Sun in Pisces (Feb 18-Mar 20)

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SUN = to express oneself (authority)
MUTABLE = by adapting (changeability)
WATER = feelings (emotional)

‘To express oneself by adapting one’s feelings’ could mean just about anything, really. Mainly because the question does arise: just how does one express feelings that are constantly adapting anyway?

Herein lies the mystery, poetry and romance that is Pisces…

Pisces is about empathy, understanding, sacrifice and eternal wisdom. While all of these qualities are there for us to step into, to feel humanity’s sorrow and absorb its pain, to come to know that it all spawns from the misunderstanding of truth, the mistaking of intent, the deception of will, it is also the capacity to know that with compassion there is always the chance to try again. With forgiveness there is always a chance of understanding what has once been misunderstood.

FISHES = two waterbeings (emotions) swimming either with/against the current flow (environment) and contra one another.

They’re a strange lot. Even stranger than Aquarius and we all know that they’re a pretty quirky bunch themselves. At least Aquarians come with labels (‘feminist’, ‘socialist’, ‘vegan’, ‘communist’, ‘anarchist’, ‘racist’… etc).

The Piscean however defies any label whatsoever because, even to the Piscean themself, it is simply impossible to track them to any continuity of stream or distinct waters where they like to swim for any definable period of time.

Like fishing out in the ocean – there are no distinct boundaries, no given place or depth or habitat where the fish are sure to frequent. To find them you need to think like one, whatever that means too. There’s no logic there… ever… just a gut feeling. Fishes are experts at going with the current. In fact, whenever you get even close to catching them (defining what the hell they may be all about) they slip away as easily as they (might have) appeared.

Feelings… They come. They go. As mysteriously as they may have been invited over, they can also disappear into the slipstream. They defy any form, or shape or structure, and, unlike other water signs like Scorpio, who can hold a feeling for years (see obsession, grudge, addiction, vendetta etc) or Cancer who likes to turn any feelings into ‘habits’ – Pisceans don’t hold anything… they feel until they’ve had their fill, and then just decide (for no apparent reason) to keep swimming.

Which, in a way is a bit sad because how the hell does one make anything of them (or they of themselves) when they’re merely a fluid, feeling-based organism? How on earth do you survive in a universe that’s so… well… insistent on defining things in physical, 3D kinda language?

Easy, you either use fancy ways of avoiding that 3D world of ‘reality’ altogether. ‘Escapism’ is the preferred mode of survival here (booze, drugs, hiding out in asylums, lying, thieving, pretending you’re someone else long enough to get away with it, etc). Or by being someone so damned complicated, so elusive that nobody can ever really begin to understand you (mystics, sensitives, prophets, poets, clowns, martyrs, saints).

Either way, the physical world is seldom kind to Pisceans. End of the day, they just don’t get them, even though they’re not necessarily too phased by them either. They’re just there, and ’cause they’re so delicate and adaptable they’re so non-intrusive, but most of all invisible. And in that mode they actually perform a very important function.

What’s that?

Well, Pisceans can actually take anything that carries an emotional tone and they absorb it. Anything. Either that, or if they’re really smart they find a way to reflect it straight back at you. In that process, they help the rest of us deal through the most tortuous part of being human. Dealing with the suffering of life’s emotional abrasions.

You know when Jesus (probably the most famous Piscean) said he “suffered for the our sins”? He meant he just sucked up all your pain as if it was his own, he listened to you and in doing so he made you feel (at least for that moment) that you weren’t alone in your suffering. In fact, the pain looked so good on him, we just left him to hang with it and moved on with our lives. Good old Pisceans… always there to absorb, and help to take the pain away.

The really good ones stick around and just keep taking that pain for us, over and over again.

The even better ones find brilliant ways (like through art, healing, meditation or prayer) to help us absolve these ills…

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