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THE WEEK AHEAD: February 19-25

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This very enchanting week kicks off with the Sun’s entry into Pisces, and the tone shifts from the Aquarian’s mental desire to share information for the sake of liberty and freedom, to the emotional realms of feelings, imagination, and dreaming of the fishes.

Pisces is about empathy, understanding, sacrifice and eternal wisdom. While all of these qualities are there for us to step into; to profoundly feel humanity’s sorrow and absorb its pain; to come to know that it all spawns from a misunderstanding of truth, the mistaking of intent, the deception of will… Pisces is also the capacity to know that with compassion there is always the chance to try again. With forgiveness there is always a chance of understanding what has once been misunderstood.

So now, and for the next 4 weeks, we come to a place where we seek to absolve our troubles, redeem the ills of our mind’s creation, the misconceptions and the misunderstandings of the past 12 months, come to forgive and to forget the tresspasses and indiscretions of others, the human foibles of misrepresentation and misdemeanour, let it all go and hopefully wipe the slate clean, in time for a brand new start by the Equinox (Mar 20).

Here are the main transits this week….

enters Sun Feb 18 04:29 am GMT Mercury 00°00′
enters Sun Feb 18 05:19 pm GMT Sun 00°00′
Mon Feb 19 09:06 am GMT  Venus 10°31′ Semisquare Uranus 25°31′
  Tue Feb 20 03:09 am GMT Mars 14°58′ Trine Node 14°58′
Wed Feb 21 03:04 am GMT Mercury 05°25′ Semisquare Pluto 20°25′
Wed Feb 21 06:42 pm GMT Venus 13°31′ Conjunction Neptune 13°31′
Wed Feb 21 08:24 pm GMT Mercury 06°46′ Sextile Saturn 06°46′
Thu Feb 22 08:10 pm GMT Venus 14°51′ Quincunx Node 14°51′
Fri Feb 23 08:10 am GMT Moon 04°39′ Square Sun 04°39′
Jn enters Fri Feb 23 08:14 pm GMT Juno 00°00′
Fri Feb 23 10:50 pm GMT Mercury 10°42′ Semisquare Uranus 25°42′
Sat Feb 24 04:13 am GMT Sun 05°30′ Semisquare Pluto 20°30′
Sun Feb 25 12:02 pm GMT Venus 18°10′ Square Mars 18°10′
Sun Feb 25 12:26 pm GMT Mercury 13°40′ Conjunction Neptune 13°40′
  Vs Sun Feb 25 04:08 pm GMT Mars 18°17′ Conjunction Vesta 18°17′
Sun Feb 25 05:47 pm GMT Sun 07°04′ Sextile Saturn 07°04′

Personal relationships play a big part in this week’s quest for redemption and higher understanding. And let’s face it – after the dramas of the past year, we all have some clearing to do. The Sun’s transit through Pisces sees Mercury and Venus already entered this constellation. Both of these setting in the western horizon as ‘evening stars’, suggesting that thoughts and feelings may not be as readily expressed, or perhaps withdrawn or kept hidden away in the mysterious whispers of the night.

Also in the dreamy constellation of Pisces are Neptune (ruler of Pisces), Chiron, and asteroid Juno ingressing this Friday.

A Neptune-centred Pisces stellium in our day-skies inspires a highly refined sense of artistic creativity, sensitivity, and intuition in all of us. Those who are activated may slip into wonderful states of sadness and despair as they strongly absorb the pain and confusion prevalent in the emotional ethers of our planet, perhaps emerging as the great martyrs and sacrificial victims of our planet.

Look out for types who are feeling profoundly sorry for themselves, since they have the capacity to drag everyone around them down as well. If you are affected, try to protect yourself against being taken advantage of or giving/doing too much to others when you do not have the energy, or it is no longer warranted.

This richly Piscean energy is intensely tuned into the psychic and angelic realms, bringing both divine understanding as well as great propensity for misunderstanding and mass confusion. Destructive acts are more unto the self than others, but that does not withstand being caught up into the slipstream of some painbody’s despair and self-destructiveness, so mind.

By mid-week, personal relationships are likely to be characterised with a high degree of over-idealism of romantic attraction (♀☌♆, Wed Feb 21). Here we conjure the image of the ‘perfect lover or partner’, emanating from an overshadowed projection, or a grand mental illusion (☿☌♆, Sun Feb 25) of the perfect One (who in reality is unlikely to exist).

There is a tendency to compare everyone to this superimposed image of the ideal ‘Romeo/Juliet’ and so, setting up a scenario for a perfect fail later in the piece.

Hence, love ventures or creative projects spawning this week are tainted/blessed with a touch of the ‘impossible dream’ and the inherent dangers of disappointment and disillusionment must be something to keep in perspective as we strive to stay grounded and level headed (☿/☉ ∗ ♄, Wed-Sun) in all of our earthly pursuits.

By wrapping our lovers in over-glamourised shrouds of illusion, elevating them to a lofty romantic ideal casts a certain spell over our senses – oh, the colours, the moods, the scents, the subtle, mysterious light, the poetry, the heightened expectations, the kind of beauty that makes your heart miss a beat [swoon]… only ensures that at some point they will inevitably topple off that clouded mental pedestal on which we place them, where images become shattered [sigh]. Yet this will not deny the real experiences of disappointment and disillusionment that we may suffer… nor continue to suffer unless we become more realistic in how we evaluate our intimate relationships.

If you are already in a fail/fail situation, you best not be blowing smoke up that hole…

After the ego-shattering effects of the last month’s Blood Moon Eclipses, we are all seeking some release, redemption and soothing, healing love. The disassociating fallout of feeling cut off, or not in sync from our society/tribe/culture has left us with much frustration and consternation out there, and our poor, mangled hearts feeling hungry and frustrated. To sweeten things, all the residual restlessness and insomnia has an absurdly romantic way of making even the flippant Gemini first-quarter moon feel like perfect company (☽ □ ☉, Fri Feb 23). Watch who you write that love letter or cheesy text to…

As we reach out with such highly romanticised revelry, we may swing hard towards the fairytale instead. As Venus squares Mars (♀ □ ♂, Sun Feb 25) sexual/romantic feelings become quite intense and we must be careful how we keep these under control instead of the other way around (☉∠ ♇, Sat Feb 24). Not all women, but most women tend to become overly flirtatious, even self-indulgent, dreaming about the kind of man who would risk everything for them, knowing of course that they might get hurt.

Many men are hurting themselves, still processing pain from all kinds of cumulative stress they have experienced under a lifetime patriarchal trauma. Be mindful that they actually are needing holding, more than anything (♂☌ Vs, Sun Feb 25).

There is no doubt then that, in our vulnerability and dreamy susceptibility, this week launches us into all kinds of dangerous liaisons. The tragedy is all right there in front of us… from the very beginning when he smiles at her and in an instant she forgets just how menacing he is…

…and thus begins this year’s great fairytale, to be continued at another time.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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