#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – WEEK 14 – Apr 02-08

Sunday, 8 April

THIRD QUARTER MOON FORECAST: (18°24′, Sun Apr 08 2018, 07:18 UTC)

The pressure from Capricorn onto Aries to ‘be mature’ continues. If Aries must lead during this time, then he best put all his conviction into showing some responsibility for his past actions, for himself, for others, for later, for all.
In the next few days, the hard-nosed Capricorn Moon allies her mater-sway into the strafing bombshell of the malefics /♄ /♇, now forming a formidable stellium. The public swell of concern over who (if anyone) is running things is about to reach fever pitch. Luna incites a grounding force, more as a reaction to the infantile self-centredness we have been seeing, particularly leading into last week’s full moon (Mar 31). She increases pressure to get to the bottom of all our subconscious fears and drag up all that is there, to see so it can be dealt with, maturely.
Being an adult is more than a mere qualification in age. It is a description of a human who has indeed grown up, who is genuinely concerned and cares not just for children, but should he dare to be childish, know that this is a quality that he can step into playfully, but not become lost into.
Childishness is NOT becoming of an adult who must take responsibility when it is absolutely necessary.
The world is in crisis. We are in tremendous emotional craving to overcome our fears over irresponsibility and tit-for-tat squabbles. We seek to be spiritually transformed by the conviction of ripe adults that can step out of playing immature and childish games and deal with their duties. In this, we must be willing to forgive them for their indiscretions and improprieties. Our clemency to those who wish to make amends demonstrates our own spiritual and emotional maturity, and one of the great virtues of which to aspire.
As great JUPITER spins retrograde in Scorpio, he guides that this is not a time when blame, scorn and vindictive retributions will yield sustainable solutions. Yes, malicious strikes have the power to transform too, but these only threaten to leave a lasting and malevolently bitter taste. CHIRON at the last degree of Pisces is begging for healing through unqualified remorse and forgiveness.
The mark of a true adult is the willingness to both to apologise and to receive an apology. There is no grievance nor wound that cannot be healed and transformed by our ability to humbly give or accept a humble apology. Prepare to be the bigger dude. Prepare to lead in unprecedented ways.
As the SUN approaches URANUS for a phenomenally revolutionary NEW MOON (Apr 18), be prepared to make unprecedented decisions, go down a road never before travelled, embark on to a whole new dimension of dealing with things.

Just because you’ve aged or found yourself in a position of esteem doesn’t mean you’ve matured into adulthood. Being an adult means being patient, controlling your temper, doing away with the self-pity and moral indignation.

In essence, one cannot be ‘right’ and also expect to have ‘peace’.

When I see people lapsing into this mode of ‘righteous indignation’, I immediately know I’m dealing with an immature person and a difficult choice is imminent.

How come some people think they’re right?
Because they want other to think they’re wrong. This very subjective stance gives them a sense of power.

If others can make you think that they’re right and you’re wrong then it implies that they are your victim. Then you have somehow wronged them. Then all rules are off. Then they can lash out at you any way they like. Then they don’t have to be accountable for anything.

When we witness the righteous anger or resentment from others, we have two choices. We can either slide into an immature war with them, or we can hold up our composure.

TIP FOR THIS TRANSIT: Be the adult in the room. Let the baby have its bottle, put it to bed, and go lounge with some other grown-ups.

Friday, 6 April

Are you ready to witness history being made?

Lots of amazing energies coming together in the lead-up to this phenomenal ARIES NEW MOON (April 16).

Something unprecedented is about to occur, and in the flash of a single moment you will come to realise that your life has shifted, never to be the same. Unless you are deeply tuned into your inner voice, it is hard to imagine (or conceptualise) what it might be prior to the event.

When it happens, though you may be a bit surprised, in hindsight you may feel that it has already happened, deep inside of you.

What has manifested, however shocking or absurd, was already written in your unconscious before you finally came to know it. History is written twice – first within, then without.

Can you read what it might be?

Wednesday, 5 April

Dear Jesus,

Thanks for coming.
I’m aware of our connection.
I am prone to be a complete dick because I am seriously obsessive about achieving my agenda. 
I communicate powerfully and in a profoundly forthright manner, holding fast to what I feel is crucial and important. Sure, my ideas and opinions are a bit extreme, but if i don’t go there, say that thing, challenge those people, who will?
In all this, I have often disgraced myself, my gender, my creed my nation, even my esteemed position… a little more than usual. I may give the impression that I don’t care about consequences, but to me these are just meaningless. I care so much about the rhetoric and engagement that ensues.
Thank you for helping me to strip away the very rigid exterior that entombs my inner being.
Yes, I wish to become humbled completely.
I may be a proud man but not a bad man.
I am willing to work relentlessly to achieve enlightenment.
I am willing to give up everything i have and, God knows, I have been blessed with more than any mortal being in the history of mankind has ever known.
Though my outward goals are mostly destructive, and may ultimately affect my own vitality and health, this only a means, and I am prepared to pay that cost.
Ultimately I want to bring about a major breakthrough for the whole planet. I acknowledge your intervention here today is merely to assist with realigning my goals in a manner that will expedite, not only my personal evolution, but that of my entire species.

Thank you for connecting with me here.
Thank you for holding me through this, my darkest day,
I owe you something big
I will not let you down

Tuesday, 3 April – ☿℞ □ /♄ ∠ ♃

MERCURY, still in retrograde, slows down considerably this month. The station at 04°47′ (Apr 15) forms a tight sesquisquare to JUPITER (Apr 8-20), so a caution about spending (money/energy), especially on plans that are in any way outlandish or merely speculative.

