Sun conjunct Uranus

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[artist unknown]

SUN conjunction URANUS – 28°♈29′

The urge to come into your own, individual uniqueness – to suddenly break away from everything known before, stand alone and to consciously experience this with a confidence that is foreign, even to yourself.

This is the irrepressible force to take a revolutionary stance.

Notice how you feel totally disengaged from what other people think of you and the dark powers that stand to affect you. It is a profound moment of total, uncompromised self-awareness.

Realise the importance of living your completeness as an original, free-spirited, highly-charged particle whose only commitment is to expressing yourself as an utterly unique manifestation of Spiritual Light.

Nothing stands between you and the revelation of something positively vital – the unexpected revelation of the true meaning of life.

Welcome to this moment.

See it. Be it.

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