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THE WEEK AHEAD – April 09-15

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Two things are happening to our intelligence simultaneously and, if you haven’t already observed, this week they become starkly obvious to many of you:

  1. We are being bombarded with an incredible amount of cosmic light, illuminating our consciousness out of the decades/ centuries/ millennia of darkness.
  2. Forces of darkness are wrestling to take control of our amazing minds, drag us into corruption, abuse and manipulation.

So, for all intents and purposes, we might say there’s a bit of a war going on on planet earth. It’s different to the ‘holy war’, or the ‘cold war’, or the ‘trade war’ or the ‘war on drugs,’ or any of those wars advertised on your fear-mongering media outlets, sponsored by your local political party. The kind of war that is happening is one which invites everyone to join in – a struggle to maintain some semblance of sanity over the seeming avalanche of stupidity, absurdity and plain nastiness that is constantly cascading down upon our precious minds.

Here are the main transits for the week ahead:

Mon Apr 09  2018 12:18 Mars 12°39′ Quincunx Node 12°39′
Tue Apr 10  2018 09:44 Venus 12°32′ Square Node 12°32′
Wed Apr 11  2018 04:50 Sun 21°15′ Square Pluto 21°15′
Wed Apr 11  2018 06:03 Venus 13°35′ Trine Mars 13°35′
Wed Apr 11  2018 12:15 Sun 21°33′ Quincunx Jupiter 21°33′
  Ch Thu Apr 12  2018 04:17 Venus 14°43′ Semisquare Chiron 29°43′
Thu Apr 12  2018 16:27 Venus 15°20′ Sextile Neptune 15°20′
Sat Apr 14  2018 10:39 Jupiter 21°16′ Sextile Pluto 21°16′
Sat Apr 14  2018 17:28 Mars 15°24′ Sextile Neptune 15°24′
SD Sun Apr 15  2018 09:15 Mercury 04°47′ SD

This becomes an increasingly tense week in what is nothing short of increasingly intense month. Those who claim that they are not feeling it are either masters at the art of self-discipline and stealthy, subtle forms of self-control, or otherwise in a state of complete oblivion, densely caught up in denial, which may hold up for so long but ultimately be wrought with hard times and harsh realisation. When the bubble of cognitive dissonance pops (not too long from now) whatever prop people are using to distract from the ‘reality’ about this ‘war of absurdity’ is going to fall apart at the seams. And there is nothing we can do but let it happen.

In the next few weeks, many energies are either shifting modes or changing gears – Chiron is in his last moments of Pisces, about to complete a 50-year cycle begun in 1968 (Apr 17). Uranus too will soon leave Aries (May 15) and whilst Mercury ends his retrograde (April 15), malefics Saturn and Pluto are slowing down to turn retrograde (April 18 & 22 res.). In about a week, an Aries New Moon is packed with 10,000 volts of Uranian energy, and we get the feeling that the general consciousness of the human race itself is now separating between the two realms of ‘right vs wrong’, and one that is a lot more open to seeing things through more compassionate eyes.

[pic: will davidson]
It isn’t easy to try to explain empathy to those who are foreign to this level of cognizance. Those who don’t get it simply will try to argue that this is a simply a utopian mechanism of bypass – a kind of subjective euphemism that it is employed in order to suffer (or at least tolerate) the extreme levels of religious and ideological dogma which have only led the human race into suffering fear and separation. There is still a mysterious veil shrouding the refined quality of those who are truly capable of feeling the plight of others, without falling prey to the toxic engrams that they carry.

It is, however very easy to spot a person who is stuck in the limiting constraints of Saturn’s dense, fear-based 3D prism. They are the ones who wilfully refuse to see how their actions are somehow causing grief to other sentient beings, both here and elsewhere (present and future). Those caught up in the world of limitation selfishly refuse to understand how their personal efforts to exist (let alone survive) are creating great suffering and pain, not only to others but for themselves.

Selfish actors will continue to argue cleverly that their forcefully imposing ways are necessary, lashing out on others in vindication for their part in a ‘cultural’ or ‘hereditary’ injustices or indignation. Their selfish claims or ‘deeds of entitlement’,  in which they stake themselves as either victims or victors become the only point of contention to the auspices of a lower-end war.