Check in with an adult who loves you before taking your piggy bank to Wall Street.

Developments in business and general economics continue to be troubling this week especially due to thoughtless or poorly planned transactions and ill-tempered communications (☿-/♄). Again, a reminder to NOT sign deals or make important purchases through this time, unless with the intention of upsetting or aggravating existing conditions (sometimes necessary for forced divestment or separation).

Not a good month to invest, and in prelude to next month’s URANUS entering Taurus (May 15), prepare for a sudden shift in ‘share’ values, especially in land, real estate, blue-chip stocks and the more conservative holdings. Much will change in our world, so a good time to assess what you value and its ongoing sustainability/profitability.

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Monday, 2 April

Not sure if it’s clear to you yet, but we’re close to being dragged into the throes of the world of fear and fury right now.

What is forming among us is a drive to divide, a preparation for a separation, the right royal nudge to play judge – a dangerous game where the blame and the shame and an urge to defame will result in a battle to wound…
…and to seriously maim 
And the scapegoats we find to project all our pain 
are the pitiful failures within that remain.

Welcome to the full scale deconstruction and corruption of the 3D world (or what’s left of it).

If you must engage (and it won’t be pretty) please don’t do it here.
We are a friendly, loving tribe. We already know that we have everything we need to be amazing, just within.

Nothing to prove to anyone out there, thank you.

Have an amazing week xx

MARS/SATURN – Boot Camp (with horoscopes)

Sunday, 1 April – EASTER SUNDAY

(my 2018 account about complicity and irreverence to yet another tradition):

The biggest festival of the Christian Church is still being celebrated in many western countries, focusing on the greatest of religious miracles – the resurrection of Jesus, the christed one.

Following the cult following of Jesus’ teachings, in 325 AD the Council of Nicaea would establish that the festival of Easter be held on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox(*) Full Moon. From that point forward, the Easter date depended on the ecclesiastical approximation of March 21 for the vernal equinox. Whilst western christianity went with the Gregorian calendar, Eastern Orthodox religion decided to use the astronomically inaccurate Julian calendar to work out their date. This often produced two different weekends of religious partying.

As a child raised under the strict virtues of the Greek Orthodox regime but educated under the hardline order of the Anglican Church, the annual celebration of Easter would consume most of my post-equinox month.

Whilst I fully understood (and respectfully observed) the religious meaning and rituals of the occasion, it would be the sheer conflict of dates between two otherwise sympathetic cultures that would eventually dilute my capacity to become steeped into either religion. Eventually, my inner cynicism would reject both faiths as ultimately hypocritical to the essence of what Jesus was teaching. I just did not get the political division.

Guided by my own, inner voice I became drawn to astral mysticism and spirituality and Jungian psychology as soon as I became aware of myself and my behaviour towards others. I would reject anything that did not speak to me directly in a language that could immediately reach my spirit as an individual. Whilst i still found value in Jesus’ teachings, i did so in my own unorthodox way.

These days I have children of my own and my only intention with each of them is to create a personally meaningful and truthful communication between us. Anything that helps us to look at each moment as a celebration of self-awareness and love is a welcome topic. Any discussion that helps to dispel ignorance and blindly motivated behaviour is encouraged. We have never discussed religion or any other dogma as an acceptable framework.

However, since they live in the world of chocolate, they continue to believe in the whole ‘Easter Bunny’ charade. My youngest, 8yo twins are still enthusiastic about Easter eggs, and though ambivalent about the myth myself, i love their romance with the magic and wonderment of a giant benevolent rabbit leaving them an insane amount of chocolate-flavoured sugar products all over the backyard. We’ve had some epic egg-hunts over the years, but i wondered if this year they were ready to have the myth debunked.

Since I left the prep a bit late
only to discover the day before that the town had run out of chocolate eggs and there wasn’t another store for 100 miles, I instead stocked up on conventional chocolate treats. But their prep was huge. They wrote a letter to the bunny. They obsessed to know more details about this mythical furry being. I struggled in how i would break the truth to them, suggesting that the old gold-miners of the 1850’s had once driven all the wildlife off this hill when they destroyed the environment out of their excavatory greed (true story).

In the early hours of the morning, having woken up at 3am, i decided to go and leave a pile of chocolate outside the front door. When they woke up, they discovered this, looked around for more and decided to settle for the non-egg variety. I acted as delighted for them as usual, but after breakfast we decided to explore the hill (just in case there was eggs). To my own delight, all we found was a bunch of disused mines from decades ago. The kids became fascinated by the gold-mining story instead. They researched it when we got back home. There was no more question about bunnies. Nobody lied. Nobody missed out on chocolate. I guess that on some level I would have preferred to tell them the absolute truth. On another i didn’t have the heart to ruin the illusion.

Such is the cultural conundrum today about systems that have failed to deliver in the spirit in which they promised. I have the same ambivalence about christianity, democracy and social networking. They are as divisive and exploitative of their patrons and members as they purport to provide solace, support and social unity.

In many ways we go along with certain insupportable, unsustainable myths about our world in order to reap certain benefits. The illusion that our faith in some external miracle will provide us with hope and inspiration that all is not lost.

“Just play along… play along with the myth. it’s in your own interests to play along, and don’t ask too many questions…”
– Probably the most tragic, utterly dangerous spell i can think of casting.

However you celebrate this year, be conscious of what truths and what nonsense you are entertaining, projecting in. Be aware of its overall impact, and have an amazing festival xx

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