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After passing Neptune last week, the Pisces Sun is ever more dissolvent upon our already tender egos. It only takes a trine from Jupiter in Scorpio to push out great hidden truths to which, regardless how ultra sensitive, we still must hear and at least entertain.

Jupiter, now in retrograde, brings the expanding sex/power narrative of these past weeks and months under intensive review, for may weeks to come. The objective is to find ways to transform our attitudes and laws around any abuses and violations of our most intimate ‘rights’. We got a lot to learn:

Here are the main transits this week…..


Tue Mar 13 12:40 pm GMT Venus 08°08′ Square Saturn 08°08′
Sqq Tue Mar 13 01:56 pm GMT Venus 08°12′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 23°12′
Tue Mar 13 08:06 pm GMT Sun 23°11′ Trine Jupiter 23°11′
  Ch Wed Mar 14 06:09 am GMT Mars 28°01′ Square Chiron 28°01′
Wed Mar 14 10:57 am GMT Jupiter 23°11′ Semisquare Saturn 08°11′
Thu Mar 15 04:53 pm GMT Neptune 14°21′ Quincunx Node 14°21′
  Sqq Fri Mar 16 03:34 pm GMT Mars 29°24′ Sesquiquadrate Node 14°24′
Fri Mar 16 09:43 pm GMT Mercury 14°24′ Trine Node 14°24′
Pa Sat Mar 17 00:26 am GMT Jupiter 23°08′ Opposition Pallas 23°08′
Sat Mar 17 01:12 pm GMT Moon 26°53′ Conjunction Sun 26°53′
  enters Sat Mar 17 04:41 pm GMT Mars 00°00′
Sun Mar 18 10:50 am GMT Venus 14°14′ Trine Node 14°14′
Ch Sun Mar 18 11:14 pm GMT Sun 28°18′ Conjunction Chiron 28°18′

The communication in the gender gap is seriously widening with both Venus and Mars reaching critical stress points this week. Any sudden cravings for pleasure are met with rousing flourishes of tough love (♀ □ ♄) and since the sexes are at horrible odds on so many counts around clashing values and self-worth issues, the discontent thickens. So what do we do?

Not receiving a terribly positive response, the masculine feels stuck, struggling to discharge his ‘assertive’ energy. Even when he does, he is made to feel awkward and lame, or his timing is poor, his taste is vulgar, his approach is anachronistically neanderthal… etc. He is made to feel apologetic and shameful (♂□Ch) and that just amounts to more relationship woes and dramas. Brought to public scrutiny, some conflicts damage more than just pride, but reputation.

No pain no gain they say, and though it seems like the beaten masculine would rather run and hide than face the truth, it’s probably wisest to stay and work through any critical “men’s issues”. By Saturday’s New Moon the intention may be to retreat to a little shed somewhere and just go “heal oneself”.

These are the final days of Pisces before the Sun hits the Aries Equinox next Tuesday, so the annual spiritualisation process of the ego is nearly at its full completion.

An important week for letting go of faded beliefs and structures and just loosen up a little on ourselves. A great reset point is coming, but to get there successfully we really need to realise just how much we make ourselves suffer.

We are gifted with the capacity to tune in to what is truly important, as well as the ability to find a way to express it. It’s important that we nurture ourselves in the ways we personally see fit before we even begin to attempt to nurture others. This is not a time for projecting our woundstories onto others. Not only do these dramas of abdicating responsibility seem transparent, but everyone has their own bundle of stuff to deal with, by themselves, and with a sense of urgency.

Most of all, there is a haunting sensation that if we are not following our true spiritual calling that we may be perilously heading down the wrong path. This is unavoidable in such a rapidly vaporising society where everyone is struggling to maintain some semblance of credibility. This crisis doesn’t just affect those in the conventional dead-end jobs, those struggling in business or disillusioned by traditional religions that are no longer satisfying the soul. We are seeing it also in those who have chosen to follow the ‘spiritual path’ in the nouveau New Age movement. In fact, the insecurity around past decisions is at a fever pitch this week, and it may be weeks before we pull up the courage to take inevitable risks to follow the heart-calling anyway (if ever).

Saturn’s semi-square on Jupiter can be ominously grounding to all faith. We all need a little truth bomb lit up under our asses once in a while, and the fuse to this little rocket has already been ignited during Mars’ 8 weeks in Sagittarius. Whether it pops or it fizzes, the facts will be out and we must deal with some degree of karmic fallout when Mars joins the other malefics in Capricorn. Whatever our career choices or business , we must surely pay for any mistakes made, and whether we learn our lesson from these or we need to repeat them is irrelevant. Lessons will be learned the the school of hard knocks. The old world is crumbling, societies are breaking down because the old adhesives of ‘cultural pressure’ and old-school fear tactics are no longer working. However, we can not blame or wait for it to change.

At some point we need to step up to our personal responsibility and work on improving our character. Accepting responsibility for our actions and attitudes does not need to be deflating or a real drag to our enthusiasm. In fact, it provides us with the freedom to change our destiny. We are not bound to any structures or traditions of the past, which has shaped our feelings, culture, inheritance, background. All this can be altered if we have the courage to examine how it has programmed us. We can transform our basic DNA, provided we have the courage to go deep and break down the basic elements of corruption that run throughout our fundamental beliefs.

More updates and a special New Moon article during the week.

Blessings, and have an amazing week….

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