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THE WEEK AHEAD: April 16-22

This life is not a dream. But it could be.

It could be a dream. Your dream come true perhaps. In which case, you may be currently living a life filled with enormous lightness, able to observe everything around you without holding any great emotional charge, no attached emotional strings or pulleys, no unseen dramas or manipulations – completely independent – free from any influences that are not entirely of your choosing; able to tend to those with the utmost sense of responsibility, kindness and respect.

In this sense, you are at least pulsing into present tense and consciously aware that life on earth has taken on a whole new, much more exhilarating pace. When you are conscious of your own being, everything that you affect or has the power to affect you can be turned on (or off) at your discretion without having to suffer or administering pain.

With Chiron in Pisces, all pain is sourced from forming unconscious or self-denying emotional attachments, and being able to release those would be the ideal way to heal. That’s the premise for living the dream, anyway. Nothing too fancy.

Or this life on earth could fast becoming a nightmare. Which means, you’re still not capable of being aware of how you haplessly allow yourself to get emotionally dragged into the drama of the physical world and of all its theatrics.

In any case, whether awake or in our deepest slumber, our dreaming faculties have been getting a right-royal Jungian workout lately as humankind struggles to process some of the phenomenally rapid etheric light-messages shuttling through into our consciousness…

Here are the main transits for this week:

Mon Apr 16  2018 01:58 Moon 26°02′ Conjunction Sun 26°02′
  Mon Apr 16  2018 08:20 Mercury 04°49′ Semisquare Venus 19°49′
Tue Apr 17  2018 07:00 Venus 20°58′ Opposition Jupiter 20°58′
Ch in Tue Apr 17  2018 08:26 Chiron 00°00′
Tue Apr 17  2018 13:01 Venus 21°17′ Trine Pluto 21°17′
S Wed Apr 18  2018 01:00 Saturn 09°09′ SR
  Wed Apr 18  2018 14:00 Sun 28°29′ Conjunction Uranus 28°29′
Sqq Thu Apr 19  2018 21:23 Venus 24°09′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 09°09′
Sqq Fri Apr 20  2018 00:25 Mercury 05°40′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 20°40′
in Fri Apr 20  2018 03:13 Sun 00°00′
  Fri Apr 20  2018 17:28 Sun 00°35′ Semisquare Neptune 15°35′
S Sun Apr 22  2018 10:25 Pluto 21°17′ SR
Sun Apr 22  2018 21:47 Moon 02°42′ Square Sun 02°42′

Last week we spoke about the growing tensions, rising all over 3D land – especially with Mars hitting the extremely hard-core, bone-crunching midpoint that is the Saturn/Pluto influence in Capricorn. A curious situation emerges, since both ‘heavy’ planets are now dead stationary, about to turn retrograde. Mars merely came along to throw some well-contrived fireworks into the mix.

What was it all about?

We shall see…

The screws, however, are set to tighten on just about everyone who fails to understand the limits and limitations of power and control. Everywhere now, the greedy monsters of use & abuse have grown so large that they have all but hijacked the establishment and running roughshod over its administration. They will continue to tax the strength and energy of those who are blindly willing to keep feeding them out of fear and negligence to act, and it is arguable whether it is already too late to stop them. How are you contributing to feeding the monsters? Are you prone to being possessed by control demons yourself?

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Meanwhile, retro Mercury in Aries goes direct again, and with so much self-centered mental energy dragging, it’s no wonder that everyone’s a bit over all the #mefirst #metoo & #mememe movements and memes.

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Of course, as Mercury contacts the Venus/Jupiter opposition this week, the feminine scorn continues to snarl with a vengeance, as we’ve seen since October when Jupiter went into Scorpio. Venus’ trine to Pluto sees that she will not only become replenished, refilled and reimbursed, but vindicated with an enormous sense of self-empowerment too, especially if she can work with a particularly viciously judicious lawmaker.

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Chiron, master of the storybooks and tales best told in parables is about to crash-land into a being here on planet earth. Yes folks, enough of hearing all the ‘victim’ tales from all the Chiron in Pisces-style light-workers, shamans and the bodhisattvas. Starting this week, and over the next 12 months we see a brand new face emerging among us. Though he’s audacious, bold and freakishly grotesque, wilder, more provocative that anyone can imagine – the dude is here, he’s hurt and he definitely intends to introduce us to a new, more self-centered pain and hit the heal deal head on. More about that during the week….

However, the big ticket and first cab off the rank this week – and I’m sure you are already primed by now – is the explosive New Moon in Aries. Forming just moments into Monday, and only a couple of degrees away from a conjunction to the obstreperous Uranus, nothing intends to be move faster and break more things than this boisterous bolt of lightning, channeling into this lunation with all the tact of of a tectonic shift and all the subtlety of Stalin.


Song of Uranus

Bristling breakages, break-ups & breakdowns, 
breakaways, breakthroughs, break-ins & break-outs now.
These are a few of my favourite things
Something unheard of is trying to begin…

Chaos & maelstrom, detachment, disorder,
shock & upheaval just outside the border.
Rebels revolting extremely it seems,
these are a few of my favourite things

Deviant minds with unorthodox mindsets,
eccentric geeks hacking internet outlets.
Wilful extremists just blowing up things,
pulling a few of my most frightful strings.

Earthquakes and tremors, lay blame on the faultlines
‘lectrical storms that expose and enlighten.
Freak winds that spark fires, engulfing you in –
These are a few of my most deadly stings.

Genius bolts coming down with solutions,
radical jolts expedite evolution,
state-of-the-art technological feats
render the old and worn out obsolete.

Future is here, put away expectations
unleash the beasts of experimentation
blow this world open with progressive thought
show your excitement, don’t look so distraught

Freedom from ‘that’ and from ‘him’ and from ‘it’ now
agitate, shake, liberate and acquit now
set the alarm for the ‘Now’ to begin,
bring on a few of my favourite things…

And so it goes. There is a massive build-up of pent-up pressure waiting to ‘break loose’ now, as if the world is tired of being held to ransom by the shenanigans and antics of self-important bullies and impossibly tyrannical narcissists. The gig may be up, and the impatience to bust loose may no longer be able to be contained, but there’s a whole bunch of work that goes with dealing with the aftermath that entails the fallout from an explosive, earth-shattering event.

I know a lot of people are ready, wishing a “bring it on moment”, but with Saturn/Pluto goose-stepping into position, we are hardly ready to take on (or leave) the auspices of the regime.

STRONG REMINDER: this is no time to get emotional. There is important work to be done. Stay present, thoroughly unsentimental otherwise, yes, you will fall prey to fear, anger, heartbreak and loss. Don’t look behind you – that’s all gone – nothing to see. Stay present, one foot in front of the other and keep marching…

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

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