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NEW MOON at 26°53′ PISCES – Saturday, March 17 13:12 UTC

Have you been feeling exhausted since the Virgo Full Moon two weeks ago? The Sun’s conjunction to nebulous Neptune really siphoned a lot of gas out of the tank, and besides, Full Moons can often leave devastating effects due to their tendency to release energy and bring things to an end.

Whilst all the recent fuzziness and energy-draining episodes have left us quite supple and susceptible to all things, they have also primed us to be open to receive this wonderful moment. It is now time to initiate something quite special, experience a unique rite of passage, set an intention that’s driven more from a deep, inner calling and pursue it like its a sacred new mission.


Of course, ‘beginnings‘ and ‘endings’ are words we use to describe the start and end of things. A ‘beginning’ is the event of a ‘coming together’, when energy gathers in one place and formulate an intention. An ‘ending’ is simply the dissolution of that energy, or the capitulation of that intention.

Astrology, deals with the cycles of celestial bodies, the most personal are the Sun/Moon cycles. New Moons (the coming together of the Sun and Moon), generally augur a new beginning personally, whilst at Full Moon (Sun/Moon opposition) our primal (anima/animus) energies separate, marking a personal ending of some kind.

Lunar phases provide definite markers in our life’s personal cycles. Eclipses between the Sun and Moon are even more intense. We see how energies that come together at certain auspicious moments may also fall apart should conditions become unfavourable. Similarly, those energies that have dissolved may come together again, if circumstances deem it to be appropriate.

Every month, each New Moon proceeds through all 12 of the constellations. Over the course of the annual Solar journey, the Moon gently cycles through the succession of signs, giving us the full range of experiences, beginnings and endings, until we can begin again. Hence, life becomes a never-ending procession of beginnings and endings through each respective area of our mundane lives. From time to time, a lunation will activate a personal planet or point in our chart, sending our lives into wonderful highs and lows.

New and Full Moons. Beginnings and endings.


There is something about the subtle, mysteriously solvent nature of the Pisces New Moon. Pisces represents the final phase of any entity’s incarnation – the dissolution of its being and its transcendence into spirit.

Like all New Moons, whilst the Pisces New Moon actually introduces something new, its dissolvent effect actually brings about an ending of sorts. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether this particular New Moon heralds a beginning or an end, making us question whether there’s such a thing as a beginning or an end anyway, since the great cosmic cycle is perpetual. We may say that in order to evolve an entity must reach a point of dissolution (Pisces) before it can reincarnate.

Hence, in the lead-up to this lunation we may have sensed a hypnotic veil shrouding over all of us, casting an indefinable spell of emotional confusion and mental disarray. Are things clearly there or are they just a dream of what we would like them to be? Things are either divinely ideal or perfectly chaotic; one is simultaneously empathetic and apathetic. We are left in a quandary about what on earth is going on and wondering whether it matters a lot, or not at all.


The ego-disintegrating impact of this Pisces lunation is further diffused in that its mysterious ruler, Neptune is also transiting this sign. The sheer ego-dissolving forces of Neptune have been washing over us like a cavalcade of crashing waves, subtly eroding boundaries and heightening sensitivity to excruciating levels of emotional vulnerability and confusion. Opening us up to experience a multitude of alternative dimensions, we have been particularly prone to daydream, seeking refuge in fantastical visions, nihilism, as well as an equally dangerous susceptibility to new, totalising, utopian ideas. Of course, the cost of getting too ‘lost at sea’ could leave us feeling victimised, misunderstood, deeply disillusioned, divinely dissatisfied, or downright undermined and deceived.

This has not been terribly grounding or assuring, but necessary since we need to be able to sense one another’s perspective – really feel an empathy for where one another is coming from, if that is at all possible.

However, if we have become too emotionally enmeshed into our environment/relationships/ideas and beliefs, this lunation could expose which parts of our identity are wanting to slip away – the part of our ego invested into falsity that now seeks dissolving. It is possible that you are struggling to understand or accept what this is really all about right now, even as you read this.

