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MERCURY RETROGRADE in ARIES (with Horoscopes) – Mar 22-Apr 15

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8 March 2018 – ☿ enters ℞ Zone at 04°♈47′
22 March 2018 – ☿ Stations to go RETROGRADE at 16°♈54’℞
15 April 2018 – ☿ Stations to go DIRECT at 04°♈47′
3 May 2018 – ☿ Leaves ℞ Zone at 16°♈54’℞

When Mercury turns retrograde in Aries, there’s an infantile need to prove mental competence. Impulsive thinking blurts out hasty words which lead into places of entanglement, regret, resentment and anger, where just a little patience might have made all the difference, especially for better judgement.

So don’t rush. 
You are intellectually worthy.
You’re just fine. 

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If you wanna argue, then go for it – this is the perfect time to launch into stromy debates and fiery rhetoric. This is also the perfect period to enter any race where sheer rammish effort will help you win. But don’t expect to rise as the intellectual champion just because you managed to get your ideas out first, or made the bigger impression. Especially since Mercury locks horns in a full-scale superclash with MARS/SATURN (in Capricorn) around April 5-7.

As usual, the Mercury retrograde is best spent in careful reflection, review, retrospective contemplation. If you’re angry at the world for not listening to you, hate having to repeat yourself or simply pissed that everyone around you has become a crashing bore, then hey… perhaps it’s time to focus on finding a new source of intellectual stimulation.

Try actually being that source yourself.
Focus on generating some brand new material – something the world has never seen before. Or at least find something that turns you on, intellectually. Try it out on a test audience, then come and hit us with it….

See how you go.

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