#ᴀᴤᴛʀᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ – Week 10

Friday, 9 March

☽ (18°50′) □ ☉ (18°50′) ☌ ♆/Ch

As the Pisces SUN hovers between NEPTUNE and CHIRON, it creates situations where we become highly aware of the tremendous healing potentials of the imagination.

Through their subtle influence, someone whom you might least expect may inspire you in a most meaningful way. Their ability to make you imagine the unimaginable is all you need to lighten up in such a way that could help to remedy any situation.

It all depends upon your capacity to believe.

The power of belief in the unbelievable can create plausible life situations that can help you to get over any escapist fantasies, toxic addictions, fatal fantasies which only leave you feeling snarky, drained, dissociated and incapable of making true spiritual progress.

Imagination is a powerful tool. It can be used an instrument for healing and real manifestation of dreams, or it can be used as a weapon of mass deception and despair.

Time to dissolve away the deceitful, fear-ridden images from our deluded minds and align ourselves with the spiritual forces of a truthful, unconditionally loving mind.

Open up your uppermost portals to accept the purest, most loving spiritual messages from the cosmos. Let yourself become a conduit – a divine radar that tunes in and receives the highest possible vibrations to what this universe has always dreamed for you on this planet. Become attuned to the angelic wavelengths and help to create miracles on earth.


Thursday, 8 March

Ch  – /

Clear decisions about the road ahead have been difficult to make in amongst the haze and confusion of this current Pisces-bomb.

Responsibilities may be pressing you to come up with a solution but it’s questionable whether the choices you’re making are leading you down the right path or whether you’re going down a rabbit hole on some wild, mushroom-gathering mission.

What if i told you that whatever you’re doing lately (or not doing at all) is actively contributing to the dissolution of what’s not working for you? What if deep down, your intuition was guiding you to focus on those things that are somehow contributing to your discomfort, disillusionment, disorder and despair – even disease?

It’s possible that what you’re doing, however creative, is purposely serving to break you down any ego-attachments.

Look at any suffering as a voluntary choice to go against your own spiritual evolution. How much do you want it if it only brings your mind/body down? How much do you need it? Either way – dissolution, destruction, extinction, transcendence… to your spirit, it’s the same thing.

Sun in Pisces – Cosmic Horoscopes: (Feb 18-Mar 20)

Wednesday, 7 March

☽ ☌ ♃  | ☿/enter 

Whether it’s a necessary evil or not,
vengeance is best exacted immediately and all at once
rather than let the disappointment of betrayal
slowly infect us with its toxic bile of bitterness
whose shame and blame and disrespect 
and the spiteful holding back of our affections
only destroys the heart from which love grows.

Tuesday, 6 March

☽ ☌ ♃ S℞ 23°13′,

Jupiter stands.

The Great Gas Giant stops here for a wayside respite in the late degrees of Scorpio. He has done much to help the mortals gather some intelligence about sex & power and the trauma of its abuse. He’s dragged up so much dirt over these past 4-5 months you’d think the earth would now be wiser on how to fix the perils and secrets, hidden in the dark of mortal human minds. Yet seem there’s still those whose sinister agendas threaten and deprive the world of peace and order.

Many mortals are left silently seething. Who is their god really helping? Their pitiful cries and calls for vengeance manage to allay little frustration, bringing only limited results. They want him to go back and finish it.

The Great God howls like a hot wind, demanding obeisance. However, the jaded folk below, once huddled cozily and contained, privately comforted by their secular beliefs now come away a little cauterised, shaking their heads numbly at his own audacity. He promised them change, great change indeed…

It’s questionable whether their God of Justice, Law & Religion has proven anything but test their faith in his powers to affect anything.

Indoubted by the question of his own inconsequence, the humble folks only become more resilient and indifferent. Nothing matters much. Nothing much matters. And the less things matter, the less they matter. They are tired of bleeding, waiting for something to happen that might finally stem this damned hemorrhaging of meaninglessness and decay.

Or maybe that’s exactly what he wants.

Poised between the terror of war and the horror of peace, a deep uncertainty hangs over earth…. as Jupiter stands.

Jupiter will turn retrograde on Friday…

☿ (29°30′ )☌ Sqq ☊

So yes, get set to enjoy a 2-3 week period where communications lift to truly eloquent proportions. Even if the content does seems harsh, even difficult to broach at times, it is somehow irresistible if it manages to charm through our defences by its sheer imagery of truthful depiction.

Suddenly we are finding ways to naturally enforce any argument by its vehement simplicity and poise.

Whilst some may spout off in a huff of sound and fury, signifying absolutely nothing with their mealy words, let’s now pick up on those who can prevail where truth is often not understood, who have the dexterity to transmit knowledge and simplicity with all the eloquence and style of a true artist, making love to the world through the skillful use of language.

Monday, 5 March

It is the struggle, the discomfort, the pain and suffering we endure in love that gives it meaning. Would you still appreciate those you loved if they did not push you out of your comfort zone?

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