Are some things just making you question, what on earth is this all about??

Often, our old sense of self-distinction – that part of us by which we have sought to define our character eventually becomes eroded and defrayed to such a point where it eventually gives way. Anything not supported in this present-tense reality comes to a end, slips away so that something truly divine can emerge. The intrinsic spirit seeks expression, and as it does, something miraculous can emerge and begin anew.

After a long period of unfreedom – any false attachment to a singular interpretive structure – is necessary for the development of a free spirit. For instance, religious dogma can trap us into such a false sense of unfreedom that we can feel entrapped in it merely by our own erroneous beliefs.  As the dogma dies, becomes eroded or washed away by the sea of disillusionment, it perishes along with our limited concept of God. What emerges is a true, indefinable connection to spirit, which is of central importance to Neptune’s process through Pisces.

So with this New Moon desires may die off, bodies may decay, friendships/lovers may vanish, groups may disband and positions may become untenable. One thing (and one thing only) will remain, which we can only carry it in our heart – our spirit and its intent to persevere, forgivingly, compassionately.


chironThe tight conjunction to planetoid Chiron is highly significant here. Chiron essentially acts as a transmitter of pure insights between the ordinary (terrestrial) and extraordinary (extra-terrestrial) worlds. He appears as a shamanic master of ceremonies, someone who serves to connect us to the divine source of our karmic pain. Whether through his gift of prophecy, rite-of-passage ceremony, healing practices, wise teachings, he brings us greater understanding, assuaging us from pain as if he’s ferrying us from one side of the river to another.

On this New Moon, Chiron (in Pisces) is most sensitive to others’ emotional suffering. He seeks to inject a new aliveness into the stagnant pools of human pain and depression, revitalising all those with whom he comes into contact. In this New Moon energy combination, he brings to light the pain of the collective subconscious, allowing us to begin to absolve the inexplicable wounds currently plaguing humankind. He blesses us with tools of humility, compassion, forgiveness and empathy for all creatures.

Chiron – himself an extraordinarily tortured creature – a grotesquely disfigured sod whose own self-reproach, shame and abandonment issues and the cursed torment of a painfully incurable sore, seeks a particularly sophisticated kind of remedy for himself through Pisces.

He realises that only by the absolving all unfairly imposed incriminations, persecutions and social stigmas; only through unconditional forgiveness and acceptance of his emotional weaknesses and tender vulnerabilities can he overcome the shame of being an intrinsically sensitive soul. He seeks to remedy the lifetime pain of feeling easily discriminated, victimised and misunderstood. Through forgiveness and a genuine feeling of acceptance for being a sensitive empath, he hopes to do the difficult work of helping other sensitive souls to become re-empowered themselves.


This rather exultant, yet invisible quality may be angrily denied to him by the self-righteous and doubting justice warrior (indicated by the square from Mars in Sagittarius).

Mars (the masculine) will refuse to work with this Chirotic New Moon energy, most likely aggravating old sores of persecution, self-doubt and incapacity to show evidence of what is largely energetic and mystical healing.

Yet, the psychotic, psychopathic, psychedelic or psychic mind of the shamanic Chiron can suddenly burst out with the most incredible details about one’s life – reveal things about you that are so sacredly guarded and personal, things you could never possibly imagine anyone ever knowing about you.

This may confound and puzzle the Sagittarian Mars, and cause some degree of rejection.

Astoundingly, Chiron has the ability to hone into his innermost being, his most vulnerable inner space and read his condition so clearly, in the most abrupt way, exposing truths to him that he believed to be absolutely private (or even unknown) prior to this conflict. It is in this very intimate encounter that Mars accepts that he has anger issues, and becomes open to guidance and counsel about how he often expresses these as poorly-timed assertiveness, hurtful defensiveness and shame around his masculinity.

