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MARS IN CAPRICORN: March 17-May 18 (with horoscopes)

Mars enters Capricorn, where the zeal to get real, mixed with driving ambition for success brings all kinds of pressure to align with our practical responsibilities. Here the fiery little warrior will meet other ‘malefics’, and the heat will definitely be on to act like a grown up and execute tasks with maximum force and intent, as if possessed by a higher power.

Mars will meet Capricorn’s ruler Saturn at 08°♑57′ on Monday, April 2, presents a serious test of strength and endurance, often dangerous, even destructive if not applied thoughtfully. Discipline and structure are necessary, and one best not dare to challenge these without having a safe alternative.

The conjunction between Mars and Pluto at 21°♑17, becomes exact on Thursday, April 26. Both of these planets are fiercely involved in ensuring our survival, both on a personal and collective level (respectively). We will see a rise in our assertive spirits to such an intense level of aggression that they may be expressed with overpowering, or compulsive force, strongly evident in the lives of those  affected between these cardinal degrees (08°-21°). Saturn-Pluto, and their closing conjunction over these next two years will see a harsh, often cruel application of discipline and order. Mars’ activation of their midpoint (14°♑59′), on April 13 creates formidable tension and a fearlessness or audacity beyond means or measure.

Because of the ensuing Sun/Uranus conjunction (April 18), the enormously masculine energies are difficult to contain, let alone predict. Great caution is needed in what could quickly escalate from just a mere fight to a full-scale, all-out, thermonuclear war, particularly when…..

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