(Happy) EQUINOX 2018 :

Main points about this year ahead:

Exercising your authority may find you in tremendous conflict/war with those militantly ambitious types. And you will have to fight them in the most ambitiously militant ways if you want to maintain your slice of the pie (☉). And they will do their darndest to teach you a thing or two about a thing or two (☉△ ♃). And you may have a thing or two to learn about this ‘slice’ (or two) of pie.

We cannot expect a thing (or two) to come to us without working for it, and then, it’s more about working to avoid becoming screwed by being a step (or two) ahead: more informed, wiser, more strategically aligned, more motivated, more determined to persevere even when it seems there’s no more point.


We must never be beaten, especially by our own negativity and willingness to quit or be held back by the seeds of our own doubt/fear/limitation (☉□ ♄). Never let anyone rain (or piss) on our parade. That parade is there, waiting – full military style, medals and all, if we can only demonstrate that we are not prepared to take this war just lying down.

And people… 2018… it is a war. A war to keep some dibs on our deservatory slice (or two) of the pie.

And warriors, better be armed and willing to get in those damned trenches. Ain’t nobody going to screw you for your piece of pie, no one will sell you out or buy you up, no matter how exposed and vulnerable your precious ‘wounds’ may be (☉☌ Ch). Actually, it’s probably your ailing wound that sets you fighting in the first place. Until you cease to get all worked up about how they stuck it to you in the past, you’re gonna keep on keep on getting all worked up and fighting just to hold it. It’s your desire to heal yourself that actually manages to start a goddamned movement (♅ ⊻ Ch).

You will remember every trauma, every episode that ever maimed or hurt you, especially in your youth (☿/□ ♇) and try to desperately reclaim your power. Fuck those bastards. Give them nothing. take it all back. It was never their power to take from you in the first instance.

This is a perfect time to reground. To take back stolen ground (or pie). To rebuild on steady, solid foundation. To reclaim every sense of worth. To reconstitute what it means to be worthy (☽△ ♄), and then to start investing that into something that means something to you.

The building up of energy, enthusiasm and motivation to create enormous change; to transform your life through intense positivity and willingness to grow is all right here… right within reach this year (♃  ∗ ♇).
Can you believe it?
You just gotta know that your faith will be tested, so you may as well get good at answering every question pertaining to your principles of truth. Better make certain your belief system is super water tight (♃ ∠ ♄). Use facts to fight facts, even if you haven’t got them handy – find a way to prove what you are on about, or be left feeling stupid and forlorn. And you can’t afford that. So learn to verify your premises. Avoid all falsities like they are slimy wormholes (♅ ∠ ♆).

Don’t ever be afraid to go the road nobody tried, even if you have to blaze it yourself (△ ♅/).

Know this: this year, our whole damned value system will be flipped over on its head. Nothing you ever had before will be worth a thing if it isn’t accountable in the immediate sense. Nor are you going to be able to sell yourself based on current laurels and fancy accolades of passed-away legacy. That sh’ad its day. You’re only’s good as your last 5 minutes. Prove that, and you’re all good today.

Your sensitivity is your greatest asset.
Compassion is your greatest weapon ever now ( □ Ch).
The spirit path is the still fastest lane on the evolution super-highway (♃△Ch).
Learn to listen, without judgement and no bias and you will always be in cahoots with the angels.
Focus on connecting with those who only seek the very best for you (☿/△☊) – you deserve only the best for yourself.
Avoid being needy, pathetic or having to beg… it doesn’t suit you (☽□ ☊).
Avoid being ‘nice’ for longer than 8-9 minutes. 10 minutes max.
Be for real, or get the fuck out.

Enough said.
Actions speak.
Get busy being amazing.

Have an amazing year….

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  1. a big hug from Tyrol in Austria, dear Ang, your words remind me to mayan elder alejandro cirilo perez oxlay, tata of all mayan tribes like tzutujil, quiche,mam,kakchikel, who was speaking in similar words like you, reminds me to what hopi elder white bear was talking about to nasa engineer j.f.blumrich : the 3d world is collapsing, starts a beautiful new cyclus on earth.
    so i wanted to ask your opinion about joe dispenza,
    with love from snowy mountains,

  2. Right ON my dear friend. xo

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