The Chirotic mind is not merely sunk into itself. It has the capacity to remove itself from the personality, to be emotionally present, not just to cogitate and scheme, but to purely observe, in real time, and in this space can summon tremendous healing power.

In a flash, he is capable of becoming the situated person’s expectations and limitations. This ultra-sensory, psychical quality of the shamanic mind facilitates lightning access into the non-rational areas of its subject. It allows him to internalise all the links between himself and his subject, make them a part of his own subjective system and call them out as if they are his own.

As he does, looking deeply into the soul of the problem, he activates a healing.


On this New Moon, the Chirotic shaman/healer/mystic/poet/storyteller journeys instantly into the non-logical mind, voyeuristically looking into the heart of the archetypal story, then applying the very subtle medicine of forgiveness and unconditional acceptance, regardless of the history of violence, anger and brutality and the poor, abjectly inadequate ‘excuses’ made for rough and aggressive (or passive and ineffective) behaviour. This is empathy at its highest degree.


By navigating deep within the psychology of others, we are invited to open rare channels of unlocking and releasing pain, whose emotional attachment to shame, guilt and fear of abandonment stems back to the beginning of our kind. Our innate understanding that these are the inherited conditions of humanity that riddle through our veins, our DNA, our archetypal stories, allows us the ability to comprehend and to integrate these into a present tense absolution through empathy and forgiveness.

Jupiter, recently turned retrograde in Scorpio, provides many opportunities to discuss and process our traumas, bring about some sense of truth and justice as to why we have behaved in reproachful ways and hence allow an inner transformation of character to take place.

As Chiron promises to guide us across the bridge into a new world of redemption and kindness, many of us who are more cynical may sense this as an absurd, delusional premise indeed. The Mars in Sadge would seem defensive. Yet, the trine from Jupiter in Scorpio can provide immense faith in human nature to redeem itself by shifting its motives to a much higher place. This lunation provides the perfect moment to lay those painful memories to bed, bury them deeply in our wake and move valiantly towards setting a whole new mission statement about how we are going to tackle some of our most pressing issues.


Here, each of us realise that we have a unique part to play in the healing of the world. On some level, this New Moon becomes more than just a new beginning – its unique planetary mix makes this an initiation into a new way of life.

In the past weeks, as the Pisces Sun travelled from Neptune to Chiron, we have come to forgive and forget the deceitful, fear-ridden images from our deluded minds that have been projected onto all those to whom we have chosen to blame for our traumas.

We now align ourselves with the spiritual forces of a truthful, unconditionally loving mind.

How we now choose to integrate this into our consciousness; how bravely we fight against the forces of sin, untruth and selfish excesses is also part of our new mission statement. What’s your healing/mission statement?

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Pisces/Pisces Rising

Open up your uppermost portals of intelligence to accept the purest, most loving spirit messages from the cosmos. Allow yourself become a conduit – a divine radar that tunes in and receives the highest possible vibrations to what this universe has always dreamed for you on this planet. Your crowning fortune is to tap into some pursuit which finds you fruitful employment and provides lasting happiness. Become attuned to the angelic wavelengths of this amazing lunation and be guided on how best to create healing miracles here on earth.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018
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  1. Ang,
    I’m not sure why I’m surprised as your writing has always struck a deep place of knowing, “yes,” and affirmation, but this particular writing has brought me to tears in it’s completely mind-boggling relevance to my current experience. Even as these affirmations and confirmations of our connection become more frequent and more real beyond a shadow of a doubt, I still find myself in awe.
    What a wild experience to grow up not knowing about this connection, to discover it slowly as I’ve entered adulthood… how long will it take before I stop becoming completely overwhelmed by it and just accept it as quite common- it’s just the way things are- and stop being shocked and surprised every time I get these confirmations that, yes, there is an energy great than me that is driving my path, and yes, at this particular point in time, I am on it. Just whoa and wow and thank you.
    I think I’m ready for a session with you.

  2. Thank you so much Ang for your wisdom and your generous, courageous and vibrant spirit ❤️

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