MARS/SATURN – Boot Camp (with horoscopes)

Mars conjunct Saturn at 08°♑57′ – Monday Apr 02  2018, 15:45 UTC

Danger, Brion Gysin UK (Portrait of William Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon, 1959)
Danger, Brion Gysin UK (Portrait of William Burroughs in front of the Théâtre Odeon, 1959)

And so it is – the two ‘malefics’ align, again. In Capricorn, the ambitious Mars individual’s competitiveness  combines with the strictest disciplinarian force of Saturn, and though the experience is perhaps not the most desirable, its harsh, unfeeling effects are enough to wrangle even the most unruly of masculine energies into shape, or at least an abject state of submission.

It is a time to be cautious and disciplined with our actions. Any underlying urge or craving to be right and triumphant in our actions could potentially only hamper or delay our ability to act appropriately.

Like driving a car with the brakes on, the blockage of masculine energy generally transposes into a repressed anger – a pent-up fury and frustration which can potentially become draining and debilitating, and even violently destructive due to an inability to suitably apply frustrated action.

Physical desires seem difficult to satisfy and efforts to pursue a specific course or dedicated career path are met with unproductive, limiting or entirely fruitless prospects.

Sexual advances are blocked, shamed or ridiculed with guilt.

Health issues too may call for constant sacrifices or forfeits of easy opportunities to get ahead in the game. Fears of being victimised usually drive one into karmic dependencies upon those who would ensure their survival yet, like a ball and chain, make it difficult for them to advance.

This aspect can be unpleasant for women, who are liable to attract rather brutish, coarse and insensitive types, and in relationship to others see them acting in cynical, opinionated, easily offended and frightful to flee ways. Withholding sex becomes a cruel weapon by which to assert dominance over their mate, and often arguments or disagreements are a ruse for an undisclosed, deeply psychological fear or contempt for the masculine.

[pic: sisifo]
However, it is the male who suffers hardest with this aspect. His sensitivity or vulnerability with issues around his maleness, pride, autonomy and sexual self-image, will drive him to try disguise these with overcompensating, violating or cheating actions which drive matters to the point of exhaustion.

There is every possibility that in feeling inadequate about his insurmountable responsibilities he succumbs to daunting outward pressures to perform in ways which are not natural to him. The 3D world’s hounding expectation for a certain result produces a certain ‘win-at-all-costs’ mentality. This leaves a detrimental effect on his spontaneity and ability to respond maturely. At worst, it leaves a debilitating effect on the masculine to perform creativity and his ability to be open to what the universe has to offer. Rather than stepping up to show his competency, he psyches himself into fear of loss, and as such signs up for a bitter war against himself.

Hence, the unconscious masculine is easily corralled into activities of organised anger and war. Mobs, gangs, armies, police forces, militia, business executives and their workforce – any scenario where the individual submits his own drive to the fear-based conditions of safety and security of a state is the domain of the Mars-Saturn type. There is a latent cowardice to stand alone, deferring to stand with (or succumb to) the crowd pressure.

More positively, this fusion of powers can help to summon, discipline and direct a pool of technical skill whose disciplined application has the capacity to accomplish high-minded projects and ventures that are based on careful and well planned-out agendas.

This is the beginning of a new, 2-year cycle, one that urges us to assertively form new boundaries, and to concentrate and focus our efforts with patience and persistence when working through known blockages and difficulties, both personally and for the sake of our greater community.

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mars-saturn-antares in late-July 2016 [pic Steve-Simmerman]
Red Mars and golden Saturn have been edging toward each other every day. Their conjunction comes on April 2, 2018 [pic: Steve Simmerman]

This combination heralds a challenging 2-year cycle for the proponents and establishments of business, commerce, government and politics, as well as parenting and paternity, spawning a potentially quarrelsome period for the structured 3D world of expectation, judgment and fear.

How will you handle it? 

