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Aquarius/Aquarius Rising – Aries New Moon Horoscope & Intention

Shaking it all up this month is that mental restlessness (whichsome might argue ‘recklessness’) – a jerky notion that you have to move, get off the beaten path and scrimmage around those in your localenvironment until they either cut you a break or you bust loose altogether.

One way or another, excitement abounds – particularly since much happens largely on the unconscious level. Deep within, you are actually struggling to liberate yourself from a morass of confusing emotions.

Unbeknownst to you, a stubborn adherence to some deeply unconscious, long-forgotten beliefs or transcendental truths is holding you back from seeing exactly what you need to see in order to be free, and it is likely that you have forced yourself into some reclusive, isolated existence until you can process this fully.

As Mercury ends its retrograde, you may feel out of sync with most of your relationships. You may either think too much for too little in relation to the thoughts and ideas you are receiving from those around you.

Meditation (not some other mind distraction) is the only way to navigate yourself out of the possessions that often plague your revolutionary mind.

Practicing mindfulness will bless you with the ability to integrate your sometimes erratic daily thoughts into a peaceable communion with your intuitive inner self, allowing you to fight any one track emotional patterns and preventing feelings of self persecution from getting the upper hand over you.

The key to this, and after all, it’s been a good 2-3 year struggle for you – a revolution in the mind as it were – is for you to establish definite spiritual attitudes towards all of life.

New Moon Intention

My thirst for truth through knowledge helps me to reveal that I have all the potential I need to succeed.

I endeavour to expand my higher education, and to explore my future capabilities by detaching myself from any limitations imposed by early programming that denied me access to myself.

I function best when I am allowed to freely accomplish my objectives without having someone breathing down my neck, distracting me from making my best possible efforts. I now exhibit self-determination and creativity in my career prospects, and shy away from boring and stifling routine activities.

I aim to expand my future visions, expand my horizons through my travels, and exercise better writing and reading disciplines in order to foster development in the use of my mind and tongue, as well as to genuinely keep my enthusiasm high.

I seek to make contact with others who are just as desirous of growth as I am. I seek to grow my immediate network and learn from them through speaking my truth, and naturally, by becoming more discerning of the truth I see in others.

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