the Mercurial GEMINI SUN flips and flitters our conscious mind, trying to decide which way it will go, the Sadge moon feels an inner restlessness. We may find ourselves in a quandary, becoming more and more perplexed about what to believe and how it all fits into our accustomed, socially indoctrinated ways of looking at the world. At its height, the Full Moon could leave us feeling just a little unsettled and on edge about what we are hearing and how it ties in with our past customs and ethics. It may send us on an existential quest to know the truth. For only this will set us free.

This is the purpose of this lunation – to make us feel so conflicted with what we’re hearing that we have to ask: Is the current system working for us, or does it need to be reviewed, revised or relinquishing altogether?

Why are our belief systems subject to change?
Why do they differ from person to person?
Why can’t the truth just be the unilateral, indisputable truth?

Perhaps it is our age-old existential questions are always generating exciting new information, either hidden or specifically being distorted from and by us. We are at the cusp of change. Against the context of an ever-expanding universe, we cannot afford to hold a physically constrained or limiting worldview for too long. The information age has unleashed a tsunami of rapidly shareable data and just like Guttenberg’s printing press brought knowledge to the masses, held only by the ecclesiastical and royal elite 500 years ago, the streaming internet has digitally activated our conscious minds to generate, communicate and process much more content than ever, overcome the bounds of physical and cultural restraints and got more more humans than ever imaginable talking among one another.

This exponential torrent of accessible intelligence has all but assaulted out minds, trying desperately to help us change. Our minds must work harder to filter the useful from the shrapnel, the true from the prevaricated, the relevant from the distracting, the freely available from the encrypted, which in itself is always evolving along with us. We are at the precipice of liberation, but to enact it we must first understand the things that have been kept from us for so long. To do this, we need context from those who speak the truth in the veritable sea of collective delusion because to understand something is the only way to truly become liberated from it.

Yet, after all our study and thought, we must still only concede that we are drawing upon a limited set of ideas to make a general statement, ideology or manifesto, whose own validity is in itself often expired as soon as it is pronounced, only leaving us exposed to further questions. And also, we can see all the blockages still imposed both by world ‘leaders’ and us, as ‘individuals’ in the name of privacy and security.

Regardless of the vast volume of information available, it remains still limited, compared to the infinite expanse of the unknown universe. In a limited world, with limited knowledge, the seed of our argument (our ideas) will at some culminating point in its lifecycle come to be dismissed, dispelled, debunked or simply rendered insufficient. At some point, new information will come along and blow old theories out of the water. Like Copernicus (round earth), Newton (modern cosmology) and Darwin (species evolution) new information brings light upon antiquated theories, making them all at once seem superstitious and incomplete.

The lunation (SUN/MOON) cycle is a cycle of relationship. It is the “archetype” of all cycles involving the relationship between two celestial factors moving at different speeds. The lights symbolise the most essential functions in every living organism, and when they come into opposition they symbolise the conscious effacement of our most primal existence, and therefore of relationship; for there is no existence without relationship.

Most of us rush into a variety of relationships without consciously facing them; we are drawn into them by biological and psychological needs and wants, by the spells of “Karma,” or by our inherent complexes and illusory dreams.

This Sagittarius Full Moon thus creates a conflict around indoctrinated beliefs – a diametric split between the conscious information coming into our unconscious being, and how well we can relate to it given what we’re used to believing so far. The close inclusion of Saturn in a ‘yod’ type formation to the Sun/Node suggests that we are facing difficulties or lacking confidence to find a common purpose with others. Yet, we will still need to work hard and patiently toward this. Our intuition cautiously accepts or shrewdly rejects what is true. Either way, with the Full Moon’s fiery trine to the Node, a deeply spiritual truth is uncovered about how we are intrinsically connected to others and something shifts.

Of course, this is all very personal. Depending on the nature of our own ideas, we each look to satisfy our faith in highly personalised ways. If our quest is of a spiritual or religious nature, we will seek to know whether God will save us from despair. If our quest is of a romantic kind, we seek to know whether love is eternal. If our quest is creative we seek assurance that our art will last forever. If our quest is for immortality, then we seek to know how to overcome our biological limitations, and so on…

It is only after we exhaust the many inconsistencies and hypocrisies in our relationships that we face up to certain truths about them. At this, culminating phase of the Moon cycle we might come to discover their true purpose and value in our lives.

Each Full Moon confrontation brings us into greater awareness about our inter-dependencies, thus resulting either in fulfilment or in an eventual breaking-up.

In other words, the Sun/Moon opposition gives us an actual capacity for a consciousness which was only latent or unclearly expressed in any existential relationship.

The pertinent themes of this lunation create a confrontation for both parties in any relationship (whether past or present). The head-to-head conflict forces us to either transfigure our lives – change/amend our philosophy/doctrine/constitution/belief, or otherwise agree to hold diametrical positions, split or separate.

Therefore, the Full Moon either produces illumination in consciousness, or emotional frustration, bitterness and heartache, anger and resentment…

A concurrent Venus/Saturn opposition hardens matters of the heart, crystallising our understanding about the limitations of conditional relationships, alliances and bonds. Any romantic, material or financial investments (set around Dec 25, 2017) now only serve to make us increasingly unsatisfied and uncertain about their ability to allow us to feel free to keep growing, learning, evolving.

The Moon governs our memorised patterns of behaviour – basic habits which stem back to our early childhood and even before we were even born (in the womb). Our emotional patterns are formed through our early environment, over a repetitive series of routines (etched into our neural pathways), of which we are commonly highly unconscious. In the case of Sagittarius, we have been habitually conditioned to accept that what we are told is true is our accustomed truth.

The personal autopilot inside has been trained (over ‘many moons’) to fly along a certain flight route, forming what constitutes our trusty ‘belief system’. We want to believe it because it makes us feel safe. Thought patterns and instinctive reactions are stored deep inside the cellular structure of our body nervous system, ready to send messages to the thinking and doing brain whenever we feel uncomfortable.

Becoming conscious of these, and how these ‘feelings’ (which turn into habitual behaviours) tend to sabotage our capacity to feel well is the first step towards changing some of the most basic scripts in our subconscious operating system. If we want to see positive change, we not only have to ‘think positive’, we have to feel that positivity in our body. “Positive thinking” alone does nothing if deep down, unconsciously, your body is still dancing to the tunes of negativity.

The Gemini Sun offers us an opportunity to consciously change the information that feeds the unconsciously adhered to belief-patterns stored within our cellular body. Through mindful practices, writing, counselling, philosophical dialogue, meditation, we are able to confront, uncover, then decide how it is we must rewire our nervous-system to amend or let go of beliefs and habits that no longer serve us.

On this Full Moon, feel into what is coming in by way of usual and unusual information channels. Where are you sourcing your observations from? What do you believe and what is no longer supportable? How much is true for you? How does it enrich your withstanding beliefs, about your yourself; your world and what needs to be relinquished in order for you to grow, change and be free?

You are not alone. You are constantly in relationship. Here is your opportunity to develop that relationship into something that supports your quest to find truth. Use the knowledge to become liberated from delusion, to change your way of thinking so that you have unilateral choices on how to live.

Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx

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  1. that is so beautiful and exciting.. trying to learn from this Gemini/Sag mix

    “Here is your opportunity to develop that relationship into something that supports your quest to find truth. Use the knowledge to become liberated from delusion, to change your way of thinking so that you have unilateral choices on how to live.”

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