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Aries/Aries Rising 

While you may have clear career ambitions, the danger now is that external obligations may redirect your drive towards what others demand of you. Those who hold judgment or authority over you may try diminish your ability to pursue your own objectives through pressuring you with guilt, shame and fear. Not many may understand your blessed motivations now, perhaps even you may feel like all you stand for is being ignored, misunderstood or taken for granted. However, if you should resist any demands made upon you, you risk incurring the wrath and anger from trying to do your own thing against the will of the times. Be patient now. Accept that limitations to your career desires (as upsetting as they seem) can actually fortify you for the occasion when restrictions may no longer get in your way. You can accomplish much during this 2-year cycle, working hard on the practical tasks at hand as true responsibilities, though it may mean placing your own agenda on hold. Should you have the freedom to follow your spiritual dream, you most likely still have to persevere against setbacks, as progress generally is slow.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

Strong, dedicated religious (or philosophical) beliefs, generally along conventional patterns may be followed with increased fervour and greater dogma. However, pushing your point too far can also have its consequences. It’s better just to assume that there is much you don’t know, and when you lack information, you must apply the determination and discipline to find things out using a healthy sense of scepticism, study and investigation. Your constant longing for greener pastures and sporadic fits of wanderlust may now seem hampered. It is time to really settle upon what you do or do not believe, and since you do not like taking orders from anyone, it’s probably best that you should be on your own through this period so the mistakes you make are clearly highly lighted and owned as being your own. From this, you will learn much. Actually, the School of hard knocks and trial & error method is probably the only way that you might learn the real truth about what’s really going on.

Gemini/Gemini Rising 

Legal action in regard to wills, insurance, or other people’s money, maybe the crucial theme this month, forcing you to develop and expand your understanding about interpersonal values – that is, if you want to continue to keep what you already fought so hard to earn in joint effort with others. Certainly issues around inheritance, legacies, support payments, alimony etc may not be as forthcoming even if your partner is in an otherwise financially stable situation. You might need to learn the hard way about putting all your values in material considerations or investments, and you may even come to discover that part of the reason why you are so self-discipline not only in your parsimonious approach to sharing/spending money but also in your willingness to share sexually or intimately with others is because you are constantly fighting against getting too involved with anyone (probably due to money matters). If everything boils down to making a high income you might find at your  your progress toward the next green field may become limited in you might suffer some setbacks. Best now to discipline yourself to the highest level of competence, and come to believe that you can give the best value for what you learn.

Cancer/Cancer Rising 

Ethical, religious, and philosophical values are the crucial themes centering around your ability to successfully meet competition in both personal affiliations and in your immediate dealings with the public. Overreacting to threats and using tactics that are more aggressive then unnecessary to get your way will definitely earn you the reputation of being quarrelsome or difficult, especially if you should suffer any defeats. Any ego-delusions about who you are, or what you promise to deliver will now be tested with a rather stern, judicious, angry jury – individuals or groups who represent the flailing structures of the 3-D status quo. If you wish not to be intimidated by challenging competition, you may need to become as professional as possible in how you put yourself across. On that note, a good counter defence will always be the challenge your adversaries’ credentials. Just know, but if you’re bluffing or telling untruths that this may be a time where any hot air in your balloon will cease to give you the lift to which you are accustomed. Ultimately, what goes up must come down. 

Leo/Leo Rising 

Your generosity in helping others is what allows your spiritual self to mature, and though you may throw yourself into service for others, you may feel ill-equipped was somewhat inadequate in dealing with some of the problems that you’re confronted with lately. You feel that you must be free to follow your own inspiration in work, yet it is possible that you may feel you just don’t have the skills, or lack the education necessary to offer the appropriate calibre of assistance that is required from you these days. Needless to say, this pains you greatly, especially since you are prone to take things all a little personally. But it’s not necessarily you – just times are different and the kinds of problems faced are rather more sophisticated at this point in time. As hard as this may be for you to accept, you must put greater belief in faith healing and the power of positive thinking. Your hard work and selfless service to others will benefit more if you attune yourself to higher energetic laws, and keeping in mind that when you help one, you help all.

Virgo/Virgo Rising 

Providing the best for your children, even to the extent of spoiling them has always been the standard for you. Yet recently, difficulties have meant taking a more conservative approach, cropping back on extravagances, even to the point where any excessive giving of your generosity ends up feeling like a burden for you. Similarly your usually flamboyant artistic/creative endeavours seem a little flat and it may be difficult for you to become inspired. You may resent such frustration, throwing all your effort into making more effort, but somewhere something seems to be holding you back, like a bull at a gate. You may spend your last red cent to present a spectacular event or do something sensational. But unless you come to terms with the reality that putting great efforts into making big impressions in the exterior world in order to receive the love you feel you deserve, them you will be left drained and disillusioned by this period. It’s more than satisfying your selfish needs. What is is really all about?

