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Mars/Pluto – Superpower

[art: aliza razell]
[art: aliza razell]
The conjunction between Mars (♂) and Pluto (♇) at 21°♑17′ (Apr 26) is not only about upholding our individual reputation(♂) but asserting our cultural or tribal will to survive (♇) in this world. An intense level of aggression may be released in this fusion – coming across as an overpowering or compulsive force, strongly evident in the lives of those most affected by this cardinal degree.

The fusing effect of the conjunction amalgamates personal ambitions to press forward with deep, subconsciously driven agendas. The resulting energy produces a force which is difficult to contain and which, once unleashed (either for offensive or defensive reasons), could erupt from a mere scrap or disagreement to a full-scale, all-out, thermonuclear rage.

Care and mindful restraint must be taken when we run into any situation where asserting ourselves with aggression or anger is likely or necessary. Vexating situations may be difficult to avoid at such times, since heated arguments could quickly rail out of control, exploding into hurtful and ugly scenes of rage, leaving affairs in potentially irreparable state.

This aspect can also generate enormous amounts of indefatigable energy which, constructively applied by the mature individual, may produce extraordinary effects. Expressed in more mindful ways, work requiring extreme discipline, or very challenging tasks that require exhaustive efforts to complete can be fully accomplished under this transit. This is also a great time to commence a project that requires extraordinary applications of force to complete. Any venture whose agenda is to transform or regenerate may spawn its inception during this transit. This is especially so where a long-standing situation has become increasingly undesirable, oppressive or simply untenable and something critical has to change. Often the stimulus to take extreme action may come as a result of long-standing deceptive, corrupt, or degenerative conditions being uncovered or exposed.

In certain situations, a full-scale effort of reformation or complete restructuring may need to take place. In the most extreme cases, those met with an unrelenting force to maintain a certain position may launch into a full-scale war (intellectual/emotional/psychological or literally of the military kind), often unfolding as a fierce and determined fight to the ‘death’.

It is also worth noting that Pluto’s tendency to psychologically possess Mars with a deeply hidden agenda may see individuals acting from a place of blind rage or uncontrollable fury, sometimes effecting quite severe and violent outcomes. The things we do may be influenced or incited by motives greater than our own personal drive (or understanding), where we become the unwilling or hapless instruments of a greater, more invisible darker power. As such, our actions – whether constructive or destructive can be so massive that they can affect our whole world, or at least a great number of people.

Ultimately, there is a deep desire to force great changes here. A breakthrough or transformation is necessary and times like these require great pressure to be applied to make it happen. If something has to give way or be defended at all costs then superhuman displays of energy may be need to be unleashed. There is a real grunt-level of effort involved here.

Here, we may witness the shadow-nature taking full possession of the basic personal drive. It takes hold over the individual in ways that are difficult to control or resist, but when these are done successfully and with conscious intent, phenomenal changes are enacted in the evolution of the individuals involved. In less-than-conscious intent, this may be experienced as a domination over others, a trampling over their prerogatives in a seemingly cruel or uncaring fashion. Extreme violence or brutality is not unlikely in the most unconscious of applications of this darker, compulsive energy. Trauma and its effects however can precipitate crises that will send the affected individuals into a deeper search.

One way or another, those affected will experience an extreme intensification of their basic drives, which, to some degree, could play out as both constructively transformative and grievously destructive in nature. The balance depends greatly on how maturely or mindfully the long-term effects and repercussions can be applied.

This transit marks the beginning of a two-year cycle, so it is important that we kick off any course of intensive action “on the right foot”. Ultimately, it sets the scenario for a new, ongoing effort to actively improve a poor situation, start brand new regenerative ventures, or engage into unyielding new undertakings that promise to effect deep and profound changes in our world.

Where does this transit affect you personally?

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