THE WEEK AHEAD: February 5-11

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On the surface, this would appear like an exceptionally challenging couple of weeks coming up for many of us, significantly caught up in the wake of last week’s Leo Blood Moon.The lunation has struck many a raw and sensitive nerve, bringing much of our insecurities out into the open and left us feeling a bit exposed to some uncomfortable truths. On a greater level, there is much transformative power in the transitional period that exists between these two Eclipses, helping us to shift our collective consciousness from a lower to higher plane.

Yet, the actual process of integrating this is not so easy with a South Node Eclipse which tends to drag us down, and backward rather the propel us forward and upwards toward our true ascension.

The intense pull of the Lunar eclipse dragged up all kinds of hidden insecurities into the fray, and by creating serious conflict has brought these to light so we can examine our unconscious behaviour more clearly.

We see how juvenile tendencies often sabotage our adult intentions, and though this  is a critical time of endings, those expired or outdated childish patterns must be addressed and brought to full closure before the Solar eclipse can offer us a chance to make a brand new start as mature human beings.

Here are the key transit for the week ahead….

Ce Tue Feb 06 06:55 pm GMT Mercury 10°07′ Opposition Ceres 10°07′
Wed Feb 07 01:38 am GMT Venus 25°06′ Sextile Uranus 25°06′
Ch Wed Feb 07 08:27 am GMT Mercury 11°04′ Semisquare Chiron 26°04′
Wed Feb 07 03:55 pm GMT Moon 18°49′ Square Sun 18°49′
Fri Feb 09 11:45 am GMT Sun 20°40′ Semisquare Saturn 05°40′
Fri Feb 09 02:48 pm GMT Mercury 14°53′ Opposition Node 14°53′
enters Sat Feb 10 11:20 pm GMT Venus 00°00′
Sat Feb 10 11:21 pm GMT Sun 22°10′ Square Jupiter 22°10′

The South Node tendency would be to avoid responsibilities, and in the last week we have seen Venus, the Sun cross this point. By Friday, Mercury too will conjunct the SN.

There can be a lot of resistance, double-talk and excuse-making in the place of wise, honest and mature discussion. Here, Mercury will tend to produce a lot of idle talk, offer no resolute opinion, or ideas which are easily influenced and changeable. So, rather than come up with any real resolutions we may be more inclined to resort to little white fibbery, sensation-seeking and blind unwillingness to compromise, which can definitely land us in uncomfortable circumstances. Arguments can become far-fetched, and the true scoundrels among us will easily take refuge in sophistries and cheap chicanery.

The impending Aquarian South Node Solar Eclipse itself (Feb 15) will only accentuate our tendencies for resistant, contrary and freakishly erratic behaviour in order to avoid dealing with important matters head on and with some level of maturity. Like a defense mechanism for facing up to things like grown adults, we may tend to hide and skirt around solutions, again an abject inability to deal directly with our ‘daddy issues’. This is not a matter that can be resolved in our online groups or mass demonstrations. These will fail to help us get to the root of our inadequacies and social inequities.

Of course, as all eclipses tend to do, this particular one will hurl in some whopping curveballs out of left field. Any lame or infantile conduct could be allayed by sudden and unforeseen interventions, upsets and protests, much of it entirely out of our control. Although this throws an inordinate degree of imbalance into our lives, it’s not until we completely let go of that one ‘childish’ tendency that tends to hold us back into yesterday that we can truly come to terms with the present and creatively step into a new ‘tomorrow’ like grown adults (if that makes sense).

We are shifting away from the limited, conditional mindset of the old 3D paradigm, stepping onto a rich, choice-filled 4D state of consciousness. This cannot occur without us going through the bewilderingly frightful but obligatory process of deconstruction, or disruption to everything that we have been programmed to accept as ‘fact’.

JUPITER’s sustained semi-square to SATURN (Dec-Mar) continues to play havoc with our mood swings from day to day, afflicting us with a prolonged case of the ‘happy-sad’ syndrome. By the end of this week, the Sun’s approach to this point will accentuate this aspect most intensely. Be ready for the ups and downs.

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As we have said before, these months become a SERIOUS TEST OF FAITH as Saturn in Capricorn dries up those old-world hopes and promises whilst Jupiter in Scorpio is still determined to try on whatever it takes just to survive and stay ahead in the rat race.

