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ARIES/ARIES RISING – Horoscopes for Taurus New Moon

[art: christian schloe]
[art: christian schloe]
Financial security comes to your utmost consideration and concern this month as you intuitively sense a shift away from the superficial elements of life. As you focus more of your energy on firming-up your sources of income, you also observe that things are changing in the world of finances and economics. Anything that has provided you with the means to acquire the substantial necessities of life will soon become an important matter to secure. You must learn to adapt, especially if it you wish to maintain even the slightest advantage over those around you. Taking a steady yet innovative approach in how to best invest and manipulate your finances will help you reap the most benefits, this can be a time when your attitude really shifts about what brings you material and physical pleasures in life……(read more)

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[art: christian schloe]

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