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THE WEEK AHEAD: February 12-18

With the Partial Solar Eclipse at 27°08′ Aquarius only days away, we are still in the critical mid-eclipse ‘gateway’ zone, where all manner of absurd and wonderful things could happen, and most likely already has. By now, the Blood Lunar eclipse has forced us to accept that certain personal relationships have ended for us, some of these still stuck in our memories from months, even years ago.

As our sense of time starts to both pick up and slow down, we unavoidably focus our attention upon the fundamental truths about what those relationships were really all about, and why they went so sour for us.

We see too, how it exposes the true character of all those around us at the moment; how many unresolved elements that we are still dragging with us from the past continue to repeat, with even greater intensity. This forces us to make strong judgements; makes us want to strongly disconnect from certain people, groups and certain cultural habits.

The eclipse itself acts like a big magnifier of life’s underriding themes, pushing them to the fore so we can deal with them now, once and for all.

Here are the main transits for this week….

  Sqq Mon Feb 12 08:34 am GMT Mars 10°16′ Sesquiquadrate Uranus 25°16′
Tue Feb 13 03:47 am GMT Mercury 21°01′ Semisquare Saturn 06°01′
Tue Feb 13 10:39 pm GMT Mercury 22°24′ Square Jupiter 22°24′
Wed Feb 14 02:23 am GMT Sun 25°20′ Sextile Uranus 25°20′
Jn Wed Feb 14 10:44 am GMT Sun 25°41′ Conjunction Juno 25°41′
Thu Feb 15 03:55 am GMT Venus 05°15′ Semisquare Pluto 20°15′
Thu Feb 15 03:08 pm GMT Mercury 25°23′ Sextile Uranus 25°23′
Thu Feb 15 09:07 pm GMT Moon 27°08′ Conjunction Sun 27°08′
Thu Feb 15 11:20 pm GMT Venus 06°16′ Sextile Saturn 06°16′
Jn Fri Feb 16 06:13 am GMT Mercury 26°31′ Conjunction Juno 26°31′
  Sat Feb 17 11:21 am GMT Mars 13°22′ Square Neptune 13°22′
Sat Feb 17 12:28 pm GMT Mercury 28°47′ Conjunction Sun 28°47′
enters Sun Feb 18 04:29 am GMT Mercury 00°00′
enters Sun Feb 18 05:19 pm GMT Sun 00°00′

The Aquarian Sun’s closing superior conjunction to Mercury forms a sextile with Uranus accelerating development of all kinds, finely honing our intuition so that we can instantly evaluate all facts and render a judgement that supersedes anything we have known before.

Observe carefully what is going on in your life as objectively as possible this week. See things for what they truly are, without emotional filters, deferring any need to make any final decisions till such time when you are sure that all the facts are in.

Eclipses can often see to things that your best laid intentions probably don’t come off exactly as you planned them. Unforeseen circumstances and changes of direction are likely to occur – real curveballs that nobody could have predicted may come along and blow all expectations.

So hold off for now. Make careful note of all new information; the amazingly clear insights; the seemingly random messages and signals flooding into your consciousness from just about everywhere you turn your head. These will provide important cues for you to consider in your understanding of why this period is so significant and how much your life is about to be take an exciting new twist.

As humanity continues to become ever more sensitive over these next few years – thanks largely to the entangled supernatural forces of Uranus (♅) and Neptune (♆). These outer, gas-giant planets act very subtly and invisibly upon our senses, bringing hidden truths and realities to light. Our goal becomes to find our own unique way to speed our evolution onto a higher dimensional level of awareness.

Picture it like our planet being showered by certain frequencies of reflected and rarified starlight, bouncing back onto us via those mysteriously distant planets in our solar system. This combined effect of these magical lights seeks to disrupt and dissolve some of the baked-on, crystallised patterns of behaviour, still negatively trapping us within our cultural milieu. Of course, there is also the danger that many will get washed up in these and seek only escape and mysticism, simply for the ‘trip’ and not the ‘learnings’.

[pic: alessio albi]
These energies are impacting our pre-conditioned tendencies to shut out, deny, distort and dissociate ourselves from enjoying a spiritually pure, lighted experience. They seek to liberate humanity from the repressions society imposes upon the conscious mind via our parental and social infrastructures, such as formal education and cultural norms and standards.

The shuttling stream of these complex cosmic energies gradually inspires and enlightens the nervous system and the imagination with deeply profound insights about our personal and collective journey here as humans. As these mystical and spiritual realities can be seen more clearly, they start to erode and dissipate our half-baked cultural myths as well as dissipate our familiar, fated karmic imprints.

At times, this can be a conflicting process, since the lower-grade tendency would be to escape and dissociate. Mars’ passage through the ♅/♆ curtain this week could spell ineffectiveness due to erratic, self-absorbed, unhinged, ungrounded actions. Those operating at a low-level consciousness could slip into their favourite ‘victim’ routine, whether through drugs/alcohol, evasive or escapist activity, or just a dumpload of emotional drama.