Libra/Libra Rising

Yes, yes, a spacious, comfortable home, a place for everything and everything in its place – a neat and orderly abode where you can treat others generously – especially your own family. It is through these that you gain all your strength and security. But it is true, this whole idyllic matrix of support for you seems a little difficult to come by now, mostly because the warm and fuzzy feelings aren’t as forthcoming as you might expect. And your heart is dampened, and you are afraid to go out there and compete with the world, as if afraid of failure. The greatest difficulties will if you begin to face reversals or rejection in your career. To avoid any of of these feelings of inadequacy, Or failure you need to take stock and work hard to develop your natural resources talent. Time to let go of the scaffold that has served only to shape you in a way which is expected of you by your parents, culture, religion, education and take a huge risk. Do it your way. 

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising 

All the verve and vigour in how you express your philosophic thoughts and visionary ideas seems somewhat stunted these days, so as much as you try, it’s difficult to put your message across to others lately. A steady, organized approach is necessary, being mindful too that imposing your idyllic views upon those around you may in practice cause more dissent that co-operation. Observe that the more that’s uttered out of your sweet mouth these days in an attempt to convey a ‘truth’, the greater the chance that it would be challenged and disbelieved by those who have other, alternative ideas. Time to examine whether your ideas concerning religion, culture or social values are perhaps encompassing the contemporary views and freedoms of others. Are you preaching from an old, out-of-print hymn book whose depiction of ‘good/evil’ and ‘fire & brimstone’ lexicon does not align with the word of today & the larger social order? Check your notes.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising 

You may be pushing your usual good luck in financial matters a little too far now, coming to learn that sometimes, pushing too hard – wanting too much – leads to unfortunate breaks and resistances in satisfying your needs. Self-serving efforts to get ahead of the race, or even just to secure the things you’re so badly fighting just to hold may prove disastrous if you are losing sight of the bigger picture. On the other hand, you may take an aggressively parsimonious approach toward money and either refuse to spend a cent, even when you are met with hardship and suffering, or feel as if the world is never going to provide enough and become all capsised, both physically and emotionally from a ‘poverty-stricken consciousness’ (even though you may be a millionaire). You will learn, perhaps the hard way, that it’s best to relax, reappraise your entire outlook on money, materials, assets and values – understand that much of it is only causing you delays and frustrations – turn it into a currency that allows you to move, change, grow. Remember, it’s only “all-you-can-eat” while you’re in the restaurant. Can’t take it with you.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising 

Projecting yourself with your usual optimism is somewhat hampered now, and though you are anxious to charge ahead, there’s a feeling of having to constantly put on the brakes, which can of course feel extremely frustrating now. One thing about this time is that you learn to hold firm to your course and learn to handle problems as they come up with a more patient attitude. You might also have to watch those feelings of anger now, easily directed at others or your daily frustrations of life. Know this – if you’ve been holding in any frustrations, they may all rush up to the surface now, and we may see you exploding into ever more frequent temper tantrums. Of course, in true ‘hard knocks school’ style – any inappropriate behavior will be rewarded with serious lessons, which if not taken in with some degree of understanding could result in feeling lost, insecure and depressed. Choose your battles carefully and learn to deal with your frustrations with others  in more constructive ways.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising 

The beauty of this period is that the less you do, the more you accomplish, the more you will . Conversely, any ambitious attempts to get ahead only threatens to builds animosity and resistance against your efforts in ways you cannot even imagine, ways which will mysteriously threaten to undermine, confound, confuse and wear you down. In many ways (if you have not learned this by now) it is wise to understand that there are certain times in life when one must slow down, cease to struggle to win a race which is so limited in its overall spiritual reward, and focus on divesting those attitudes and lofty aspirations which in reality you have been unable to fulfill in your present circumstances.

Pisces/Pisces Rising 

Of course, you are known for your enjoyment of having many fabulous, wild and optimistic friends without whom you would not be able to grow personally, however, during this period you may find that exerting too much effort into your social network can have some unpleasant consequences, especially if it is in reaction to something or someone that has disagreed with you. If you are socially active by nature, you may wish to exercise some restraint now, otherwise you may find moving forward in this area of your life simply a weight that holds you back. If you are more disposed towards taking a less social approach, you may see your efforts to make contact with others grinding to a halt now. The main purpose of this period is to slow down your involvement with others sufficiently enough so that you can clearly see what you truly want and what you don’t want. You will relinquish any shared ideals or group efforts that are unrealistic or no longer satisfy you, allowing you to redirect your efforts toward interests that really impel you. With discipline, you will ultimately achieve your end. Know this – any vision that combines both mental and physical application and that concentrates your energy in a purposeful, deliberate way is going to produce positive effects which can offset any upset, disappointment or depression now.

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