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THE WEEK AHEAD: March 19-25

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An incredibly powerful lunation near the end of Pisces last Saturday saw the SUN have his last rites read to him by CHIRON, where a square from MARS to the NEW MOON created quite a few ‘gunfights’ over sensitivities, particularly about home truths and differences of belief.

We all learned a lot there, but mostly we have learned to keep our egos under check, since they are so damned fragile at the moment that they are most prone to being shot to pieces if we get in any way self-righteous or arrogant.

Whilst we discussed the healing powers of this at length, this moment in time, when the Sun is in his final hours of Pisces, is like the dissolution of an expired age, and we have never really felt it as intensely or seen it as perhaps so obviously. Subtle yet poignant, to let go of values that no longer mean very much is not easy, since our whole sense of identity is usually measured on social status, credit rating and public reputation. No sentiment nor sympathy can adequately replace something that was essentially steeped in falsehood and deception, and to become confronted by the ultimate truth before our eyes can be upsetting, depressing, even harsh. However, we can all agree that once the lie has been exposed and let dissolve, we are free to finally accept the loss and move forward into our truth.

So a kind of spiritual relief comes this week, as we prepare for what is effectively the start of a new astrological year…

Here are the main transit for this week…….

Sqq Mon Mar 19 06:16 pm GMT Sun 29°05′ Sesquiquadrate Node 14°05′
Tue Mar 20 04:03 am GMT Mercury 16°22′ Conjunction Venus 16°22′
enters Tue Mar 20 04:16 pm GMT Sun 00°00′ ARIES INGRESS
  S Fri Mar 23 00:11 am GMT Mercury 16°54′ Mercury Retrograde
Fri Mar 23 11:14 pm GMT Venus 21°04′ Square Pluto 21°04′
Sat Mar 24 03:36 pm GMT Moon 03°57′ Square Sun 03°57′
Sat Mar 24 04:08 pm GMT Sun 03°58′ Square Mars 03°58′
Sun Mar 25 09:08 am GMT Venus 22°49′ Quincunx Jupiter 22°49′

Yes, thanks to Tuesday’s Aries EQUINOX this week can feel extremely exciting, its powerful aspects (like the square from MARS to the Sun) will be discussing at greater length (separate article) in my EQUINOX reading for the year ahead.

Mercury turning retrograde (Friday) also coincides with a bunch of tense (square) energies, so it’s super wise to stay mindful of a propensity to bust into flaming wars with others… not difficult given the tenuous nature of current relations – particularly between genders.

Children, adolescents, and neutral-gender (non-sexualised or androgynous) individuals become the big theme this year, and so watch the hot themes in your world at the moment, they develop into key issues throughout the year.

[image: bill gekas]
Intense passions and unrequited desires overrule the nature of our choices this week, and conflicts may easily flare up when we lose control of our little obsessions. Something is eating each of us – we may want it so badly, but it’s just not healthy for us and, as desperately as we may want it, it’s probably best to stay away, and (deep down) our heart knows it. Watch out for involvements in relationships or deals that are basically unsuitable or not to anyone’s benefit (♀ □ ♇) – these could easily drag us down a path which can be mutually destructive and can fast degenerate into character-debasing tragedies that can be quite harmful, or at least create a lot of traumatic stress. If you know what’s pulling you, make a point to stay away.

If strong desires do actually drive you into feeling a restless agitation, try to focus on your work/career plans instead. Even here, watch you don’t swashbuckle your way into ill-considered conflict with your boorish ambitiousness. Know that anger and frustration are rife all around (☉♈ □ ♂), so reacting rashly or impatiently may provoke more force or will-power than is necessarily appropriate to settle things, and anger will eventually turn to rage, which will certainly not produce the desired effect that we want.

It’s time to be patient, and whilst this can be super hard during the Aries Sun, acting without prior thought only sows the seeds of guaranteed future disasters. There is much success possible if only we can just stick with our more carefully thought out plans, preferably with consideration to the feelings of others.

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Here’s some handy tips on how to play it smart this week:

  1. Allow: Realise your “ideal” is incompatible with the world around you. Are you idealising someone or something? Stop trying to make things perfect and allow them to just be as they were intended. Realise that perfection is already there within everything. Learn to use things and to love people as they are, not to love things and use people as you would wish.
  2. Observe: Pay close attention to what is already there. What is really going on? Look, listen, learn and take meaning from what the experience is offering you. Underneath it all there is an intrinsic message. What is it?
  3. Understand: Once you draw the essential data, learn to question it. Have the courage to ask why do people behave in a certain way.  Why do they do the things they do? What is the underlying reason? Try to understand things at the deepest level before you make a judgment about the situation. Buddha said “To understand everything is to forgive everything.”
  4. Accept: Observation and understanding leads to unconditional acceptance. Things are how they are, people are true to their intrinsic purpose. Once we accept this fact through learned understanding we open the road for the greatest currency of all.
  5. Love and compassion: It is not hard to open up one’s heart and embrace others into our love when we learn to accept them as they come. Through a deeper understanding and acceptance of others we learn to see the good in everyone and everything. When we see bad, understand this is because of pain and suffering. Only through showing compassion to the pain you see around you can you ever hope to end that suffering.
  6. Celebrate: Learn to find the joy in the uniqueness of every entity, every moment. Nothing is ever a repetition – the universe is boundless in its creativity and hence does not reproduce anything in quite the same form. It is all there for you to explore, accept, love and ultimately include in your experience of the most ideal version for what you are looking for.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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  1. Thank you, I may read this in our women circle , I wanted to talk about forgiveness so it’s March.

  2. thank you Ang, this is how I operate (and “aim” for) in my life. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Science of Mind/Ernest Holmes (now known as Centers for Spiritual Living or CSL) but this is pretty much what they espouse. Not trying to convert you, just wanted you to know about the parallels and how heartwarming your words were to how I work to be everyday. Lacy

    • Hi Lacy. No, i’ve not heard of Ernest, prefer to keep my observations clear and esoteric, but not surprised that many others are speaking a similar language, it is time to realise certain truths. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Magnificent ??✨
    Thank You Ang?

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