One cannot argue with someone who thinks (or feels certified) that they’re absolutely right. Such a scenario generally implies that all others (including you) are instantly wrong. This dynamic contains the seeds of a despot or a tyrant, and as we are seeing, with Saturn gradually approaching the 2020 conjunction to Pluto, there are many likely contenders already jostling for position in those stakes.

Regardless of their premises, the argument itself about who is right and who is wrong becomes academic, since a responsible grown-up would, in their reasonableness or sanity, not find argument, just reason to speak truth, or at least collaboratively/consultatively bring light into any subject that is shrouded in mystery or darkness.

By the middle of this week, the Plutonian tendencies for ambition, force, power, domination, aggression, and extremism begin to stimulate such tendencies in an already assertive Aries Sun, serving as the motivating and compulsive factors upon our more egotistic or authoritative nature. An impulse for ‘power over’ others could pervade the social forum and play havoc in our personal affairs. 

Here we get to see these forces of light vs darkness; sanity vs madness; clarity vs obscurity, lies & denials take shape.

Naturally, we cannot argue with someone who is resonating in the lower frequencies of fear and anger and using deception and cover-ups as a means to keep us at bay. These persons, whilst determined to win at all costs, are willing to tolerate cruelty and violence upon others as a means to justify their triumphant survival.

The Sun also forms a straining quincunx relationship to Jupiter in Scorpio, further diminishing any assuredness that taking the higher moral ground might yield a more sustainable solution to difficult problems.

Approaching the midpoint of Uranus/Pluto, our Sun (higher self) blesses those acting in authority with the readiness to take on whatever they have to do in order to bring about great change. Sudden, cataclysmic events and drastic strikes to shift positions of power are likely, their effects deeply affecting the way we may have pursued our former objectives – if the objectives themselves still remain significant in light of the revolutionary changes now playing out in our the greater affairs of the mundane world.

By the end of the week Mars (lower self) marches to the Capricorn midpoint of (a now stationing) Saturn and Pluto (15°♑24′). When planets station, especially such heavy, slow movers, it sends the world into a bit of a grind – forcing a temporary, yet sustained disconnection from their primary power structure and a creating a concentrated effort to keep things grounded. It helps to slow down and to recompose our position.


The Mars midpoint contact, triggering these two sleeping goliaths rouses up an aggression that has been extremely repressed in many people up till now. To those more conscious of these incredibly structured and ambitious forces, it can charge them with an ability to assert themselves in an extremely controlled and focused way, enabling the execution of very difficult steps necessary to bring about some greater transformation.

Such indefatigable force can lead to many making profound breakthroughs in their lives, and as Mars approaches Pluto (Apr 26), we start to see a new class of “social justice warrior” in training. We also see examples of those who are fighting to overcome apparent ‘class divisions’ and those who quietly, if not secretly working away to earnestly eliminate the forces of darkness. Jupiter’s sextile to Pluto only inflates any sense of moral or ethical importance about such noble-minded or exultant efforts.

Those whose energy is concentrated in the less-conscious (or blindly ambitious), more reactionary levels of expression there can be a tendency for nasty, sniping, even brutal application of force.

Of course, it seems like it’s all about survival for the more insecure humans. They will do tend to cluster and huddle together in their swarms, forming militant bands and snarly armies, who pledge to fight, go to war, under the same umbrella or flag of a common regime. In the lower-vibrational domains of middle and lower earth, we now get to see the precipitation of what can potentially become quite a destructive energy.

What they are fighting to destroy is not exactly clear to us. All armies are dangerous because they somehow generally revoke the individual’s freedom of choice in the action he is commanded to take. Whilst this energy can be intensely concentrated it generally does not discriminate along logical (particularly biological) lines, and, as has been seen in historical situations, it is pervades the human mind with the very ideological force that drives a wedge of division between brother to brother (as in the likes of civil wars, revolutions, totalitarian regimes and even bitter blood feuds).

In essence, between the events of these past couple of weeks and those of the next 2-3, a war has already commenced. We are now entering a very intense 2-year period, one where we must choose – not which side we must fight on, but on which level we are going to operate when we do indeed engage.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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