On that level, critical issues, both at a personal and public level will test how well we can integrate moral principles into what still stands as the current structures of our lives. Trying to find a harmonious and successful way to work towards our goals steadily and with discipline will be the real challenge if we insist on getting bogged down in the quagmire of exterior expectations. For us ‘wiser beings’ much depends on whether we can stay discerning and critical and yet open, be forgiving and accepting at the same time.

The best approach is to remain patient, press on earnestly, even when the chips seem low or the spirits seem to wane. There’s no other way to beat feeling depressed or slide into the despondency of the lower world order.

We are learning that to stay grounded in ‘the 3D game’, it’s best to be conservative with physical resources, energy, love, money, enterprising or speculative ideas…

At times like these, things don’t appear to come as easy. Sometime we need to be persistent, taking into consideration the long-range picture and muster all our strength and vitality in order to keep at our game, as best we can. We will need to prove that we have complete trust in our method, be more willing to allow things to develop and unfold gradually, staying cool and level-headed that everything will work out for us in the end – if we are prepared to work with what we are given.

Also, we have to contend with the likelihood of bizarre and ever-more-tumultuous events taking place everywhere, acting to shake the foundations upon which our old world tries to stand. As nervous and uncomfortable as that may leave many of us, there’s no stopping the ‘forces of nature’ beating down upon the old matrix, shaking the earth beneath our feet until expired structures finally come down, disintegrating the the old order and reconstituting our societies back to ‘present tense’.

Over the past few years we have observed that the divergence of humanity is becoming more and more stark, even amongst those operating within the Light (Cosmic) Tribe. We are still meeting one another in the physical realm, but the vibrational disparity between us is becoming gradually wider and wider.

Technically, the denser reality has already dissipated. What we are experiencing now, with these eclipses is the final unravelling of what has already occurred in the higher, angelic realms. If we listen to our guides, we will see that what is occurring is a mere formality. It’s up to us how seriously we are going to engage on that level.

The lower-vibrational 3D chaos that continues to appear on our reality TV is not as physical as it appears. Its bizarre display is hardly plausible, merely there for the amusement of our collective experience. As this eclipse will blast through, a much higher vibrational consciousness will allow many of us to see through the holographic fantasy that the phony media-feeds and quarrelsome twittersphere keep projecting.

It is entirely up to you how you choose to engage with the both the lower-dimensional drama that unravels now, and how active you stay in the conscious creation of a New Earth. This is the privilege offered to you as a co-creator of a far more expansive universe right now.

The higher frequencies of light reaming onto this planet will allow you to transcend the limitations of the 3D world, granting you greater access to the creative source of your spirit being. Ultimately what is unfolding before us is the highest and lowest manifestation of everything this universe has ever held in store for each of us on this dear little planet.

So, whilst the lower reality feels increasingly bizarre, absurdly surreal, it is also a sign that we must declare that old reality over with, done, complete. The old paradigm has has fallen away because those lower vibrational realities have lost their magnetic pull and are no longer able to hold us together through fear, negativity and terror any longer. They have lost their snark, their ability to  bite and their energetic support from the collective. Less and lees of us are taking them seriously any more. Even less are actively engaging in mature fashion. As the consciousness divergence grows, we become ever more immune to the adverse effects of the conditional world upon our bodies and minds.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2018

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  1. Susan Fullmoon-Rising

    Hello Ang, I and my friends and family have been following you for many years now and rarely miss a post. Today I value you writings probably more than earlier on. This appraisal of the between eclipses of the South Node as they launch this solar year and their link back to last year’s eclipse season is exquisitely aligned to our current circumstances. I was notified on the lunar of my immediate surgery for left hip replacement to take place on the solar. I have trained my body to be prepared and currently walk without a limp. Nine years have passed since it first crippled me. I operate a spiritually focused art gallery in the heart of Cygnet, TAS and am surrounded by my Light Family. Thanks for your part in the Whole.

  2. It is reassuring to hear from another what i see hear and know to be true. Everyone who listens is being called from spirit/ other side. I feel:) i am in a hologram?

  3. Ang, this is spectacular. I am so glad to have joined your ‘Tribe’ after following you on FB the last couple of years. The in-depth reading is deeply eneriching to me.
    I live in CA and Colombia, South America. I am currently in Philly , moving my elderly parents out of their home of 60 years to NY to be near our extended family. I’ve been clearing out physical objects, getting rid of 75% of their possessions as they downsize. The big move is the 15th. It’s pretty intense for them and for me and my siblings too. After reading the Week Ahead, I feel grounded and prepared for all that may come. I havent’ been home for 2.5 months and I’m working at staying centered and whole.
    Thank you for all that you do~

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