Those who have been consistently hurt by others in life will only see the world as having terribly wronged them, so they reprise and repeat their mournful saga of abuse and victimhood onto everything and everyone that they encounter.

Everything becomes a trigger to these people’s damaged sensitivities, so they are easily set off into defensive reaction. Dissociated from the present, the spirit is too blindsided by their bruised and battered ego to see all the healing and support that the universe has to offer them – if only they would only open their eyes, reach out and make contact.

Broken, angry people usually look no further than what they want to see. Even if their self-defeating behaviour is brought to their attention in a compassionate way, they react with either acceptance or denial of blame and persecution. Unfortunately, this keeps them bound into the victim archetype throughout their whole life.

Tremendous floods of light will allow those who see clearly to take every action to either help those who cannot, or to swiftly move away to avoid being dragged back into the shadows. We cannot force help on others and by the end of the week we may feel exhausted or just disheartened in our efforts if we cannot help.

Ultimately, the early-boarders on the ‘freedom train’ will have come to learn why it was so important not to make any drastic decisions this week. That train is about to take off onto a plain which elevates them slightly above the deeply entrenched misery of those who refuse to let go of their emotional baggage. Uranus promises surprises for everyone, and by the time the Sun and Mercury simultaneously shift into Pisces (Feb 18), we will all begin to see our dreams unfold in a brand new light.

[pic: underworld – coolerguez]
Meanwhile, the karmic forces ruled by Saturn are not going to give in without a fight. They will desperately try to keep us all entrenched and firmly rooted into our old accustomed places using fear and intimidation.

As Saturn, now in earthy Capricorn continues to hold fast by building a thick, crusty outer layer around our ego complexes, in attempt to block these liberating ♅/♆ light frequencies, the real split within society starts to emerge.

Saturn’s (♄) steady approach towards Pluto (♇), also in Capricorn, means that the subversive drive to control and manipulate the human spirit will become ever more intense and ever more present whenever we try to express our fundamental human liberties. Many of us may continue to go along, working for those whose intent is to secure and reinforce power using insidious means.

Given enough force, and without any resistance, these combined ♄/♇ planetary energies will start to develop into a staunch totalitarian force. As they continue to close in tightly, so too do the measures for discipline and control begin to emerge out of the darkness.

By 2020, they will have found ways to apply the all the available instruments of global business and governmental infrastructure in an attempt to tighten the screws on personal and collective freedoms by trying to enact more stringent and intrusive laws, building firmer systems to regulate, enforce and control humanity into separateness and isolation. We feel this, and are also keenly aware of how we also choose to play into their corrupting use of power, lies and organised concealment of truth.

Hence, a tremendous paradoxical phenomenon occurs as we see the greatly disruptive forces fighting for spiritual liberation going up against those of oppression and darkness. If we look closer, we can see these elements begin to play out between us, in our relationships with others.

This week begins with the Capricorn Moon hovering over this harsh ♄/♇ midpoint. We may feel a strong urge to connect to deeply subconscious forces and to bring up whatever is there to be examined. This not only lays down the foundations for the week, but gives us the grounds upon which we must tread if we aim to separate ourselves from the whole victim/persecutor/saviour routine.

By definition, victims are those that have experienced a trauma of some sort at the hands of some unenlightened satyr. We see them going through the whole gamut of emotions and external circumstances that they are supposedly under. Constantly, they are trying to wrap their heads around what happened to them, casting blame, scorn, shame and inadequacy upon themselves and those who persecuted them.

It is becomes a constant struggle trying to regain some sort of balance in their mind. Because they feel violated, ripped-off, confused, afraid, insecure, ashamed, guilty, impotent and at a loss for words/actions/thoughts. Some of them visibly still feel numbed, knocked out of the engagement, even in shock.

Someone whose mind is stuck in a state of crisis and chaos is constantly looking for a hand to either hold them through their pain or to bite off.

Be mindful how you come to feed into this energetic this week.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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  1. Such an incredibly insightful message and the timing of it was PERFECT! The entire message is perfectly on point with my life and the growth I’ve been trying to obtain for the past few years. Reading this today is so helpful! Those energies almost dragged me back to my old patterns without me even consciously realizing what I was allowing. Thank you for helping remind me stay consciously aware and to continue to choose the path of emotional growth and enlightenment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  2. Completely nailed it Ang!

  3. ” Someone whose mind is stuck in a state of crisis and chaos is constantly looking for a hand to either hold them through their pain or to bite off.” On a personal level, sure…but maybe even more importantly it does convey the general state of affairs on the planet !

  4. Wow,what Shelly(above comment)said..so insightful,so on point,so relevant…thank you with all my heart <3

  5. This drive can cause the Capricorn to take on more than they can chew, overwhelming and depressing them. The Capricorn feels guilty they can’t get more done and accomplish more than the impressive amount they already do. To get rid of this depression the Capricorn needs to simplify their life, take time to smell the roses, and possibly take a little bit of time off work. Taurus, 4/20 – 5/20The Taurus is very similar to the Capricorn in regard to the cause of the depression.

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