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Aries/Aries Rising – Aries New Moon Horoscope & Intention

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You’re attracting a lot attention lately and possibly for the most undue or unsolicited reasons. Yet regardless of how you try to deflect or avoid this, the more you become the spectacle of the moment, and like a roadside oddity or some frightful calamity, people at least stop to take a look.

This may cause you to become increasingly preoccupied with how you come across to others, which in essence is forcing you to examine just how ambivalent you feel about yourself. On the surface, there may be a love-hate relationship you are having with yourself, and it is primarily your self-image which is taking a direct hit.

This New Moon is in your own sign, and with a Uranus conjunction it’s no surprise that you may draw or grab as much attention and affection from your world in the most forthright, possessive and impatient ways. Needless to say, this may not always come in welcome or forthcoming circumstances. Others may transparently see through any emotional inadequacies or insecurities you have about yourself, pick up on whiny, immature, or demanding behaviour. As such, they may respond to you in ways so offensive, that in the end could stir you up to lash out in such a manner that comes off as wholly inappropriate. In any such case, you may be forced to go ways you never saw coming, or necessarily prepared for.

If you can notice your affairs bursting more frequently into irascible displays and histrionic dramas, then now is perhaps the perfect time to reassess how comfortable you are within yourself. In some ways you prefer to have others let you live your own life, whilst at the same time you become overly demanding of others for fear of being left alone. This contradiction can cause quite a few disruptions in your relationships at the moment. Whether voluntarily or forced up you, this is perhaps a time to be left alone to reinvent your image.

The cosmic message this month is to hold your centre (balance) by loving yourself from within.

New Moon Intention

I centre and motivate myself in all my endeavours and visions about who I am in my own right.

I affirm my own self lovingness in order to realise my own worth. I assert myself passionately without alienating others in my way.

Although I may give the impression that I am self-driven and I do not need others, I understand the importance that my relationships may have towards helping me realise my goals and ambitions and I value their co-operation rather than my own, self-imposed alienation and, sometimes, loneliness.

I stand mostly on my own merits, learning to let go of familiar ties and toxic patterns which hold me into irrational doubts and fears about my ability to express my freedom and independence.

I maintain a close competitive lead, both in my personal liaisons and against my competitors without seeming too dominating, cleverly allowing them to pursue me until they can almost catch up.

I strive to stay ahead and abreast at my game, but realise it is far more engaging staying in the contest with another, whilst always playing, working, innovating at the cutting edge of what I am best at.

I stand in my own strength. I hold my own power, make my own decisions, control my own destiny.

I show respect to others, and do not resent having to make concessions to them, nor do I want them to resent me for making them compromise their own will just to suit me.

I achieve my goals and attain my position by having faith in my own ability to succeed.

I am myself. That’s all I can be.

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